Blacks Becoming Marginalized

LA Times

Najee Ali, an African American activist, tries to turn out for as many civil rights rallies as he can. But on the day that hundreds of thousands of Latinos marched through downtown Los Angeles for immigrant rights, he had no idea it was happening until he turned on the TV.

‘They didn’t call us; they didn’t need to call us,’ Ali said of organizers of the march last month during a recent dialogue between blacks and Latinos about immigration. ‘Once I saw the half million, I felt fear, in a sense, that [blacks] might be marginalized in the future when it comes to jobs and political empowerment.’

Ali’s fears underscore the complex sentiments many African Americans feel about the surging number of immigrants who have transformed their neighborhoods and schools, the workplace and the political arena.

4 Responses to “Blacks Becoming Marginalized”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Heres case in point; This is Bill Richardson on tape saying that [immigration] is bigger than civil rights- bigger meaning more important, that is. TORIES

  2. Anthony Says:

    I can’t believe Bill Richardson said that. I don’t know what things were like during the civil rights movement, but I can’t imagine the discrimination and suffering that were going on at that time. To me, you can’t even compare the two. I’m astounded by the arrogance of some of the illigal immigrant supporters. Here’s a link to email Bill Richardson.

  3. christopher hughes Says:

    latinos first class citizens
    whites second class citizens
    black folks now third class citizens
    now here where it gets really funny..through out the late 80’s and the 90’s the blacks used the latinos to get at the whites…now the plans backfired because the latinos no longer need the blacks to get ahead…poetic justice sadly enough for anyone not latino.everyone heard the freight train coming but noone got off the tracks till the train drove through.

  4. American Abroad Says:

    I will tell you what is funny and that is when people like christopher hughes above suggest that Black people used Hispanics to get at whites, it never surprises me to see just how convoluted and twisted some people’s logic can be. To suggest that Blacks used anyone would make thosed used a pawn in a game where Blacks called the shots and I have yet to see the day when that has occured. If anyone used them it was White Mid-Western Farmers, Foremen of construction sites and every other “hiring” American that wanted noncomplaining laborers instead of of union seeking Americans. NOW that Bush has made and issue of it FINALLY, yes finally people are starting to come around but Blacks have known since day one that it was a major problem because who do you think was doing the so called jobs that nobody wanted before the influx of the illegals? You should laugh but at yourself.

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