Council Candidate Arrested After Tussle Over Mexican Flag


MILTON-FREEWATER — A candidate for the City Council has a court date this week on charges resulting from a tug of war over the Mexican flag.

Police said Greg Sterling confronted students in front of the city hall during a demonstration April 6, and officers had to pull him away from the students and flag to arrest him.

Sterling, 50, said the demonstrators provoked him and called the assault charge “made up.”

“I didn’t think I was doing anything illegal,” he said. “I’m a proud American and I wasn’t out to hurt anybody and I think I was taunted.”

He’s also charged with disorderly conduct. Both charges are misdemeanors. Police said the assault charge involved a female student who received minor injuries. He’s to appear in court Thursday.

21 Responses to “Council Candidate Arrested After Tussle Over Mexican Flag”

  1. Ron Says:

    If your ever going to get arrested, snatching that disgusting Mexican flag from an anchorbaby whose allegiance lies with La Raza and the country of Mexico is one fine reason for an American to get arrested. Somebody get some lighter fluid.

  2. Jalira Says:

    There the cops go again. I’m sure he (council candidate) was attacked, not doing the attacking. He probably mouthed off to the kids and they converged on him like the rabid zombies they are. Peaceful my butt, I have seen first hand how the cops bow down to violent thugs in order to prevent Country-wide rioting. That poor guy! I love the last line of the article “Hispanics are learning to protest the right way” yea right, the right way for Mexico.

  3. Eddie B. Says:

    They are going to be getting in our face all the time now. I see this every time I go to a local shopping mall that has virtually turned all hispanic. They walk into you to try to provoike you. This same shopping mall was the location of a knifing/murder of warring gangsters this past year. This shopping mall is about 5 miles from the White House! These gangsters knifed and killed a rival teenager right in the middle of a Target store filled with horrified shoppers.

    This story also confirms what I see happening acros the US where the cops are arresting the counter protestors who are in a minority. Much easier to arrest citizens than the hordes of illegals who are better armed and just waiting to pick a fight.

    It will reach a flash point very soon. The marches will not be “victimless” much longer. There is just too much negative energy building here to the point that as soon as people start getting shot or knifed the crowds will go berzerk.

    We need our states to start to get ready to enforce the law as soon as these berzerkers go crazy. We will need to round them up and get them out of here. I certainly don’t want to pay taxes to confine them in prison where they will get weight training, three squares a day, TV and meet high up Mexican Mafiosos that will hook them on the outside up once they get paroled.

    I hope that nothing violent happens on May 1 but if I were a betting man I would say that this will be the day to keep our eyes on. I say this because when you have crowds of hundreds of thousands of people demanding their non-existent “rights” then somebody in this mess is going to be armed and looking for trouble.

    The hatred being preached at our schools across the U.S. is shameful. It is sedition and it is unbelievable that we are letting this happen. Our universities are being turned into platforms to preach reconquest, racial hatred, sedition, non-assimulation, and other topics that are simply unbelievable.

    Remeber when David Duke ran for an elected office and how people went nuts becasue he was affilated with the KKK? Where are those people now? With the likes of Jose Angel Gutierrez, Antonio Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez, Herman Baca, Art Torres and Armando Navarro I am amazed that nobody but Lou Dobbs is saying anything on main stream TV. The sad part is that these whackos are calling Lou Dobbs a racist and howling for his removal from CNN. Keep it up Lou!

    By the way, I would like to buy Greg Sterling a beer. Keep it up Watch Dog and good luck tonight on TV. Watch your back.

  4. Ashlyn Says:

    Ron and Jalira, you guys are so racist! The disgusting Mexican flag? Oh my God! Jalira, “rabid zombies?” Hahaha! Oh my God are you expecting to be taken seriously? You don’t even know what happened and youre taking sides! You guys shouldnt even be allowed here becuase youre obviously racist and therefore cant really give any constructive imput on this topic because youre blinded by your feelings towards these people!

  5. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Hey Ashlyn, La Raza means “the race”. Sorry, but in the game of life that means you have to surrender the race card.

    And just in case it isnt too late for you, ask yourself exactly what is the connection with liberals and communism? Answer: Before the cold war even started, the commies started playing dirty.

    To all patriots: If you are not ignorant of history then you KNOW a violent revolution is coming, are you ready?

  6. Dennis Pankey Says:

    It is time for American to speak and act out. There is only one response to this increasing illegal invasion of mostly Mexican illegal aliens. Force the vermin back to Mexico now. They did not come here by the millions and we need not send them back by the millions. Tighten up our borders and yes, I approve of setting up machine gun station pits to fire just ahead of illegal border crossers and even to shooting a few to show we mean business.

    Arrest and jail those that hire them immediately while sending those found here back, families connections here be damned. After a suitable warning just do it. Jail and collect money for food, shelter, etc. from them. Make them pay for this food etc by working it off Then bus them to nearest border and hysically dump them over the fences.

    The illegals here are at the point that they believe the average citizen will not knock their weewees in the dust when they confront these obnoxious bastards. Their rights end the moment they step onto US soil.

    Let those waiting to enter take over jobs these illegals held, but make certain they become true Americans by assimilating, speaking English and ceasing their obnoxious habits as loud Mexican music, etc.

    Dry up the jobs and freebies here and these ubsavory bastards will go home.

    If we don’t do this we will have to fight these stupid illegal aliens. At yhe cuirrent rate this won’t be long before this is necessary.


  7. The unknown American Says:

    These people are TERRORISTs. They plot & raise the spectre or sedition at every turn. Regarding flags, here is an interesteing tidbit.

    Compare the Mexican flag, the Iranian Flag & the Iraqi Flag. Notice anything interesting?

    No compare the rhetoric being spewed by these people. Not really any difference. They bot hspeak of their hatred of America, Jews & whites.

    These people are a pestilence that must be eraticated from our country. We should send them home.

  8. Ashlyn Says:

    to IllegalsGoHome:
    Did you even read what I wrote? I didnt say that “La Raza” was racist, I said that people are making racist comments on this website. Everybody here needs to pull their heads out of their asses. We can have an intelligent conversation here if everybody stops being so racist!

  9. Ron Says:

    One morons racism is another mans reality. This forum is for adult conversation founded on the principle of facts guiding discussion. It’s a disgusting foreign flag that has no place in this sovereign country, and if you are to blind or sympathetic to those who descicrate the American flag openly I really could careless what you think. The race card is not going to stop these discussions, so take your race card and shove it up Vicente Fox’s ass.

  10. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    It would be well for Ashlyn to realize that we dont actually like to waste emotion on our foes. We do spend a conciderable amount of our labor to generate taxes to pay for her occupying forces, and if we chafe under the yoke from time to time-it would be nice for her to realize that ‘EVERONE IS HUMAN’ or some such other trite tautology. All humans chafing under the yoke of a foreign oppressor will say nasty things toward them. America is being gang raped. Some people take rape better than others-heck- I’ll be broad minded and daring and say that some people actually ENJOY rape, Those of us around this post just wont lie down and take it.

  11. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    Ashlyn, I did read what you wrote, but obviously didnt understand the point I was trying to make. The groups that are leading this attack on American sovereignty are self-proclaimed racists (i.e. La Raza) which means the racist charge can not be logically levied against those who challange them.

    If that isnt good enough for you, I will go further and say that ALL ILLEGALS despite where they come from should be treated the same. Nothing racist there, right?

  12. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    an edit button would be great.

    …obviously “you” didnt…

  13. Annie Says:

    ASHLYN: Illegalsgohome understands you perfectly.

    I’m guessing you are the one who does not understand. La Raza means “the race”. Hence, Ashlyn, an organization that calls itself “the Race” is undoubtedly racist. Therefore, the race card has already been played by the Mexicans. Get it? We didn’t start it! Perhaps you are the one who has head-up-ass-itis!

  14. Sherri Says:

    Anyone seen waving a foreign flag and encouraging sediton should be arrested and either deported or shot on sight. GO HOME AND WAVE YOUR FOREIGN FLAG ALL YOU LIKE! THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! The flag is the STARS AND STRIPES! If you don’t like it, get out!

  15. James Paul von Helton Says:

    “To all patriots: If you are not ignorant of history then you KNOW a violent revolution is coming, are you ready?”

    Most definitely…….


  16. John Q. Public! Says:

    Hey bud, Viva La Estados Unidos!!!!!

    You got that? In English, “Long live the United States, remember the Alamo!, stars and stripes forever, America the beautiful,” and so on.

    Which one of these memorable sayings don’t you understand? If you don’t like us “Gringos” , then , “Get on a bus, forget about us, ” and go about your stinkin’ buisness! Viva La Estados Unidos!

    John Q Public

  17. Gringo's forever! Says:

    Hey everyone!

    Wow, these Mexicans sure could use a class in ’speech and debate’! They can’t even carry on a decent conversation without using profanity. In case they have forgotten, we are a SOVERIGN NATION!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it about that phrase that they don’t understand? We aren’t going to bend our knees to those who don’t belong here. If they want to get Historical, why don’t they research the “Gadsden Purchase,” where we bought and paid for the so called ‘Azetlan’ land we OWN now?
    As for the patirots being ready for a violent revolution………..I’m game, and l say, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These Mexicans need to learn what we AMERICANS are made of!

  18. Giving an education....... Says:

    To the people who don’t get it: (This is the United States of America!)

    Education: Well, there’s the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed and sealed in 1854, the Gadsden Purchase, also in 1856, and the Alamo! *remember the alamo!* Let’s get real. In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it states emphatically that the United States has the right to protect itself. So does, for that matter, does our Constitiution. Which also states, that you cannot vote in this Country unless you are a CITIZEN! What our politicians in Washington are doing is against the law. And l fear what will happen, is that in the end, when you Mexicans think you have won……it will come out in the end, that you have lost because in the end, our laws, our Constitution, our flag, and our people will be victorious and push you back to where you belong. ……..In Mexico.
    We aren’t going down without a fight……… more thing, instead of your Mexican people exerting all of their energy to try and prove that this Country is theirs (which it is not), they need to take that energy and educate their young people to go back to Mexico, their TRUE home.
    United we stand….Americans.

  19. George Says:

    These illegal immigrants are using our rights ( the rights of legal U.S citizens) to practice their misguided nationalism.

    Nationalism: loyalty and devotion to a nation: a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations.

    Anyone who thinks it is okay to wave a mexican flag or any other foreign flag on U.S soil had better wake up!!
    Many people have fought and died; battles have been won, because of the meaning of and pride taken in their nations flag!!! Hurray for OLD GLORY!!

    NO, to mexican or any other foreign flags raised on U.S soil!!!

  20. Dustin C. Says:

    Ashlyn..once again your blindness to reality has brought a smile to my face. What bunker have you been living in. Plus you love the word racist and to pull out that card. Personally I don’t think it should have such a negative connotation. Call me a racist…I will gladly take the title. I DONT WANT ILLEGAL MEXICANS IN THE U.S BECAUSE IT WILL JUST SPARK FUTURE PROBLEMS. One of my good friends is straight from Mexico…legally. He is getting a kick out of your judgement….keep smoking your marijuana and playing your guitar in fields of flowers….that race card is going to wear down eventually!!

  21. James Paul von Helton Says:

    I’ll give ya 2 guesses where the recent mumps outbreak came from, and it wasn’t Europeans, like the media said……

    Why? Because Europeans are properly immunized.


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