Man Arrested After Mexican-Flag Burning


A Tucson man was arrested Tuesday for his role in the burning of a Mexican flag as part of a counterprotest at a pro-immigration rally.

At about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Tucson police cited Roy Warden, 58, on suspicion of assault, criminal damage and reckless burning, and then released him, according to Sgt. Decio Hopffer.

Video footage shot Monday by police and the media showed Warden assaulting a TV cameraman and a photographer, Hopffer said. Because only one of the men pressed charges, there is only one assault charge.

Warden faces the criminal-damage charge for harm done to the concrete shuffleboard court where Warden’s group was burning the Mexican flag, Hopffer said.

Warden and his group, Border Guardians, arrived at Armory Park just after noon Monday to stage a counterprotest to the 15,000 marchers who were protesting what they see as unfair immigration laws. At about 2:15 p.m, they burned Mexican flags and tempers flared.

Police arrested two girls for throwing water at Warden and his group, and a scuffle broke out as police escorted them away. On Monday, Tucson police arrested six people on charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer, interfering with governmental operation, hindering prosecution and disturbing the peace.

Hopffer said police are still reviewing tape of the scuffle.

Warden said the charges are a direct result of political pressure from the Mexican Consulate.

“If they saw something unlawful, why didn’t they commit an arrest then?” Warden said.

He said he plans to represent himself at his court hearing on April 24 and said he’s confident he will clear himself of charges. In addition, he said he plans to sue the cameraman for defamation of character and denying his right to free speech.

Another member of Border Guardians, Laine Lawless, called the arrest a petty way to punish the group for its dissenting voice.
March organizers also questioned why it took police so long to make the arrest. They have a requested a meeting with city officials for Thursday to discuss the issue, said Zoe Hammer, spokeswoman for Border Action Network, one of the local human-rights groups that organized the march.

24 Responses to “Man Arrested After Mexican-Flag Burning”

  1. Jalira Says:

    I already donated money to Border Guardians for their flag-burning :) Long live BG!







    SI SE PUEDE!!!


    NO YOU CAN’T!!! Or to make them understand better!

    NO SE PUEDE!!!

  3. Jim Says:

    There should be a crime for burning US flag.

  4. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    ‘’Warden said the charges are a direct result of political pressure from the Mexican Consulate.'’…I am becoming more and more familiar with the mexican ‘constitution these days since the document has been made public in translation by diligent and quick-eyed patriots. I cant quote you chapter-and-verse yet,or make direct quotes, but the mexican constitution SPECIFICALLY f o r b i d s foreigners from interfering in mexican political affairs. It also prescribes immediate expulsion of anyone involved in such crimes, with a by-pass of any ‘protections ‘ a mexican citizen would have under the same circumstances. The Hypocracy and arrogance of this people is unbelievable. -As for agencies of foreign governments directly engaging in agit-prop legal theater-??? I am at a loss for words.

  5. David M. Says:

    Funny how no one was arrested for burning the AMERICAN FLAG! Speaking of flags, here is a tasty little nugget. Casa Maryland ordered 11,000 US flags for that march in D.C. this past Monday. They were from a distributor in El Salvador. Yeah. El Salvador is the same country that gave us MS13. Jerks.

  6. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    MS 13 THAT O U R CIA TRAINED, EQUIPPED, ORGANIZED.!!! Its a real good question to ask when on phone with the clowns in Washington, “Does Sam Brownback know who MS13 is?” [how bout mecha, la raza, etc] I heard that they actually posted people to distribute these flags-JUST LIKE IN IRAQ-and we are just supposed to watch our tv screens, see the flags, and say-Hey! American flags! Patriotism! They are just like us! After all, we are a nation of immigrnts, too, shuckins, heck why not????

  7. Phenix Says:

    This has gone too far, sooner or later we will have to defend ourselves, the Government is causing a very dangerous situation by not gaurding our borders. Some of our Politicians should be arrested and criminally charged for letting things get so far out of hand. When the American Public finally wake up ( all hell will break loose)! 11 million illegals, there is more like 30 million, Americans must unite; vote for Politician, Judges, or on a local level ask you elected officals where do they stand on the Illegal immigration issue, get it in writing, vote for those who will help stop this illegal invasion, and deport any who are not here legally.

  8. Eddie B. Says:

    I’d would personnaly like to buy that Roy Warden and the Border Guardians a drink! THEY ARE DOING THE WORK THAT CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT WON’T DO! Thank you Roy! Vote the bums out.

  9. steve Says:

    millions of illegals in the country, and yet if an american jaywalks or makes a u-turn, he is more likely to be confronted. it’s a topsy-turvy world.

  10. christopher hughes Says:

    pretty damn funny more american flags are made over seas then actually made in america…to me that a real crime.

  11. Loretta Says:

    I have seen pictures at the L.A. march were an American flag was burned by Mexicans. I have not heard of any arrest or outrage. When will those comatose Americans wake up?
    It seems to me they all have their head in the sand but sooner or later there will be the moment to face reality and that may be too late and until then the Illegals will triumph over their success, while the American people will take off their blindfolds and wave the white flag of surrender.
    Enough is enough !!! Wake up America!!!

  12. Denise Bush Says:

    Ok, first of all he was NOT arrested for burning the Mexican flag, he was arrested for assualting the cameraman, and the damage done to the shuffleboard court he burned it on. What about the two girls arrested for throwing water at the burning flags… I mean come on…. Not only are the immigrants taking jobs, they are creating them for US citizens by starting their own businesses in the US. People complain about paying taxes for mexican children to learn english in US schools, but if those mexican parents were also US citizens they would be able to pay taxes too. This whole immigration issue boils down to one thing in my mind…people with RACISM don’t want their children to learn spanish in school.

  13. Salamander Says:

    The police are going to have to decide just which side they are on.
    (No, I don’t want them to look away when some idiot commits a
    crime against an immigrant.) This business of biased enforcement;
    you incite them by being here, you are a vigilante because you
    attacked them while they were beating that American, how dare you
    be armed because you are ready to defend yourself and this is the
    country of the Second Article of the Bill of Rights: That nonsense
    must end. “Don’t blame me, if I disobey I’ll lose my police pension”
    just won’t cut it anymore. It’s OK because you are only doing it for
    the money?

  14. Sherri Says:

    The next time one of the pro-illegal alien marchers burns or desecrates a flag in any way, they need to be arrested. Just like they should have been arrested when they attacked counter-protesters in Dallas by throwing bottles at them. This is getting out of hand. It’s time for Americans to take to the streets and demand THEIR rights–especially since we’re the ones that have them. The illegals do not, despite their delusional fantasies.

  15. Ron Says:

    Denise - You sad soul, if you cannot defend your open borders, pro-Mexican, anti-American position with sensible rational you play the race card. Denise is your name really Larry “Nativo” Lopez because you played that card like a pro. And your assertion about illegals creating jobs for Americans is laughable. It is against the law to hire an illegal, so how can an illegal alien open a legal business in the first place to hire Americans. Oh, your uncle Jorge Bush is an open-borders, spineless, Aztlan loving traitor like yourself who refuses to enforce the laws already on the books.

  16. Thomas Says:

    So it’s OK to burn an American Flag, but the Nazi Revenue Agents (Police) will arrest you if it’s a Mexico Flag. Welcome to the POLICE STATE of America, does anyone else feel they are under the rule of an elitist dictatorship? It’s time to put a bounty on ILLEGALS and fine them big when caught. For they have caused great hardships for the middle and lower wage earning class of Americans. After they’ve paid their fines in cash and or labor, they must go to the back of the line in Mexico and apply legally. There’s nothing wrong with the laws in place except for the fact that the US Govt refuses to enforce them. But that’s only because they’re more interested in selling us into the New World Order in which they want to be big players. Thats how I see it. The forgiving is in giving them another chance to apply for U.S. Citizenship. The current laws are not inhumane.

  17. Fred Dawes Says:

    that is what i want to know, David M.? and phenix hit it right on the head, and once more Vincent Narodnik is dead on the money.

    so what is our government doing, one word “nothing”.

  18. Thomas Says:

    What part of “ILLEGAL Aliens” do they not understand??? Why do they detest American Soverignty so??? Why do ILLEGALS think they have rights in the land they tresspass upon??? How has illegal cheap labor improved the U.S. job market.??? Why does the President of Mexico favor the mass exodus of Mexican Citizens to America??? Why should tressspassing ILLEGAL Immigrants be rewarded for breaking U.S. Border laws??? It’s a hoax folks!!!

    Our government has been hijacked !!!

  19. Jeff Says:

    This society we live in is constantly deteriorating. Let’s start a fund for any lawyer’s fees the Mexican flag burner might accumulate…

  20. Bobbi Says:

    Americans have sat on their assets for years and now it is nearly to late. The likes of McCain and Kennedy have all the cards. The lily-livered republicans in congress DO NOT CARE. WAKE UP AND LETS PLAN OUR OWN MARCHES.

  21. Brad Says:

    Denise, You obviously have never had to try to find employment in an area that is predominately Hispanic. I live in an area that has a high population of Hispanics both legal and illegal. Most of the Hispanic business will only hire other Hispanics. We have 2 large Mexican grocery stores in town and there is not one word of English spoken in them. My wife who is a grocery clerk, was talking to an Hispanic friend about the stores. The friend knew one of the store managers and said that he basically admitted to her that he would not hire non-Hispanics. This is not an isolated practice.
    As for making illegals legal so they pay more taxes and contribute to society rather than take is false. Read the following article on immigration and impact.

    You can read the economic wage depression of immigrants here:

    Or you can read a summary here:

  22. Freefool Says:

    Don’t care about any flag, I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion. I wont get caught acting like a looser on any side. The Southwest has always been conscidered Mex-America even before the Mexican-American treaty.

    People are just pissed and they are talking “the smack”. The Police are going to need help when the militia-men come out and start shooting inocent hard-working illegals. Thye police know the fair laws of the U.S. and mainly keeping the peace; also protecting the rights of all people on U.S. soil. The constitution protects all people not just citzens. Sorry, don’t kill any humans including “Illegalz” killing an burning is “Illegal”.

    Both sides will need to “calm_the_fuck_Down”, and they will, Corporations and The U.S. Gov. have benefited by these wetbacks. The time will come where we can get some Chineese, and I dont mean food. The Mexican economy will improve in the next twenty years and Mexicans will laugh at the idea of coming to the U.S.

    I rather not see a bunch of “Chineese wetbacks” in thirty years I’ll be ready to die. Our kids will need to be nice the fu8cking Chineese, I rather Not.

    So, chill the fuck out yall.


  23. Freefool Says:

    Christopher Hughes is right we should hire Mexicanz to make flags here in the U.S. Not in China or India or Mexico. The should be made here on U.S. soil by American Corporations who hire Mexicans for less than minimum wage so World Wide Corporations get all the cash Flow from them. Ohh god I sound as ridiculous as the rest of them!!!

  24. Clifford Says:

    After watching all these idiot marchers wanting amisity for all the 12 million + illegal aliens (SQUATERS) that are in the United States (Monday April 10th, 2006) I was wondering why don’t we take over Mexico, make it the 51st state? Most of Mexico are already hear, at least we could gain abundant petroleum resources along with natural gas, sulfur, coal, iron ore, silver and more. Mexico is not that poor as most want us to belive, but run by poor government, I dought we could do any worse.
    Or One day soon we will wake up and find that Mexico has taken over the U.S.A. the U.S. national anthem is already being sung in Spanish and the rest of what used to be America will be Mexico thanks to our Government that lacks the BALLS to enforce the laws on Illegal Immigration.
    Breaking the law dose pay.

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