Bill To Restrict Grass-Roots Activism?


A bill that some activist organizations say would inhibit the right of ordinary Americans to petition their representatives in Congress is making its way through the legislative process in Washington, D.C.

The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006, S.2349, passed the Senate 90-8, and a House version of the bill could come up for a vote in two weeks, Douglas Johnson, legislative director of National Right to Life, told LifeSiteNews.

The bill “would regulate for the first time grass-roots activism,” Johnson told the newssite. The legislation defines “grass-roots lobbying” as “the voluntary efforts of members of the general public to communicate their own views on an issue to federal officials or to encourage other members of the general public to do the same.”

Said Johnson: “The bill does not start off by regulating all constituent contacts with members of Congress. But it does adopt that premise that that is a type of lobbying.”

The activist believes the bill could limit organizations like his from urging supporters to contact members of Congress.

The stated goal behind the legislation is to more strictly regulate professional lobbyists on Capitol Hill, Johnson explains.

“This is really an agenda that certain groups like Common Cause use to restrict grass-roots democracy so certain privileged elites will have more influence on public policy,” Johnson told LifeSiteNews, saying he believes Democrats are trying to insert language that restricts grass-roots activism.

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I hope I am not reading too much into the above article, but doesnt that mean WE? You, Watchdog, and you, Ron, You, David, Jalira, Robin, all the rest…does this mean that the rug will be pulled from under our feet? Does it mean that they will shut down Numbers USA? And American Patrol [they usually direct readers to polls being taken] ? That bill is de facto an abolition of democracy. What will be left in the balance? Lobbying only by the big money monopolies.

  2. Diane Stafford Says:

    I can’t believe it , it seems that all the illegal aliens, have more rights and say in congress than the U.S. citizens.
    America had better wake up, or we are all going to be speaking spanish.

  3. Salamander Says:

    Thank you, Watchdog. You are doing a great job.


    I believe that the reason Congress is doing this is to regulate La Raza and La Mecha from trying to organize and encourage their views to others! But because of these assholes everyone is going to be affected! Or are they?

    Does this law only affect illegals? Or does it also affect the legal?

  5. george Says:

    This is a real eye opener.

    But I would read this article very carefully. The primary source for the article is the National Right to Life. My guess is that they are pretty heavily involved in lobbying on Capital Hill. The bill encourages transparency and where congressional members get money for travel and otherwise. I’d like to know why the National Right to Life is so up in arms about limiting lobbyist activity on Capital Hill.

  6. Al Ruminor Says:

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  7. Eddie B. Says:

    It would be nice for the IRS to get involved in checking in with La Raza,, CASA De Maryland, La Mecha and the other radical advocacy groups raising their flags. Follow the money and it will always turn up some pretty interesting links.

    I am pretty sure that there are some pretty well funded “lobbyists” that would surface on their side. It would be nice to see their expense reports and who they are taking to dinner these days.

    It is a fact that we aren’t getting any revenue from the “undocumented workers” so maybe the people paying for dinner and drinks at the the four star steak houses on Capitol Hill are using their American Express cards and leaving an audit trail.

  8. Vincent Narodnik Says: Rick Adams show on Has a 2 hour discussion of this subject. [Wed. April 12] Scroll down to April 5 and hear interview w/ John Clark of Americans for Immigration Control

  9. Jim King Says:

    Sounds like another attempted small bite of freedom by “New World Order”!
    “One small step against freedom, one giant step toward KING GEORGE”.

  10. Rosanna Says:

    What about when they were marching down the Harbor Fwy. I don’t think anyone got arrested. Did you all notice how nice the drive on the fwys. were today. All illegal immigrants should be deported. I saw nothing wrong with your banner. KEEP ON!!!!!!!!!

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