Oregon Student Kicks Ass

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A lone dissenter disrupted an immigration reform rally that drew more than 300 people to the University of Oregon campus at noon on Thursday.

UO history student Timothy Lowrey stood on a low pillar outside the Erb Memorial Union yelling “Get in line!” and “It’s illegal because it’s a crime,” as students who had marched along 13th Avenue poured into the amphitheater. Many carried signs with slogans such as: “No human being is illegal” and “All workers contribute to this society.”

Finally, the crowd drowned him out chanting, “El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido,” a Spanish phrase that means, “A united community cannot be defeated.”

After several minutes, a few students were able to convince Lowrey to step aside for a private conversation and the rally continued.

Lowrey and Mario Sifuentez, a UO graduate, explained their opinions to each other in an animated conversation punctuated on both sides by the words, “Let me finish!”

Lowrey wants the House bill to become the law of the land. He said he doesn’t think it’s right to reward those coming here illegally while thousands of people are trying to immigrate lawfully.

He wants to see a wall along the border to deter people from crossing.

But Sifuentez, a citizen whose parents came from Mexico, said that no wall will keep out people crossing the border who can’t feed their families.

“If I’m hungry, and you build a wall, I’m going to keep coming,” he said.

Nobody is starving in Mexico, give me a friggen break!

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I agree. Pew Hispanic Center has reluctantly admited recently that 95% of mekkis who come here have left jobs and WIVES, CHILDREN back in mexico. But not for ‘a slice of the American Dream’-but for a shot at free hand outs by a people they manifestly hate. And want to destroy. Thats them Fammly valyooz that dont stop at tha Reeoh Graand, eh, jorje?

  2. Phenix Says:

    The United states is not a feeding ground for Mexico. why not invite the rest of the world; by Mexico and the Mexican Citizen not respecting American Laws, it will leave the U.S Citizen no choice but to arm themselves. Use any means necessary to protect the future of America. Our Government is totally corrupt, employers see away to make a fast buck, not realizing that they are selling the future of this country. This is the beginning of a serious war with Mexico. If Mexicans are hungry, why can’t the mexican government take care of them? We owe Mexico NOTHING. The U.S citizen have been caught off gaurd, not only by this Illegal invasion, but also by our own government.

  3. Lacia Says:

    I live in Portland, OR and I would like to shake this young man’s hand! He has great courage and I would’ve stood side by side with him if I knew he was out there alone. This is an outrage and if it’s not handled in the proper way now, we will be paying for generations to come.

    Yesterday in Portland, high school students, with permission of their parents, were allowed to cut class to protest in favor of illegal immigration. They flooded the streets and spoke of their family members who are here illegally. One student explained that her Aunt is an illegal and she has a RIGHT to be here because she works hard. Well, working hard does NOT excuse illegal behavior. I’m going to try that the next time I get stopped by a cop for going over the speed limit as I battle the traffic to get to work. “I’m sorry officer, but I work hard and I’m going to be late for my job, so you are supposed to give me a free pass”. Where does this madness end? What are we teaching our children to belive?

    I would love to see the rest of the right thinking world start fighting back; jam the phone lines, take to the streets, demand the laws of the land be enforced. We don’t need new laws, we just need to uphold the immigration laws that exist. We’re forced to defend ourselves as citizens and made to feel guilty because we’re discriminating or not being PC, compassionate or understanding the plight of the poor illegal. Well, I AM a citizen and I don’t think I should have to defend my right to tell illegal aliens that they are not welcome here unless they respect my country, it’s laws, it’s values and it’s traditions. We’re told that it’s too big a problem and that the only answer is amnesty or this candy coated let’s not call it amnesty bill. It doesn’t cut it and neither do any of the politicians that support it.

    I’m up for a protest and at the moment, I can’t think of a more worthy cause!

  4. Jim Says:

    That’s right, no human being is illegal, only those who violates the immigration laws are ” and “All ILLEGAL workers are parasites to this society”. What part of the word ILLIGAL that these idiots dont understand is beyond me. What kind of contributions to the society that cost 12 billions in California alone?

    A united community cannot be defeated. How about bringing those illigal aliens’ communities and uniting South of the border in front of corrupted governments and Fox and be defeated there.

    Mario Sifuentez was an anchored baby or an illigal alien himself, who sneaked across the border and got a free ride for his education with US citizen hard earned tax dollars. And he was out protesting for those illigal alliens. What a traitor!. Last point , for this ignorant idiot’s information, 95 % of illigal aliens here had jobs before they came.

    If this traitor Sifuentez is hungry, what about those billions around the world that go to bed hungry every night?.There is no sympathy for that, sorry. That’s right, keep coming through those deserts after the walls are built, those vultures will be in for a feeding frenzy year round..

  5. Klara Says:

    It is time for the american people to stand up for their country. How much longer and how many more decades later are white ppl going to keep dealing with the ‘rasict’ bullshit slogan?

  6. Roger Says:

    So Sifuentez says it’s OK to break into someone’s house to steal food, if he’s hungry. It must be a norm South of the border, but not here in the US, let I remind him.

    Besides, it ’s a lie to say those illigal aliens are hungry, since statistics shows 95 % had abandoned their jobs to move North. It’s greed, not hunger.

  7. Sherri Says:

    That’s right: A united community can’t be defeated. And if the American people stand up and unite, the illegals will be defeated. Let’s stay united America! Let’s defeat these illegal aliens that want to invade our country!

  8. Larry Baines Says:

    Illegal does NOT mean sick bird. those who are here illegally walked in here and they can just as well turn around and walk back out. If they can’t do it legal, they can’t do it

  9. CC Says:

    Coming into America from Mexico is illegal but in Mexico it isnt as easy to get a passport as it is here in the US. Most of the immigrants can not afford to obtain a passport. Also if they could afford it they wouldn’t have the need to come into America.

    Who are any of you to decide what is best for anyone else? If we had the same conditions here in the US that they have in Mexico, who would be the first to cross the border? Would any of you like to make $.35 per hour to do the same job that you have now? To those of us who are not racist, you all are closed minded and money grubbers yourselves.

    Yes, I know we have a problem with the homeless. You probably think that if the Mexicans were not allowed in the US that we wouldnt have the problem but you are wrong. The majority of the homeless people that we have in the US are homeless by choice. What is stopping them from cleaning up and getting a job? Probably the fact that they have obtained a habit that keeps them where they are. No one person can judge one another. This topic is no different than someone saying that all black persons should be in Africa or they should all be slaves. You know what the turnout of that topic was; The emancipation proclamation. And still there is racism in our country. What a shame. From what I can tell, All people from other races have a heart beat, need food and water to live, and they all have feelings like all of us WHITE PEOPLE!

    Knowing Sifuentez growing up, his parents, yes came from Mexico, but once they settled they became legal citizens. And no Mario is not illegal just because his parents are from Mexico. This man was born in an America hospital and has a SS number like everyone else. He has proven himself to be an upstanding citizen and a hard working student.

    One last thing, if you judge someone and their situation, that you dont know, then you have become the worst kind of AMERICAN.
    A RACIST. And when this topic arises I personal am ashamed at the way the my fellow Americans are responding.

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