Are All Illegal Aliens Thieves?

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An illegal’s thievery does not end with the stolen identity of American citizenship. For many, that is just the beginning. Their bogus citizenship opens the doors to publicly funded assistance for those in need, publicly funded education for their children, up to and including state colleges and universities. It provides publicly funded health care for those unable to pay, and finally publicly funded retirement and Medicare for the aged. Not a bad haul for a thief who never paid a dime for his stolen identity.

Those who support this thievery ? often under the guise of compassion ? are no better than the thieves themselves.

21 Responses to “Are All Illegal Aliens Thieves?”

  1. Jamin Meji Says:

    My husband is illegal and we don’t get any of that!
    Where do I sign up?
    We pay for everything, even health insurance.
    I could use a break,please tell me where or how?

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Jamin- The fact that you want a break at all in these matters shows that your American Identity is comprimised at best-if not non-existant. I am refering to your ontological identity here, not the geographic mishap of your being born here. The foundation document of this country is The Declaration of Independence. It was not The Declaration of Perpetual Dependence. I do not know how long your family has been here, but if you want to remain, you ought to meditate deeply on the proposition above stated. If it is too strong medicine for you, - please vacate. THAT is the way of peace. NOT filching money from people you resent.

  3. Roger Says:

    Jamin Meji, that’s BS what you re saying. You must be stupid not to see the hidden costs, such as clogging the traffic, polluting the air, working w/ underground wages, causing a crowded city, rise in crimes,taking jobs from Americans, burden on emergency visits (before his purchase of health insurance), free schooling for his children , sending remittances to mexico or wherever he’s from,……

  4. Nick Says:

    What your kids don’t go to school? Your husband doesn’t drive on the road? Does your insurance company know your husband is illegal?

  5. Mar Mor Says:

    What happend in Wako, was that a mexican,what about Timmothy Mcveigh was he a mexican, you guys are just trying to blame mexicans for wrong doing and crimes, the truth is they are here just to work, they work for salaries that no other person would work for! You all are so spoiled, if you would just do your job and stop crying everyhting will be fine. Again Mexicans do not come over to do crime they just want to work and make a living. Get yuur facts strait!

  6. jim nieman Says:

    hey Mar Mor taking an american job from an american citizen is on a small scale at lest immoral when its on a large scale 11,000,000 that we can count as it is now its considered terrorism. and dont hand me you guys are only doing jobs americans wont do…. thats bull^%@#^ you know as well as i you will not stop at low paying jobs …youlll do anything!!!! youve already completly infiltrated the construction industry. i hope u sleep well in an overcrowded rental with all your friends. when i find your $#@$sses i will report you to the authorities. ….and follow up on your deportation.

  7. Skyviper Says:

    The straight fact is that you have invaded my country. We don’t owe any of you freeloading bastards a Goddamned thing.
    If you want someone to blame, then blame yourselves for not taking care of your own business in your own country. As for the bullshit excuse that you are only doing the jobs that no American would do, just who the hell do you think did those jobs before you came here? Go Home! NOW!!!

  8. Carolyn Says:

    Mar Mor, You don’t have a clue, if you think that illegals, no matter their race, are here to work and make a living. If you want to live here and make a good wage, go through the front door, not sneak in under the darkness of night. I do my job and I work hard. I pay my bills and I don’t seek public assistance. I have worked hard in the fields, making a small wage, but because I am a citizen, I was able to get educated and now make a good living. I am not spoiled and I am not whining, I am stating facts. Do it the right way and you will have more chances at a better life. I do believe there are criminals that cross the border all the time, along with the hard working illegals. Our country needs to make a stand and build a fence from Texas to the Pacific ocean, in order to protect it’s citizens. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, come out of the shadows and do the right thing.

  9. Jamin Meji Says:

    First of all, me and my husband do not have children. We are waiting for him to get legalize.
    Second, the company where he works provides health insurance.(eventhough he is illegal)
    Third, He has a driver’s license and auto insurance so when he is driving he is not braking the law.
    I’ve never had public assistance, and never will.
    I’m from Laredo, Texas and we own land in Texas. My family has been in both sides of the border for generations.
    I own a business as well…
    All I was asking, is where do you get this free assistance?
    Since you are accusing illegals (husband) of freeloading!! I might as well, freeload.
    I have alot of business expenses I could use a break.
    Oh by the way I resent Mexico too, Vincent.
    Both countries are corrupt.
    Only thing I can agree with you all, is that illegal immgrants once legalized, should not send money to Mexico.
    The money should stay in the U.S and not make Mexico’s elite more richer and corrupt.
    Vincent, Mexico is run by white people too.
    Vincente Fox is Irish if you didn’t know it? Well now you do.
    Fox is trying to import all the Indian tribes into the US for slavery while, an in return he get remmitances send back to his country.
    Bush is importing all the white farm boys to Iraq to protect oil,
    in return he gets $$$$$$$$.
    Not much of a diffrence.

  10. Martine Says:

    MarMor, nobody said that crime in this country is perpetrated only by illegals. But the fact that it isn’t, doesn’t exonerate the illegals from any culpability either! What about the growing infiltration by gang members for example?

    And Jamin, there are direct as well as indirect costs to our society. For example, you say your husband’s employer provides him with health care insurance. But those and other costs are passed on indirectly to us taxpayers. Someone in either this blog or another related one made the comment that all illegals work and pay taxes. What a bunch of crap. Some do, sure! But obviously not all work, and even more don’t pay taxes. How does an illegal file a tax return?

    The illegals take jobs Americans ‘don’t want’ because they are at artificially deflated wages due to the availability of illegal labor pools! If the employer had to compete fairly for legal help, the law of supply and demand would soon take care of wage inequities, and he’d be forced to pay what the job is worth on a level playing field! But in the meantime, he passes his cost of doing business on to the rest of us who are taking up the burden he is shirking! That’s not rocket science! I am SO tired of hearing that tired old line!

    Many illegals ARE double dipping… they get the benefits citizens are entitled to without paying their fair share to support the infrastructure!

  11. Mary Jo Miller Says:

    Is it so much to ask to pay a few more bucks in taxes so that other families can fill their bellies with a substantial meal? The problem here is that you are all to greedy. I am an American citizen and have been here for 4 generations on one side and more than 10 generations on the other side, and I am more than willing to pay a little extra to help others. You all should be ashamed. I don’t know how you sleep at night, trying to kick honest people out of our country so that you can roll around in your money. (Whatever, I know where I’m going when I die, you can all do what you want)

  12. Mary Says:

    Is it so much to ask to pay a few more bucks in taxes so that other families can fill their bellies with a substantial meal?

    Well nice of you to spend other peoples’ money for them, dearie.

    Seriously. why should Americans pick up the tab for expenses that rightly are the responsibilty of the all-mighty, all-fired, all-righteous, corrupt and inefficent MEXICAN GOVERNMENT? Mexico needs to take care of it’s own poor; the US has done more than enough in that respect. Goddamned if I’m gonna pay any more taxes so that Vicente Fox and his corrupt pals can continue to get a free ride on the backs of the American taxpayers!

  13. Mary Jo Miller Says:

    okay okay I guess I was asking a little too much of you. But look at it this way: You may pay a little more in taxes each year to educate their children and provide them with healthcare, but in return everything that you buy is cheaper because the Mexican immigrants are the ones doing the work. For example, you may pay $5 a box for strawberries at the supermarket. Do you know how much they would cost if an immigrant wasn’t picking the strawberries? It may be as much as twice that much. American workers would organize labor unions and demand higher wages for the awful and painful work that is required of them, and the price of fruit would soar. The price of new homes would soar because the immigrants are the ones building them now. The price of food in restaurants would soar. I have to admit that I dont know the exact numbers, but I wouln’t be suprized if you are saving more money now with the illegal immigrants doing labor jobs in America than you would without them.

  14. Martine Says:

    Mary Jo, you’re right, you DON’T know the numbers, so quit throwing random hypothetical numbers/assumptions out there! I heard one statistic where the percentage of certain commodities related to the labor component is CONSIDERABLY less than 50%. If that’s the case, if illegals weren’t there to steal the jobs, the cost of the box of strawberries wouldn’t raise anywhere near 100%, as you quote. They might go up SOME, but not that much because there ARE American workers who will do the job at a FAIR wage.

    If I had a choice of how my money was to be spent, I’d opt to pay higher prices for commodities (such as strawberries, lettuce, etc.) and know what I’m getting for my money, rather than all these hidden costs where my tax dollars are spiraling down a bottomless pit! Like an earlier writer said, I have NO desire to continue to line Vincente Fox’s pockets while his country remains so corrupt and screwed up.

    And I definitely challenge your thesis that Americans are saving more money now with illegal immigrants performing certain labor, net of the increased load on our infrastructure which we pay for with our tax dollars! You are very wrong about that.

    We have laws for a reason, and if they’re on the books they should be observed (OR changed). A good share of the blame for lack of enforcement and working toward solutionts, rests squarely with our politicians for ignoring this growing crisis for this long! I’m thinking this is going to have a huge impact on who gets elected/re-elected this fall.

    Capitalism works, the rest don’t. So don’t tell us we HAVE to share the fruits of our labor and redistribute the wealth, for fear if we don’t we will go to the opposite direction of where YOU’RE going after death due to our ‘greed’!!! This country has always been a very generous country for those in need, both for our own citizens AND for other countries. But the operative word is “IF” they want to help themselves. But we also don’t have unlimited resources and have to staunch the bleeding somewhere.

    What good does it do ANYONE if we let the current deteriorating situation destroy our OWN economy and turn our country into chaos! You’d have us kill your golden goose! We have enough of a burden with certain of our OWN citizens, meaning those who are on welfare because they don’t WANT to work, not those that have a genuine need for assistance. And conversely, those that come into our country illegally can quit DEMANDING rights to all the benefits of our country AND our jobs, while at the same time shouting about what rotten people we are! Do it legally and you’re more than welcome! And if you do it with a ‘give and take’ spirit of cooperation, and with just a modicum of gratitude, that would go a LONG way!!!!

  15. John J Says:

    When are the Americans going to stand up and say enough is enough? Why aren’t we having marches against this BS that is going on? I think that the Americans will never be united in anything again. The immigrants are showing force but the Americans are sitting on their asses not countering with their own rallies. And if there are rallies they are small and inconsequential compared to the immigrants. We need to do something but I fear that it’s too late. And let’s be honest. Americans, collectively, are weak. They don’t back each other on anything and the fact that there are so many illegals here now it might be hard to find enough people to have rallies. Many Americans are so consumed with their own lives that they just don’t give a crap. They have their TVs and video games and i Pods and cell phones and all this other crap we don’t need. There is an invasion on our Southern border and we don’t have the power to do anything about it. And it is, by definition, an invasion. Anyone that says it’s not is a moron. My kids will not be forced to learn Spanish. If they want to learn it on their own that is one thing. But they will not have it shoved down their throats, period. If you come here illegally you don’t have crap coming to you. It’s funny that if you want to stop this invasion from happening that everyone calls you a racist. That’s a bunch of BS. What if the immigration reforms do pass? What if all these immigrants start rioting? We will have big problems. They will probably be going after whites all over the place. It may be a good thing that the vast majority of legal gun owners in this country are white. They may need to protect themselves. It could get very ugly. Of course, if Americans are attacked by illegals, well that’s alright. But if it’s the other way around it’s an outrage. And the core issue is this: If you or I do something illegal, we have our nice Gestapo-like authorities up our asses. These people are here illegally. That’s breaking the law no matter how you look at it. And they get to profit from it? If I go and rob a bank because my family needs the money and then get caught, shouldn’t I be given amnesty like these people want? After all I did it for the money to support my family, even though I broke the law. If these people are given amnesty then an ugly door will be opened. By the way, I would pay more for produce if I know that this country’s wages weren’t being driven down and our jobs taken. That’s a no brainer. And I close with this - when are Americans going to grow some balls and stop all this nonsense? There are around 11 or 12 million illegals here and there are around 300 million American citizens? 300 million people shouldn’t be bullied by these rallies that are designed to make our politicians think twice about immigration reform. The people want something done and now. And here is where we start - going after the businesses in this country that hire illegals. Drying up the job pool is the essential first step. And securing our borders.

  16. Sick of the scams Says:

    As an American citizen (born and raised) I’m outraged by this scam that our government is pulling. So we make illegal immigrants felons… they end up in prison (already WAY over-populated) where we pay not only for their food, but also for their cable TV. So why don’t we use the funds we’d waste on more guards, prisons, and legal proceedings for something useful like a more secure border and a little more security in the way we hand out funds for financial aid. Personally, I think there are a lot of illegal immigrants here who do more for this country than quite a few of the people here. I KNOW they do more for this country than Bush has. Nevermind… Bush has made a good number of enemies for the US, meaning other politicians will have reasons to go to war in a cycle that will never end. I think there are other issues which are more pressing than illegal immigrants.

  17. Terry Black Says:

    [to jamin meji & mary jo]: i’m gonna start leaving more “Brief” replies because foreigners & naive-traitor americans ain’t gonna get the hint. [to jamin meji] until you verify your u.s. resident-status w/the f.b.i., YOUR ILLEGAL! just like your Illegal, Dishonorable-Leech Husband. That’s right, stay hidden in the shadows just like the Hyenas You All Are. You know, Americans are Awakening all over this country to your “long-time b*llshit” & it’s just a matter of time now until you & the other “u.s. foreign-vampires” who fill your bellies(as mary jo says)w/our income-taxes & use americans backs for your dinner tables have the f*cking fawcet shut off “tight”. [& mary jo] before you throw yourself in front of a bus for the ILLEGAL-vampires, you should research the eye-popping, inflamming, & frightening “statistics” these shadow-dwellers are generating. (i.e., 84 california-hospitals have shut-down as a “direct-cause” of the ongoing ILLEGAL invasion)———OPEN YOUR EYES before you’re fired from your job because an illegal-foreigner doesn’t like americans.

  18. Jamin Meji Says:

    To Terry Black
    Look Craker Redneck I am legal and my husband is in the process of legalization. Me and my husband are trying to work and get by like all of you. Its a long process for him to get legalized. We have never once tried to freeload of anyone. I know several illegals that don’t get all these benefits you claim they get.
    I know for a fact that there are alot of single mothers at the welfare office, of mainly 3 races. ( Black, Hispanic and White )
    All these people are leeches and should get deported because it really bothers me that I work extremely hard and planned my parenthood.
    While these WHITE, Hispanic, Black leeches have kids and no JOBS.
    BTW , Me and my husband pay file our taxes.
    And do do alot of immigrants !!!
    Have you not heard of a ITIN !!!
    Moron get educated, research the FACTS and then POST!!!

  19. American Says:

    The American National Anthem

    Oh Jose cant you see, we’re tired of supporting thee.

    When you snuck acrossed the border, it began an illegal plight.

    Over broad stripes and bright stars, We’ll continue to Fight.

    Mexican Flags we did watch, that were so sadly streaming.

    Our tempers did flare, with Mexican’s everywhere.

    Gave proof to the nite, we must send them back there.

    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave.

    For the land of the U. S. Citizen and the home of the American’s.

    written and produced by U.S. Citizens
    Made In America

  20. Rose Says:

    Did anyone notice the President in his little meek voice say “i think the American National Anthem should be song in english?” I THINK!!!!! I THINK!!!! What’s he thinking, he should have said the American National Anthem belongs to the Citizens of the United States of America and it will ONLY be sung in ENGLISH. By the way have any of you heard of any of the movie stars defending our Country and Constitution? I know I haven’t.

  21. John J Says:

    Movie stars are idiots. They have no idea what is going on in the real world. They are lost in their own idealogical bullsh*t. That is just fine because we don’t need those materialistic asses. What we need are the American people stepping up to the plate and stopping all this nonsense and not worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. We don’t owe the illegals anything. Period. They are here illegally which means that they have no right to protest anything. None. Where does it say that illegals have any rights here? My family came from Italy. They learned English as soon as they got here and proudly wore the flag of freedom. They were successful and assimilated into American life. Which is why they came here. They were (and we still are) proud as hell of our Italian heritage. But we are first and foremost Americans. Most of them have served in the military. My grandfather served in WWII against the axis powers. That included Italy. My father in Vietnam. We still have Italian immigrants around us that have come here not long ago. What language do they speak? English. What flag do they wave? The stars and stripes. They go back to Italy often to see their relatives but their hearts are now with the US. That is how it should be. And if need be (including the civil unrest which may be coming) they will take up arms against anyone who threatens this country. Their country! They took the proper channels to get here legally. Now they are enjoying the life that being here allows them. The illegals don’t want to do things the proper way. It’s a slap in the face of all those that came here before and will in the future that are doing so legally. And though some have Indian blood, most Mexicans are of Spanish decent. Anyone remember where Spain is? That’s right! “White” Europe! They simply don’t want to assimilate into American life. In many areas they get pissed if you can’t speak Spanish. What a load of shit! National Anthem - English only! This shouldn’t even be a debate. What about all these damn homeless people that infest cities such as Chicago? They leach on everyone to get a buck. If you need someone to fill some of these jobs that the illegals are doing “that we won’t,” make some of these assholes do their share for their country. Tear the damn 40 ouncer out of their hands and make them work. We need to strengthen the people of this nation. Give them a place to live and a decent wage. Then whatever they want to do with the money they earn is their business. Even if they buy booze, the money is still going back into our country’s economy. This nation must come first and everyone else should realize that.

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