Gangs, Fraud and Sexual Predators

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Illegal immigrants are overwhelming local governments, schools and law enforcement, said officials testifying yesterday at a meeting of a congressional subcommittee in Winston-Salem.

In a wide-ranging discussion, local, state and federal officials brainstormed about deporting illegal immigrants from North Carolina, keeping track of gang members, and fighting drugs and fake identification documents, all of which are connected to illegal immigration, they said.

“I think the people of this district and people all over this country think we’re being invaded,” said U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-5th, a member of the House Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources.

7 Responses to “Gangs, Fraud and Sexual Predators”

  1. steve Says:

    anybody that does not think we are being invaded needs a mental health evaluation. vicente fox is doing the same thing that castro did with the marielitos in 1980. i wonder how many convicts and mental patients are released in mexico on the condition that they go to estados unitos.

  2. christopher hughes Says:

    crypts and bloods are little kids compared to some of these latino gangs…people better start waking up before its too late to slow them down and they take over all the inner citys.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Gangs, Fraud, and Sexual Predators. …oh! sorry! I thought it was an article about the US senate!

  4. Anti-Illigal-Immigrations Says:

    It is estimated that illigal immigrations (current population could be as high as 20 millions) NET-cost the our nation anywhere from 80 to 100 billions dollars year-in and year-out with no end insight. It could very well get worse six (6) times more within the next ten (10) year with any kind of amnesty program.

  5. Jim Says:

    It’s Steve that needs to check in the best mental hospital in the country for a long term stay for intensive spychiatric evaluation with that non-sense comment. I wonder how his screwed up brain came to a conclusion with 12 millions illigal aliens here in the US in less than 10 year.

  6. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    My guess is more like 20 to 25 000 000 . 25000000special persons from a special race who are above the law and above criticism or even comment. It is our duty as their hosts to ‘celebrate’ them day and night and into eternity in exchange for their instructing us how evil we are because of our ‘racism’. As for Steves comment above, I have wondered myself if they have been emptying their prisons into our population-and have been for years. It would be interesting to see some accounting on the matter.

  7. Laura Says:

    Your speeches need a little bit more meat in them. Let me show you what I mean. Here is a piece of my mind and not with statistics (which can be good, but inaccurate depending on the source) but with life experience. And feel free to get offended if you want, but hopefully it will inspire you to think and see a little more than what you read in the paper for a change.

    We point at Latinos and generalize saying that “they” are “the problem.” Easy. We want to get rid of the problem, and we say “Let’s send ‘them’ back to wherever ‘they’ came from. Even though ‘they’ became gangsters in this country and not in their own.” Oh boy. We speak of those Latinos that come from their countries only to cause problems. ‘They’ all get into gangs, right? Is that what we are saying? Even the parents that work full time, double-shifts and don’t have time to educate their children because they are too busy trying to feed them because things got so messed up in their country that they cannot even live there. Because we are saying that illegal immigration is the problem, that it’s the source of all gangs. I’ve seen people come to this country from those Latino countries and some of them are bad, some of them are good, like with all races. Fewer are bad than good depending on where you look at it from and on what your definition of good is. (I’ve also taken U.S. history in high school and in college, by the way and let me tell us that we are not the best of people to be judging others. Look at the color of your skin and tell me where the natives that were originally here are at. That’s why we are afraid of an INVASION, right? Because that’s what some of our anscestors did here. Not a very shiny past people. As you can see, the majority of the people in this country is still white, not the color of the Native American people, who by the way did go through an invasion when they met our European ancestors.

    My point is that we are the problem and none of us have the answer. For those of us who say that we should send “them” back or that we should stop them don’t realize that it’s a battle lost, because they will keep coming back and as gangs spread over there too, it’s going to keep growing both here and there, you are only sending them back to come up with more business for drugs if they find them there. At least here you can control them. Those of us who say that “they” are the problem are also part of the problem because we only point fingers and vote with pointing fingers, and that’s about as far as our actions go. What about those white gangs that exist here, uh? Or the Black gangs? Are you also going to send those out back to Europe, back to Africa? Asia? Rape, drugs, violence? Look around people, it isn’t just the immigrants. And that isn’t even just the gangs, Vincent was right when he made his sarcastic comment about the senate but it isn’t even just people from the senate (if they do, who knows?). All that trash about gangs and latinos is nothing but that, dirt. And if you truly believe that then, you know what? Wash your face and rub those eyes well. Go to the eye doctor and put on some glasses of you need to. And when you wash it off your face, maybe you will see better.

    I found this website trying to find helpful resources because a friend of mine who happens to not be hispanic told me that there are neighborhoods in Chicago, the big city of Illinois, that some people don’t have a choice about that joinning gangs. He didn’t say Latino gangs, or White gangs, or Black gangs. He said “gangs.” That’s it!

    I am a Latina myself and I never belonged to a gang. So maybe because I’m not in a gang and I have not broken the law I’m not a latina after all. The truth is that my parents who are also hispanics/latinos taught me to be better than that. Now I have decided to become part of the solution for this gang problem. I hope that those of you who have such harsh words for certain races can join me in the future in what I’ll do. It will be peaceful action. I want to start something with the help of some of you to start protecting children from getting beaten up in their neighborhoods, in order so that they don’t feel forced to join “gangs” that will only make them do more harm to others in the future. I’m going out there and I don’t know how much of a big problem I’ll be facing, for as you all know, the city of Chicago is big, but I pray that I’m not alone in this, and if I am, then too bad, I’ll be a first, doubtful, but that’s beside the point. It’s better than to stay in my nice house pointing fingers at other people though, and say that they did it when I didn’t do anything “good”to stop it. I want to be part of the solution. Wish me luck. And don’t keep posting all this nonsense. If you do, please make it more believable, don’t insult my intelligence and yours. Jim, thank you for not falling for it. I hope that the rest of you can be as grown-up about this as he is.

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