Viewer Mail: Attack of the Bushies

Emilia wrote:
Dear Watchdog friends:

A friend of mine forwarded your web site and I watched in amazement what these communist leaders are doing with the illegal immigrants in the US. I am forwarding your web site to my E-mail list and urging everybody to watch the videos and contact their representatives to try to stop this madness.

But there was one thing that shocked me. I saw a T-shirt with “Impeach Bush” on it. For a few seconds, I was confused and thought I had the wrong web site. I ask you: if things are bad now the way they are, do you think if you accomplish the impossible (and wrong!), to impeach the President, how worse you think things can get?! I am URGING you to eliminate that T-shirt from your collection. It is a mistake and it is siding with the Left –which will NOT make things better than they are right now.

Please, consider my request.


You’re the first to complain about the Impeach Bush shirt. I change the T-shirts around every now and then and I was planning on doing that at some point.

Emilia wrote:

I think it is a disservice to OUR side to join the Libs in this “Impeach Bush” crap. It does no good to us and help THEIR side. My suggestion is that you stop selling this T-shirt. Use common-sense. The rest of your web site is outstanding.

Bush wants to eliminate the borders between the US, Mexico and Canada. He wants to flood the job market with cheap foriegn workers. He does not care about the American people. He’s a globalist just like McCain, Kennedy, and the Clintons.

Emilia wrote:

So, your solution is to impeach him? And what do we do after the country is in absolute turmoil? What do you think would happen if you did impeach him? I’m surprised that people who seem so intelligent and committed defend such silly argument that would plunge this country into chaos! Please, reconsider your position. It does NOT help, but make things worse. You’re siding with the left-wing fringe when you chant a stupid slogan like Impeach Bush! I’m surprised at the idiotic argument that you just made. In fact, I think I have to alert the people who I just sent your web site so they’ll be very carful just to use the info and not support your extremism.

You think Bush is holding this country together? Without him we’d be in chaos? He should be impeached and publicly humiliated for all of his failures. In case you haven’t noticed his support is below Nixon’s during Watergate. Republican’s are furious with his incompetance. He’s the worst President this country has ever had.

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  1. Contessa Says:

    Notice the “Deport Kennedy” t-shirt. Need we remind Emilia and friends that both parties’ leaders are traitors to the American people. Kennedy and his Democrat friends want open borders and amnesty for everyone, they pander to the so-called “hispanic” vote. Bush, MCCain and Specter are pandering to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Tell both parties you’ll vote as an Independent unless they drop the amnesty/guestworker garbage and start enforcing the law and securing our borders NOW.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    ” I am forwarding your web site to my E-mail list and urging everybody to watch the videos and contact their representatives to try to stop this madness.”"

    That is a very good thing. It doesnt take more than a couple of seconds to do that and it should never be underestimated the amount of earth moving that can be done by word of mouth. As for the rest of the post, lets hope that her head will clear when the full moon disappears. It is true that impeaching bush would leave Cheney in his place, and only 2 more slots till it would be filled by Alberto ‘Al’ Gonzolez as jefe., but to say that we are NOT in near chaos right now would be wilful avoiding of unpleasant realities. The idea of censure exists also, as well as something shocking and new like a bolt from the blue which CAN still happen.
    Also worth noting is that “libs” can be in favor of law and order also. That isnt episemological territory that is OWNED by conservatives. The two categories are now so conflated that they are just about useless anymore. Either way, Both are permanent fixtures in ANY political landscape, and both have place, so long as they respect the law and each other. I’d like to elaborate on that further but the shadows are growing long.

  3. Brad Says:

    Immigration is an American issue, only those that want to divide the country try to politicize it along party lines. There are many many so called liberals that want the borders controlled and illegal immigration stopped. The so called leaders in congress on both sides are to blame for the situation we have today. IMPEACH BUSH, FIRE CONGRESS, DEPORT ILLEGALS.

  4. Brad Says:

    The more I think about Emilia’s comments the more I chuckle. Ben Franklin summed it up like this: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Bush continues to use the fear factor to keep the last vestiges of his base together.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Late Breaking link found. Have just stumbled on this one, it is multi media and pretty good so far as I have seen, which is only about 30 seconds of it or so.

  6. Rebecca291 Says:

    Brad is right.I am a liberal ,as are most of my friends.And yes we think Bush should be impeached for his lies and disregard for our protection.We live with his outrageous demands for terrorism control and safety,while allowing no control on the issue of illegal immigration and border security.If these were Muslims he would be running this amount of invaders out of here pronto.
    Prior to 911 he was pushing for amnesty.911 halted these illegals from already being citizens.
    Democrats and Republicans both are responsible for this mess.Bush is the worst president we have ever had.And i hope McCain with his blatent disregard for Americans does not get voted for just because he is a Republican.And the same goes for any Democratic candidate that supports criminals being given citizenship.
    This election will be won by whomever is not afraid to oppose this criminal invasion.

  7. Sherri Says:

    I like Brad’s comment. I voted for Bush, but I have to say that I’m disgusted with him on this issue, as I am with every other politician that refuses to do their job. LET’S VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND GET SOME FRESH BLOOD IN THERE!

  8. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Heres a reconquista map found a cople of minutes ago-618 AM-heading off to work now to do a job ‘NO AMERICAN WILL DO’

  9. Contessa Says:

    Right now there doesn’t seem to be any Dem. Senator and there were ex six Republicans who recently voted against the Hagel-Martinez compromise amnesty/guestworker bill. The Dem’s all voted in favor. They acted like cowards and bowed to the strong arm bullying tactics of Kennedy.

    The illegal immigration crisis didn’t happen overnight under one administration. Both sides are fully to blame, both sides have let their own people down. We must stand up to them. Don’t let this issue divide us. THE GRANTING OF U.S. CITIZENSHIP TO MILLIONS OF UNEDUCATED, UNSKILLED LAWBREAKERS SHOULDN’T BE “COMPROMISED” AWAY. IT MEANS MORE THAN THAT. IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT HAS BEEN HERE OR HOW LONG THEY HAVE MANAGED TO CONTINUE TO EVADE THE LAW. THAT DOESN’T MAKE THEM MORE DESERVING.

  10. Ron Says:

    Bottom line is Bush should be impeached and publicly shamed at the least. This man is the most incompetent, dangerous, and stubborn globalist this country has ever seen. How could impeaching this traitor possibly hurt this country, he is a Republican/Conservative by name only. This country has never been in a more unstable position then it now lies (millions of illegal criminal foreigners demonstrating in American streets demanding rights they have no grounds to obtain). I hate to use small issues to prove my point (sarcasm), but this man/elitist maybe (more sarcasm) in direct conflict with his oath of office. IMPEACH, TAR AND FEATHER, AND IMPRISON at the least.

    To all you supporters put down the cool-aid, this man does not care about you and the sovereignty of this nation, how else would you like him to prove my statement. Have the Mexican flag flown over this country on a flag pole, oh, that’s already happened,sorry!!

  11. Ron Says:

    I will as well as anyone posting on this thread I believe, vote for anyone regardless of party, color, or disposition who put American(s) interests first and foremost. Enforces the law, and upholds his or her oath of office.

    We are entitled to this at the very least, would’nt you agree?

  12. Hal Says:

    Okay, I was going to pass this website on after watching your interview on Hannity and Colmes. Instead I will delete it. I’m sick of the Bush bashing even though I think he could be doing a better job. All I have to do is to think of Ted Kennedy rah, rahing the illigal immigrants at a rally last week and I realize how screwed we would be if the soleless, pandering dems ever get back into power. Ever hear the saying lesser of two evils? Yeah, it’s a mess, but I’m sure there are better websites with better insites and less Bush bashing BS. Goodbye.

  13. Kathleen Says:

    I actively campaigned and voted for GWB - 2x - and I would enthusiastically enjoin the “Impeach Bush” group(s). His flagrant violation of Article II, section 1.8 of the Constitution and his conspiring with citizens and foreigners, leaders of corporations, members of his administration, and others to destroy the sovereign government of the U.S. renders him guilty of treason.
    Realizing the Republicans are corrupt and the Democrats are totally corrupt, I am of the belief that the only viable candidates are those (any party) who are not endorsed (owned) by their Party. Tom Tancredo is a perfect example.

  14. Chris Says:

    This is not even really an interesting argument against the sitting President of the United States. Here is the problem, too many people without the guts to offer better constructive solutions complain and blame. Criticism without solution is just bitching.

    I am not a huge Bush fan. I did vote for Bush in the last election. If any party had fielded a real candidate they could easily have earned my vote. Instead we have Mr Bush, who has done nothing more than he promised.
    The good news is…election year is coming. It is early enough for you to develop a campaign or a candidate.

  15. arch Says:


    First i would like to say I’m Mexican American, and i would like to say your site is good and bad. I feel that you have very strong points, but you should focus on a solution to this epidemic of flooding of foreign workers taking our jobs. I am 100% American because i was born and raised here and i served in the U.S. Army and served in the Middle East for the Last couple of years, and I am also sending this Email from the Mid East, so i do serve my Country with my life… Most of the immigrants that work here should not be the targets of your site. It should be the ones who are hiring them to work here. The last time i checked most illegals are lured here with a 5$ an hour salary. That means those who own the lettuce fields are getting away without having to pay a U.S citizen the proper wage, and they(U.S. field owners) dont have to pay any medical or any other type of insurance for that individual. And if that Mexican Immigrant did pay taxes he would probably still end up making 5$ an hour, so the problem doesn’t really lie with them. It should be directed to those who are hiring these illegals. Also i have traveled abroad and I have noticed that every other country has tapped into our job market..Not just the Mexican people!!! For instance if you call most of the Computer help desk…you know if you purchase a new computer and have issues with it! Well you will more then likely get someone in India or Abroad. Another example is Red Rider wagon co… they were in the U.S for many years and i believe it was a few years ago that they moved their entire company to Taiwan..Basically the point I’m trying to make is that we do have an issue with outsourcing and others coming in our Country to work, but we need to find a solution to these problems. I hope that you realize that there are many Americans as myself who agree with a “few” of your points, but i think there needs to be a solution to this issue basically because we dont know if terrorist are entering our borders through Mexico, so i believe we need to have some answer to this problem. I also dont think giving them all felony records will fix the problem, it will just mark them as problems and more then likely they will be more likely to commit crimes because they already have a criminal record. So please look at the overall economics of the issue, for one, who will work those jobs of picking lettuce and other low paying jobs? Will you do that job? Do you know anyone that would? So please ask your readers to respond respectfully to my comments. I hope that this issue gets resolved to make everyone happy but lets not forget that this country was founded by immigrants, the ones who have real stake to this land are the American Indians.. So i think we have enough space to everyone, but we must show a solution to this issue by discussing the matter respectfully and by making sure our economy is protected, but i will tell you that more money is wasted by outsourcing then by illegal immigrants. But both are still issues that interest me and i hope that all parties can come to a solution. What are some of the solutions that your readers have? Thanks so much for allowing me to view my points and i hope that I get some replies….Arch

  16. Conquistador Says:

    You’re all a bunch of racist hypocrites. Your great ancestors were immigrants, remeber no Irish need apply. Or how about Italian, Wops meaning Without papers. If yop guys want to destroy this country by starting a race war, bring it on! You’ll have the 22 Latin Countries sending in their armed forces. The Russians and Chinese will intervene too. Who’s gonna help white and balck America, no one. 500 Million aginst 250 Million, I’ll take those odds Putos!

  17. Mike Says:

    Surely guys like Conquistador don’t deserve to be in the USA. He needs to take his anger out on the Mexican government for being so inept and teaching him that laws are not important. This bunch even mirrors itself to the Hamas, claiming displacement. What crap! As for Bush, did anybody bring up the fact that Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida, married a Mexican. How transparent.

  18. Dave Says:

    I don’t see a problem here. I think everyone is getting critisized equally. No need to make it political. But then again, I’m a centrist and I have problems with both sided.

  19. Ron Says:

    Conquistador- Your argument is lost and your threats are laughable in your first sentence, which I’m glad American tax dollars could form. The race card is the last act of a desperate man. If your looking for a fight conquistador you picked some of the right people. Americans first, American always.

  20. Rick Forman Says:

    Impeach Bush? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Not gonna happen to so great a puppet of the globalists.

    He has too much work to get done in the next 3 years like maybe doubling our debt to $18 trillion, taking us to a $5 trillion dollar budget, several more wars, depressing wages, continuing the Clinton legacy of selling out the country overseas to the highest bidder, asserting unconstitutional executive power, promoting CAFTA, NAFTA, FTAA and now HAFTA(Hispanic Aliens Free Taking of America)

    Not only impeach him but exile his smirking ass to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico!

  21. Brad Says:

    Contrary to what some believe, I see little difference between the 2 major parties in this country with respect on how their policies affect the majority of Americans. While both sides want to voice their differences, they both seem to answer to the same corporate masters. We no longer have a government by the people, but a system where no one stands up for the American public. Immigration is only one point on an every increasing list of issues that Congress and the President ignore.

    Thank you for your service to OUR COUNTRY the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am sure most here understand why the masses of illegals come to this country. To enjoy a better life. And most here are in agreement that employer penalties should be increased and enforced for hiring illegals. If the job pool was to dry up many would return to their native countries. The problems of outsourcing and immigration stem from the same concept. Greed. If you can not export your business to a cheaper labor market, then import some cheaper workers. No longer are the corporate world’s profits based on producing a better mousetrap, but hinges on the backs of labor.
    On to some of your other points.
    Illegals are not just picking lettuce, and doing the jobs American’s won’t do. That is such a false stereotype that the pro-illegal/cheap labor bunch want to project. For over 200 years American have done every job imaginable. They just won’t do them for slave wages. Watch the show “Dirty Jobs” and see what Americans can and will do. Only 37 % of the American workforce is college educated. That leaves the majority with a highschool education and a small percentage with less. We need all those “jobs Americans won’t do” Construction and many service sector jobs were once considered middle-class. People of my father’s generation could live the American dream doing those jobs. They could provide for their families, send their children to college, have a retirement, and afford to take a vacation once in a while. Today that is gone for many Americans and part of the cause is the influx of cheap labor. There are according to the US Ag Dept. at least 250,000 more Ag workers than jobs at any given time (2004). We do not need anymore low skilled or unskilled labor in this country.

    Yes this country was founded on immigration, but we are no longer a nation of immigrants. The majority of Americans today are natives. As to American Indians having more rights to the continent than other groups is arguable. Early man came to this continent from both Europe and Asia either by way of the Bering land bridge or by boat. Subsequent European immigration was just a continuation. DNA of American Indians shows 4 links to Asian ancestry and one to European. Basically everyone in the Americas came from either Europe or Asia. Europe and Asia populations came most likely from Africa.

    The assumption we have enough space for everyone, is a fallacy. Back in the early 70s when the environmental movement was getting started, zero population growth was a main objective. It was determined then, that with continued population growth the world would out grow it’s resources. World famine and water shortages were the main considerations. In the past 30 years the US population has achieved sustainable growth, with limited immigration.
    As we have seen in recent history, most armed conflicts are over resources. Oil and natural gas, minerals etc. Global warming which is indicative of increased population, may well turn the cause of war to water and food. As global temps increase, water usage and the ability to grow food will become of increased importance. Immigration if not brought under control now, could become unattainable in the future. As equatorial temps increase, with the resulting consequences of food and water shortages, people will migrate further north and south.

    Lets look at more local and current aspects of illegal immigration. Increased population means more smog, increased resource usage, increased social services, increased waste disposal problems , increased urban sprawl and lack of affordable housing. Most states are financially burdened with the cost of illegals. Some 20% of Calif’s prison population are illegal aliens. The cost to educate, and provide social services for illegal aliens is staggering and it’s not because of race or because they don’t contribute. It’s because they under contribute. This applies to all low wage earners (legal, native or illegal). Low wages, fueled by surplus labor (illegals) means that even if illegal aliens were legalized, their contributions would not surpass their use of services. In many instances the cost per family if legalized would go up.
    We as a nation are not providing for our own citizens. Some 45 million have no health care. Yet many think making the 10-20 million who are here illegally legal will help. That answer only benefits those that want to depress wages or increase voting constituency.

    For any immigration policy to be effective there needs to be border control, employer penalties that are enforced, deportation of those that shouldn’t be here and selective screening of those that wish to migrate.

  22. Carolus Says:

    Sure thing, Bush has his problems, but really… Impeach Bush?!
    You can complain him, but impeachment is for stupid liberals…

  23. expat Says:

    Why do some of the GOP kool-aid crowd still think that Bush is a conservative? His budget- busting is beyond dispute, he has presided over the greatest expansion of the federal government since FDR, and he wants to erase the borders between the US, Canada and Mexico.

    Ineffectual Bible-waving and war-lust do not a conservative make. For those who think that an itchy trigger-finger is an intrinsic part of conservatism, check out his link:

  24. Coleman Says:

    All this bush bashing is just pathetic

    the only reason bush is supporting the guest worker bills is because the stupid liberals won’t let him deport people.

    nothing will ever get done about the illegal immigrants as long as there is a single democrat in the government

  25. Brad Says:

    My 5 top reasons to Impeach Bush
    Lying us into war.
    Wiretapping the American public without a warrant
    Inadequate armor for our troops. (Thanks Rummy)
    Outing a CIA agent for political gain
    Refusing to secure the borders.
    Impeachment not just for BJs anymore.

  26. Mary Jo Miller Says:

    My 5 top reasons to Impeach Bush:

    1. Staying on vacation after Katrina hit
    2. Lying to the public about knowing that the levies could not withstand
    3. Being a coward and going AWOL during Veitnam, and then sending our brave men to war on his whim
    4. Pissing away our surplus
    5. Waiting too long to attack the Taliban after the towers were hit, letting Osama get away

    You have some good points, but nobody will take you seriously if you behave like that. You obviously know the country’s history, but the moment you start name-calling and making silly threats, everyone just thinks you’re just an asshole and nobody will listen to what you have to say.

  27. Ron Says:

    Coleman, Coleman, wake up - I have no effection what so ever for the so-called left/democrats, but the Republicans control the Senate, house, and the presidency. To all Americans an elephant is not a duck, and Jorge Bush is not a Conservative. Who cares what letter the treasonous politicians put infront of their names. Besides, cool-aid sucks, stop drinking it and start thinking for yourself, and clear out the eye boogers because I’m hoping one day the blind will see!!

    “the only reason bush is supporting the guest worker bills is because the stupid liberals won’t let him deport people -Coleman.”

    This is probably the most glaring and undeniable piece of evidence that reality has been suspended on this planet, and opposite (of the truth) day is expanding throughout the rest of week indefinitely .

  28. Carlton Says:

    If americans would stop thinking in terms of red states, blue states, republicans, democrats, conservatives and liberals and just voted for what is good for america as a whole, we would not have these problems. Non of us are stupid but too often we are willing to embrace a sound bite and choose sides. There is only one side……the american taxpayers side. Get on it.

  29. lscoolidge Says:

    Look, I think this whole thing about impeaching Bush is taking away from the debate at hand - the issue of illegal immigration through a porious boarder that - in reality hardly exists any more. I am a conservative, and I have never thought that Bush was one - it is obvious from his stances on the domestic issues. However, the notion of impeaching him simply becuase of a number of phony, embellished and misleading inditments by a pack of power-hungry democrats is simply, in my view, stupid. He is our Commander-in-Chief - we, the people of the United States - elected him twice - once in 2000 and once in 2004. It is obvious that he is not performing as we would like - for I agree that his track-record is pretty poor throughout the entire domestic issue score-board - but his lack of performance and his non-conservative handling of the many issues is no reason for impeachment. He has, as far as we know and I believe he has not - not committed any ‘High Crimes and Misdeminors’ against the US Constitution or the US People. I would also strongly suggest you remove the shirt from your online store. Thnak you and God Bless America.

  30. Tone Says:


    First question: I thought you were automatically committing a felony if you were illegaly in the U.S. of A?

    Second: Bush proposed the Amnesty way back in 2000 when he was running for President.

    Third: Bush is Buddy-Buddy with Pres. Fox.

    Fourth: With the Republicans controlling the house and senate how could the Dems. stop him from deporting the illegals?

    Now as for Impeachment.

    “YES” he should be impeached.

    Why? you might ask.

    Well lets see.
    His theory about 9-11 was hilarious, 19 amatures with box cutters take over 4 planes fly them better then any pilot can fly hitting over 75% of their targets completing manuvers that even professional Military pilots can do. (Example: The Pentagon)

    Building 7 was a joke.

    If you look or understand anything Bin Laden was Trained by the CIA when his father was head of the CIA (When we trained them to fight Russia). Bin Ladens family and the Bushes are close friends. They are apart of the same Carlyle Group which invests in oil and other businesses. The only people that were allowed to fly in the U.S. the days after 9-11 were the Bin Ladens to get out of dodge. If that was you or me our family would be under survallience and tapped in a heart beat.

    Then he stopped looking for good ol’Osama and told a few lies to get us to Iraq. Lets see “They have WMD’s, then We never said they had WMD’s, then No we went to war to free the people of Iraq.” Which one George? Then we are capable of finding Saddam in a fox hole in the ground in the middle of a country the size of Texas but we can’t find Osama in a Cave in a mountain region smaller then florida? Hmm…? And don’t forget MISSION ACCOMPLISHED hahaha what a joke. Then we will leave after their governement is up. Then we start building permenant military bases. Then we will be at war for maybe 10 years in Iraq. What is it?

    Now we are going to war with Iran. Bush won’t say that he won’t use Nukes in Iran. They have planned for it. Did I forget to mention that the statement that Ms. Rice said about us not even thinking that something like 9-11 could happen, was a lie. Hmm.. look up Operation Northwoods. They were actually running manuvers the same morning on planes hitting the world trade center. LOL. But does anyone get the picture. We take out Iraq (West) Now we are going after Iran (Center) We already took Afganastan (East) Pakastan is our allies (North) and we just made an agreement with India for Nuke technologies and Military Technologies (South) Not to mention remember the Regan and Bush Sr. Idea about the Afgan-Iraq oil pipeline. kind of comes together doesn’t it. Same old people in the white house with just a younger bush.

    Then you have national ID’s coming in with Surveillance coming in. Revelations come to mind. Verichip implants the new wave around the world. The magic kewl thing to do. Talk about a one way ticket to Slave. Then the WireTapping and the Camera’s on every street corner. Then the bills he passes that the house and senate haven’t even voted on yet. And the I have more authority then god adittude he has is not working. I mean come on get scared there are 4 million felons coming in the country every year undocumented. Not that it will take Iran 10 years if we gave them the directions and materials to make nukes before they would even have one. I myself am a chicano born and bred in good ol’Texas(American of Spanish decent). But if you didn’t do it right and I am paying for you to be here be it insurance W.I.C., Food Stamps or paying your share of Taxes then I am sorry get the hell out.

    As Thomas Jefferson said It’s your duty to question your government and to hold them accountable.

    A Patriot is one that is willing to stand up against their country when their country is corrupt. A Patriot is not someone that fights for their country even when they are wrong.

    I respect the men in the Armed Services, since I do have family and friends in Iraq right now. But if Americans don’t stand up to all of this corrupt government then we are lost.

    Also I am not a Dem or Rep or Lib. I am an American Citizen that votes for what is right and what is wrong. And this government completely is wrong. Just look at the evidence. Vote your soul and your mind not the Red or the Blue.

    Stand up America and we can fix the damage that all fat rich politicians have created. For they all are corrupt and we are the ones that are slaves to their system.

    Check out for more information or

  31. Brad Says:

    I like your post Tone

  32. Mike Says:

    I fear for my family when I see such video’s, my skin is white but I hate no one, I see all with equality and compasion or enforcement which ever applies to the individual.
    I respect the law! Or am forced to sucumb to it sure… some slip threw in the immigration part of the law … Again some is expected, but 11 million is invasion…
    The LAW is suppose to allow me the right to bear arms… I AM A Veteran OF THE USAF and as a civilian with a a good record I cannot obtain a license to carry in FL,.?!
    I fear civil unrest with so many undocumented and angry foreigners re -illegalized soon???!!! Or maybe worse givinthe freedom to stay and invade as welcomed to do so???!!! It may be right or wrong, but should we be prepared for what france has seen????
    Agian,.. color or race is not the issue.. GOD created all equal and that is the american way? … all americans could be dealing with a rise of foreign fighters and who has a weapon to protect there family? Not I,

    Bush where is the military for our bourder our home is being invaded? Or , Is it not???
    I hope that you can do what is right by the american people of all race,
    as the president your support is low, but as a leader our safety is in your hand’s, as civilians we cannot physically protect it our selves. I fear supporting you with the chaos of Iraq’s war, but we are all capable of mistakes??? Or bluners or in the end maybe a just cause…. The wheel is in your hands you can still due what is right and regain your countries trust and support???!!…. whether you are impeached or leave office @ the end of you term if you have not changed all of what is at hand then in both case’s you have failed ?? NO ? Chaos now or then is not prefered.
    Look @ Alexander the great your path seem’s similiar to his?! His name lives on but in what fashion… and his soul? To what end?
    Some one send this page to Our PRESIDENT, George insite us, lead us, and regain us!!!! Or make sure you have plans for some one who can ….to follow in your steps. I did not vote for you, but YOU ARE MY PRESIDENT,and I WILL SUPPORT YOU! AS I SERVED YOU AND THIS COUNTRY !

  33. Ron Says:


  34. Mike Says:

    Those of us with such a spirit are dwindling away….

    This should have been discused with Bill O’reilly, it was on Hannety and Colmes!!!…
    FOR the gentle man who appeared on Hannity and Colmes. Good work! You’r fear did show a little and, they definatly took advantage of that as they jumped on you with little mercey, and hardly a chance to speak… But good for you!
    You did’nt ask that your face be blacked out, and you faced the big men on the opposite side of the camera!
    I’LL stand in for you anytime before the pro’s of TV’S best political MEN… Infact I would love to question the man of the NO SPIN ZONE,…. who is both so loved and so lothed @ times.
    His opinions on immigration would have been a good match to get involved with your agenda…. some times I’m with BILL and some times I’m not… To Bill I say stop with the left and right jargin and get direct… why is it neccesary to refer like so… WOULD’NT that be STOPPING THE SPIN!
    Agian, a BIG.. HOOOAAAA for the gentlman who showed on Hanity and Colmes!!!!
    Where you mocking me RON ???!!! Or supporting?….

  35. Mike Says:

    Ouch yuckie tone!
    …….soldeirs are patriot’s that now our, owned by there commander, and regardles of right or wrong they are not allowed to queston cause or command / orders,…. with out ruined lifes… VIA awol / or other unsatisfactory life destroying records…. they may want what you define as patriotism….but would be labeled rebels or worse treason…. With no Honor….

    Do understand all those who would be the patriots of this age are owned by this age, and controlled … and BECAUSE they believe in doing the right thing NO MATTER what the price, they are held by there oaths (HONOR) to there country and there PATRIOTIC hearts serve because they BELIEVE in there country and its ABILITY to have come to the day and age that FORCE in this country can NO LONGER MAKE SUCH CHANGES, but that POLITICS and the AMERICAN (IDEA) CAN!

    And that my friend is how some patriots live today and how they are defined today! Men who serve.. are patriots your LABEL are now considered rebellionists > SP?,…

    Look around you………. the only large organized groups that have little to fear are these ILLEGAL immigrants marching in masses, and even they are NOT destructive….
    It is no longber the way to solve such issues????!!!!, trust that YOUR patriots are hard @ work either a president who can still become great or one that will step in and be great… OR most of all our BROTHER’S AND SISTER’S accross sea’s, ard @ work with there very life’s …pray for there souls and, safety!!!!!!!
    (Mean’t with respect TONE…)

  36. Mike Says:

    T SHIRT—-

    AND the shirt should stay, freedom of speech should previal T SHIRT won’t be the deciding factor that determines the results anyway. Freedom is amercia, George is not america he is its leader and I’m sure he welcome’s critics he is a polatician after all…….. this shirt is not wrong or unamerican its the opposite it is american its really just anti bush, thats OK, all it does is heighten awarnes for people on either side of the vision! FREEDOM first! Practice tolerance and win with rightiousness, would you prefer communism…?

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