Sob Story Of The Day


As Johanna Alas Garcia clasped her mother’s hand, the tears poured steadily down her teenage cheeks. Gently stroking Alicia Garcia Maccaro’s face, the 16-year-old, who arrived in Central Islip from El Salvador on Monday, was overcome with a jumble of emotions, finally reunited with her dying mother after 15 years.

Maccaro, almost completely blind and only slightly lucid, could not make out Johanna’s face, but kept her eyes locked on her daughter.

‘Johanna’s here?’ she asked in Spanish, and soon her cheeks were also wet with tears.

The bittersweet reunion between mother and daughter came after a two-week sprint by Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) to bring the girl to the United States in order to grant Maccaro, who has brain cancer, her dying wish. But Israel went a step further, helping to speed the process so both mom and daughter gain legal residency.

‘When people think about immigration reform, it’s a nameless, faceless issue,’ Israel said. ‘But when you think about this family, it changes the entire issue.’ Johanna can apply for citizenship in five years. For right now, she is content to spend time with the mother she had never met, whom she only knew from photographs and long-distance phone calls. ‘I’m happy and sad at the same time because she’s so sick,’ Johanna said.

3 Responses to “Sob Story Of The Day”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    ‘Put a human face on an issue’-Thats a very tired communist tactic. Is there any way to piggyback a violin-and-tinkling piano accompaniment with that story WD? It would REALLY drive a spike into my heart and cause me to grab my ankles, like the newsday story wants me to do? !

  2. Albert Perales Says:

    I have seen this many, many times. If the mother is going to die of cancer, what’s the point of keeping the daughter here? Also, Dianne Feinstein recently co-signed a bill asking for the legalization of farmworkers and used the example of a Mexican girl who has excelled in school as an example of the illegals. This girl comes from a family that was going to be deported and eventually given legal status.
    What’s the point of having laws if people are going to flaunt them?

  3. Sherri Says:

    I’m so sick and tired of the media using these sob stories as an excuse to not enforce the law. I’m sorry that this woman is losing her mother, but how about shedding some tears for the tax payers that have to foot the bill for the millions here illegally?

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