U.S. Military Sub-Contractor Hiring Illegals

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GRONTON, Conn. (April 13) - It’s a little after 7 a.m. and work is already in full swing at this Groton, Conn., construction site, the future home of military housing for officers serving at the nearby Trident Submarine Base.

The U.S. military sub-contractor pouring cement at this site — Gargiulo Construction — says its payroll is completely in order. But in reality, some [or all] papers are fake. CBS News correspondent Armen Keteyian reports the group is undocumented workers.

These men, most in their 20s and all born in Mexico, spoke in shadows because they are here illegally, and fear talking to the press could get them fired. Talking about the long hours and low pay — less than half what a union member makes — about $13 or $14 an hour.

Despite dozens of arrests at military bases around the country, government construction sites continue to be fertile ground for undocumented workers, something Centex, the Texas-based conglomerate who has contracts with the federal government, was hesitant to discuss.

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  1. David M. Says:

    This does not surprise me at all. I have a story to show just how bad this whole problem really is.

    Back in October of 2001, a friend of mine was working on the renovations to the Pentagon. If you have never been to the Pentagon, on the opposite side of where the plane crashed is a bus stop and subway stop. You get off the subway and go up the stairs and you are right there at the Pentagon. There you wait to take several buses to Crystal City, Pentagon City and so forth.

    The canopy is made of composite panels and that was what my friend was doing. Putting on the composite panels. Anyway, he asked me to come up and work with him. Him and his boss were old buddies from way back and the boss man said okay. Well of course I had to get a security badge and a background check. Me and a Mexican laborer went to a trailer to get our badges. When they checked the amigo’s green card they noticed it had been tampered with. Him or someone had cut out the expiration date and tried to glue a new one underneath. What happened then?

    NOT A ONE DAMN THING!!! When I left the job in December of that same year, the guy was still working. I found out from my friend that the guy stayed until the job was done and the boss man never got in trouble.

    Remember, this was one month after 9/11! If that does not scare you, nothing will.

  2. Brad Says:

    There was an incident here in Calif, where Golden State Fencing (large national fencing contractor) was caught with at least 14 illegals working on the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego. They were not fined or penalized in any way. Some had been long time employees. A friend of mine went to work for the same company as a foreman and his entire crew was composed of illegals. This company does a lot of Federal and State work.

  3. Jamin Meji Says:

    The goverment is the first to hire illegals. Do you know how many illegals are and where in war? About 30%. When the war first started in Iraq, many illegals enlisted thinking they were going to get legalized. The irony is that some did get legalized after they came home in a casket. After harsh crictism, the goverment decided to legalized them before they left to Iraq How sweet?

  4. The Watchdog Says:

    I highly doubt that 30% of the soldiers fighting in Iraq are illegal aliens.

  5. Tony Herrera Says:

    In order to serve in the military you must show proof that you are a US citizen or “permanent resident alien” which implies legal immigration status.

    For immigrants, the decision to join the military often leads to a faster track to citizenship, which allows them and their immediate family to reap the same benefits as native-born U.S. citizens.

    When I served as a US Marine in the 1980’s I remember being required to show proof that I was a permanent resident. I served with many immigrants from various countries, but can’t remember any of them not possessing legal immigrant status. The figure of 30% that Jamin Meji cites is probably a true figure as it relates to legal immigrant soliders.

    I doubt that the US Military would risk the political fallout that would arise if it was discovered that they allowed the enlistment of illegal immigrant soldiers. The only way they could enlist is by the use of fake documents as has been the case with countless employers and now results in the division and polarization this country faces on the issue of immigration.

    Mexican immigrants as well as other immigrant groups like the Germans fought during the Civil War. There were over 500,000 immigrants who fought in that war. Mexican immigrants actually fought on both sides, which is ironic because it mirrors our present day situation as some legal US immigrants born in Mexico are now pitted against their illegal sisters and brothers.

    Immigrant soldiers during the Civil War were even allowed to form their own units, elect their officers and speak their native tongues. “The Germans are true and patriotic,” said President Abraham Lincoln about the German immigrants volunteering to fight for the union army.

    Northern Calfornia was home of General Macario Vallejo. He was profiled by PBS. http://www.pbs.org/weta/thewest/people/s_z/vallejo.html

    Lastly, if an immigrant soldier dies on the battelfield before becoming a US Citizen, this country should automatically award citizenship posthumously. It is the decent thing to do for our fallen immigrant soldiers if they die in defense of this great nation. To grant them citizenship shows our respect and honor for them as just “Americans” just like you and I.

    -Tony Herrera

  6. Garry Kelly Says:

    Service in the US military ought to guarantee citizenship.

  7. Jamin Meji Says:

    OMG!! I know several Mexicans that are illegal in the military. They are in the process of legalization. Some of them can’t even legalize their wives and children. I have several of relatives in the military, (which I’m not too happy about) so I am always reading the news. Mr. Herrera maybe back in the old days they were stricter. Nowadays, they take anyone.
    Several Hispanic (illegal) were getting killed in Iraq and then given citizenship at the funerals. It made a lot of people mad. In the past 2 years the govt. had made it easier, due to the above.
    U.S Govt. Statistics show enlistment by Race

    55% White (poor farm boys, trailer trash)
    30% Hispanic (poor too, 15% illegal)
    15% Blacks or Other (Smart People)



  8. Jamin Meji Says:


  9. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    Our own government lets their contractors steal our jobs. It happens all over the country and the feds just look the other way while our secrets get sold to the Chinese. This is a prime example of your tax dollars at work.

  10. Contessa Says:

    If service in the military ought to guarantee citizenship, then by all means let’s require all illegals to register and have a compulsory year of active duty service. If they then return and are employed then perhaps citizenship could be a consideration. However, do we really want uneducated, practically illiterate, and unskilled people in the military. The marches show that many of them don’t even know which way is up with our flag. Are you sure that’s who we want defending our nation? No way. no how.

  11. george Says:

    America is beginning to look a lot like Rome during its waining period. Endless wars brought on by a tyranical oligarchy seeking greater and greater bounty. Broadening of citizenship to include people in conquered lands as a means to encourage more conscripts for the Roman legion. And an endless pool of poor workers as the aristocracy became richer and richer.

    In the end, there was no allegance to Rome, and the federation dissolved.

    There is nothing new about the “new world order”. Its always about greed and power by the few, at the expense of the many.

  12. Tony Herrera Says:

    “If service in the military ought to guarantee citizenship, then by all means let’s require all illegals to register and have a compulsory year of active duty service.”

    “However, do we really want uneducated, practically illiterate, and unskilled people in the military. The marches show that many of them don’t even know which way is up with our flag.” - Contessa

    Ok. Conatessa, Make up your mind. You either want them to enlist and defend our nation or you don’t. By the way in the military to fly the American flag upside down it is deemed to be a sign of distress.

    Nonetheless, I do side with you that immigrants seeking amnesty and/or legal status in the US, should be publicly demonstrating their allegiance to this nation. That message has begun filter down to immigrants and resulted in less Mexican flag waving at the most recent protests.

    Jamin Meji,

    If you have contact with military personnel who are “undocumented” but are actively serving in the Armed Forces, I would love to speak to them about their story. I have friends in mainstream media who would love to break this story and investigate deeper into allegations that the US Military has in fact chosen to look the other way and in order to maintain their enlistment quotas have in fact enlisted “illegal immigrants”.

    -Tony Herrera

  13. Sherri Says:

    Fine examples of why we need to ENFORCE THE LAW!

  14. jim nieman Says:


  15. Jamin Meji Says:

    Mr. Herrera,
    What makes you think I will rat out my family? I’m trying to get my husband legalize, me talking to the press, would’nt help.
    If you need a story, then I suggest you research, investigate, and work for the story.
    If you don’t want unskilled soldiers in the military, protest!!!
    Get all the illegals OUT!!!
    Don’t just leave the ones that will benefit you.
    BTW: Micheal Moore is HOT!!

  16. Tony Herrera Says:


    No one is saying you gotta “rat out” your family. You stated that you knew of “illegal immigrants” who are presently serving in the military. I indicated that when I served in the military we were required to present proof of residency or citizenship.

    I would support any illegal immigrant who joins the military, because it demonstrates that they bear allegiance to the United States.

    Secondly, the identity of these “illegal immigrant” soldiers could be kept confidential, but their story could still be told. That being said, you must understand that without you backing up your statement your story rings hollow, but it certainly gets peoples attention.

    -Tony Herrera

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