Stepfather Faces Charges In Boys Death

Daily Bulletin

ONTARIO - A boy who committed suicide over what relatives alleged were threats of jail made by a school official for protesting an immigration bill never participated in any protests, the superintendent said Thursday.

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Anthony Soltero, 14, of Ontario told his mother the day he shot himself March 30 that he was pulled into the De Anza Middle School vice principal’s office and was threatened with harsh discipline for protesting off campus during school.

But Ontario-Montclair School District Superintendent Sharon McGehee said the investigation into the incident so far has not turned up any evidence that Soltero was threatened the way the boy’s relatives and attorneys have said.

вЂ?вЂ?We have no corroborating evidence that he threatened the student with prison,'’ McGehee said.

Saturday immigration march to be dedicated to Ontario student
Daily Bulletin

A student march scheduled for Saturday in downtown Los Angeles will be dedicated in memory of 14-year-old Ontario middle school student Anthony Soltero.

“We would like to dedicate this march to him,” said Andres Ruiz, a student at Los Angeles Southwest College, “and for all the other student organizers who feel the oppression” of school administrators.

Stepfather Faces Charges In Boys Death
Daily Bulletin

Police investigating the suicide of a middle-schooler say the boy’s stepfather could face criminal charges for allegedly not securing the rifle the boy used to kill himself.

Police withheld the name of Soltero’s stepfather, since he has not been arrested or charged. Ontario police Lt. John Evans said the man kept the rifle in the family’s garage. The weapon was not in a gun safe and had no locking device, Evans said.

“The parent left out a weapon, which is open access and is against the law,” Evans said.

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Beyond Borders Special Section can be abbreiviated as BBSS [a double scoop of bovine poop for YOU American!;) Lets drop the jokes, though. Raza has a long history of human sacrafice, and this appears to be a case of self sacrafice. …Makes me confident that this shotgun marriage of peoples will work.!

  2. Anti-Illigal Immigration. Says:

    As if the cost of illigal immigrations is not enough, the abuse of legal systems for a get-rich schemes by these bastards is another one of countless ways to bring down the state budget, and eventually the economy.

  3. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    These attorney’s are like chicken hawks. Anybody that capitalizes on anothers persons misfortune and misery is worse than a maggot.

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