Puppy Smuggler Busted

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SAN DIEGO — More than two dozen puppies — some of them ailing — were seized from a motorist who authorities alleged tried to smuggle them through the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, authorities reported Wednesday.

Customs agents found the three- to five-week-old Chihuahuas, boxers, cocker spaniels and poodle mixes under the front seats of a van that entered the United States Tuesday night, according to the San Diego County Department of Animal Services.

“Some of the 28 puppies needed immediate medical care and were taken to an emergency veterinary clinic,” DAS Director Dawn Danielson said.

Carlos Lopez of Los Angeles was cited on animal cruelty counts — one for each canine found beneath the vehicle’s seats, concealed by strips of tape.

7 Responses to “Puppy Smuggler Busted”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    Be aware of this!!!
    We also been invaded by chihuahua dogs!!! the goal is to put the “yo quiero taco bell” image back on the TV.
    This has to be declared as a National Emergency, this killer dogs can be very dangerous, our Nation is under risk because this dogs are part of the secret weapon of the illegal immigrant forces and can be used massively to attack our bullterriers and dobermans.
    Please stand-by and be ready to repel this enemy forces. Everyone agains killer chihuahua puppies!!

    - I can write this According to US Constitution -

    “Bill of Rights

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    http://www.peta.org/ Here is the General Mtors of animal rights sites. As said in a previous comment, Animal rights people and Hard Greens will be be very interested in such stories. Grab a quick look at that site. See all the weight they got. We may in fact sit at different tables in Lifes Big Caffeteria, but we still belong to the same school, so to speak. For the most part, Green has been abandoned by Dems and the Rape party, They have built enormous political war machines which are starting to rust-I am doing my damdest to bring people from other corners of the cyber universe such as these to our side. Anyone wanting to help=please do. Swim through the links in peta then seek out sites such as these. cutand past a link to here . Help to generate steam. Thats what we need now. Ford foundation aint tossin us a dime. Its just us ! God Speed friends

  3. Jalira Says:

    Is so sad! Animals can’t bitch and moan like human can when they are being mistreated. Mexican culture, like a lot of cultures, doesn’t respect animals. Those poor puppies!!!!! I hope all the people involved in this smuggling ring die a slow, painful death!

  4. steve Says:

    what do you expect from a culture where cockfighting and bullfighting are second only to soccor as the national sport.

  5. Brad Says:

    You should read Frosty Wooldridge’s article on the treatment of animals in Mexico. Most Mexicans think Americans are fools to have pets. They believe animals are here for man to use and abuse.

  6. Nick Says:

    Hey Ricardo..To qualify for the rights of The US Constitution..You have to be a legal citizen. Then you can peaceably assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  7. Eric Claeyborn Says:

    It sounds like one of the reasons that you think Bush should be impeached, is because he shook the president of Mexico’s hand and acted chummy.
    Don’t forget that Reagan shook hands and acted chummy with Gorbechev. The walls soon came tumbling down.

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