Illegal Marchers Fired

The May Day, “The Day Without A Latino” Communist boycott, should be our national “Fire Your Illegal Aliens Day.”

Miami Herald

Bonita Springs (AP) — A restaurant owner fired at least 10 employees this week after they failed to show up for work because they were protesting at immigration rallies.

Charles Bohley, co-owner of Rodes’ Fresh and Fancy Restaurant and Seafood Market, said all staff members had already been informed through Spanish and English memos that if they did not show up for their scheduled shifts Monday, they would lose their jobs, The Naples Daily News reported Wednesday.

‘’They could have gone in the morning and come back to work or protested in their hearts,'’ Bohley said. “I understand what they are doing, but they could have protested another way and not sacrificed a good job. I have a business to run.'’

Most of the night kitchen staff did not show up, and Bohley said some day staffers had to work that night.

Some of the employees who were fired had worked at the restaurant for eight or nine years and made more than $10 an hour, he said.

‘’There was never anyone saying they weren’t going to show up,'’ he said.

8 Responses to “Illegal Marchers Fired”

  1. Brad Says:

    The behavior of the illegals doesn’t suprise me. But why doesn’t Charles Bohley get fined or prosecuted for hiring illegals in the first place? Also I can’t believe there is not something “fishy” at the fish resturant. Why was he hiring illegals for $10.00/hr? What no American would do that job? He must have been shorting them hours or doing something else illegal.

  2. Klara Says:

    Good point there Brad, people like Bohley is just as much of the problem in the states as the illegals crossing the border.

  3. Roger Says:

    As if the social costs on illigal aliens aren’t already high enough, they caused even higher costs in loss of productivities by failures to show up. God forbids if the immigration reform bill passed the House, but if it did, there would be a massive cut-throat demands for all kinds of privileges ,possibly even setting their own work schedules, setting the stage for the next massive wave if illigal immigrations.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    It doesn’t say in the statement made by Mr. Bohley, that they were illegals. He stated that 10 of his employees were fired, perhaps they were supporting the illegals by marching. My hat is off to him for firing the employees.

  5. Gerry Says:

    Mr. Bohley, IF IT IS PROVEN that his workers were indeed illegal, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But lets get real here folks!! Until WE ARE READY TO MAKE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS COME TO TASK,the real fault LIES WITH US!! It is one thing to bitch on a web site. Lets BITCH TO THE ONES WE PUT IN OFFICE!! Does ANYONE care to join me?

  6. jim nieman Says:

    WE CAN BITCH AND BITCH but unless we let congress know that we expect them to have a little backbone and enforce the law were all bitching in vain….whos sending a brick to the us senate on may 2nd i’am

  7. Tommy Says:

    As the tide of illegal aliens keeps flooding over our southern border, we can only hope that we are witnessing
    A great reverse migration pattern. That eventually they will push back over the Canadian border on up through
    Alaska and skip gleefully hand in hand across the Bearing Straights, to the mother land.

    But I don’t think so. What I think is going on is that, Mexico has declared a secret war against us. They want to take
    over our country. They want what we have, they want it all. And they are getting it, one illegal at a time. One packed
    Semi Truck at a time. The waders of the Rio Grand .

    They are all enlisted in the PMNA…..Push Mexico North Army.
    If this country of ours doesn’t wake up in time and stop this tidal wave of silent infiltrators Commanded by the FOX.

    Ten or fifthteen years from now we be so out numbered it will make….. The Alamo……. look like a fair fight.

  8. William, Kansas City, MO Says:

    Tommy, you are right they are declared a secret war against us they want this country and by the way it looked they about to taking over it. look at the marching they so demanding know one to stop them, we will be out numbered in the U.S. they are marching here they need to go back and march in their country for there right not here. the march is getting bigger and bigger each march, and demanding more and more. what about our right as U.S citizen do anyone care anymore”’ is this the US and Mexico?

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