700 Americans Rally In Kansas City

Kansas City Star

?The open border crowd says they don?t want a 700-mile wall? built on the U.S.-Mexico border, law professor Kris Kobach told the crowd of at least 700. ?I don?t want that either. I want a 2,000-mile wall.?

The crowd erupted in cheers, whistles and applause.

Then he called on the federal government to make sure employers verify an applicant?s legal status before hiring the worker.

That comment also met with long, loud applause.

?What a concept,? he said, ?making employers follow the law.?

50 Responses to “700 Americans Rally In Kansas City”

  1. Mary Jo Miller Says:

    Yeah, guess who’s going to build the wall…..

  2. jim Says:

    I was at the rally,it’s time every state hold their anti ammnestiy rallies,show congress and the illegals we have voices to.

  3. Ashlyn Says:

    America cant afford to build the frickin wall if they can’t hire illegal immigrants to build it! The reason things are so cheap in this country is because we have Mexicans doing all the labor!

  4. Rose Says:

    Around 20 years ago The United States was ranked 1st in Education when compared to other countries. Now The United States ranks 38th over all around the world. Some commented on how the United States is going to become like ?all those 3rd world countries? if immigrants are not evacuated. Minorities from other countries (immigrants) make up almost half of Ivy League Students in America. Hispanic and Blacks at senior level can read better than most white students from the United States from the same level and your worry is immigration? What is the envy? That others may succeed more than you, a natural born citizen? Someone who had to start over with nothing and is excelling more than you? You worry about taxes. Big deal do you know that every illegal immigrants put in money into your social security and taxes without being able to get any of the money back. You worry that you pay for their education, medical bills, and the list goes on, when immigrants do not depend on money to excel in academics all they have to do is pick up a book and read something that white American children stop doing little by little each day. Medical bills?immigrants no not use hospitals, as frequent are white natural born Americans. They do not depend on wealth fare like many Americans. Every penny earned by an illegal immigrant is a penny earned from hard work. Do not confuse the law with racism. DO you not know that we are all humans? Do you not know that money, social status, nationality, does not make one superior over the other? Biologically we are the same; with the same capability to learn, to love, to prosper. Your tax money goes to our government. You pay for their vacations, security guards, fun parties, wars with no means, and you worry about possibly giving another human life health. Accomplishments have no color, nationality, religion, or age. Have you walked a mile in their shoes to know or even try to understand that if the only reason they were in the United States was to make you furious they would not be here. You had to come from somewhere. Are you telling me that your ancestors did not have to immigrate to the United States? Oh, and do you remember whose land you took? Native Americans, who the majority of them are now Hispanic.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Holly shit, Rose. I can’t believe my eyes. Congratulations! You’ve broken all records. You’ve managed to make more false statements in a single post than anyone has ever managed before. You’ve raised the bar to a new level.

    I challenge anyone in the NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL crowd to top Rose!

  6. Ashlyn Says:

    Yes Rose! I think everyone here needs to realize that their families at one time or another were immigrants. Irish, German, Italian, etc., and everyone in America at the time put up just as much of a fuss as you people are today. But it all worked out in the end, didnt it? Now I’m not saying that we don’t have problems. What we need to do is secure the borders and open up our legal immigration to more people so that we know who is coming into America. We won’t have undocumented people in the country this way.

  7. Brad Says:

    Gosh Rose
    Where did you get all the keen facts from? Yours is typical of the posts from the open border crowd. Just a more complete regurgitation of the same old falsehoods. Just think of some of the statements you mentioned and how silly and unfactual they are. You really need to start thinking for yourself. Also what is “wealth” fare?

  8. The Watchdog Says:


    Now your talkin’ Ashlyn!

    Let’s give everyone documents so that they are not undocumented anymore. Problem solved.

    The US census predicts that we will have 1 billion people here by the year 2090 but why wait? China has 1.3 billion and India has 1.1 billion people right now. We should definately allow as many immigrants in as possible. Our laws are racist and mean to people and I hate it when we’re mean.

    Let’s pack as many people in as we can until no one wants to come here anymore. I mean we are a nation of immigrants. Let’s not forget that.


  9. David M. Says:

    Hey Rose, how many illegals do you hire to take care of your yard? Just wondering.

  10. Eddie B. Says:

    Hey Rose…. “What is the envy?” Huh? Maybe YOU should go back to skool and learn to read and write a little better. Another tip, try breaking your stream of consciousness writings into smaller paragragphs. Nice mind dump. By the way, our tax moeny also goes into public education and maybe you shouldn’t ditch English class so much. Moron.

  11. Ashlyn Says:

    Watch dog,
    Im not talking about letting everyone in. I am talking about expanding the legal immigration we do have. If our borders are secure we will not overcrowd our country, (And I dont know if youve ever driven across our country but there is so much empty space it’s rediculous.)
    And this is a fact: the average American couple only has approx. 2 children, and this number is steadily declining. People cannot afford to have more children than this and have the lifestyle they desire. Therefore, soon our population growth will be due to immigration alone. And we do have the space to accomidate.

  12. Sherry Says:

    Rose, if the U.S. was first in education 20 years ago and now we are 38th what happened over the past 20 years to change that?

    Exactly how does every illegal put money into the social security system. You have to have a legal job with taxes being taken out in order to contribute to Social Security. The only taxes illegals pay are the sales taxes on personal items they buy.

    You say illegal immigrants do not use hospitals as much as whites? Honey, please. Take yourself to any hospital in California, Nevada or any border state and you count the number of immigrants vs the number of Americans in the waiting room. The wait time can be more than 4 hours because of illegal immigrants getting free services.

    Yes every penny earned by anybody is earned by hard work. Remember Americans work too. You talk about a day with a Mexican. How would your life be with a day without Americans. No banks, no grocery stores, no work for you to go to.

    Yes, we know whose land this was, the Native Americans. Oh and contrary to your statement, most Hispanics are not Native Americans. Some may have Indian blood, like a lot of Americans do, but that does not make them Native Americans. By the way, how did the Mexicans get the land when it originally belonged to the Native Americans. Looks like somebody else is guilty of stealing land. But to quash the myth that this land was stolen by America, it was sold for $25 million by the Mexican government. The Mexican government spent the money on themselves and left the citizens of Mexico to live like pigs. Check your history and then turn your rage and anger on the people that have really harmed you and that?s the Mexican government. Look at how they live and look at how the citizens live.

    Nobody has wronged you here. The Mexican Government is your enemy. They have sold you into slavery because they don?t want to spend the money on taking care of millions of uneducated, unskilled peasants. I just wish Mexicans, legal or illegal would learn to think for themselves and stop protesting just because everybody else is protesting.

  13. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    “No human is illegal” ahhhh….the sweet savour of a pustulating slogan, rotting in a human mind, wafting forth from the mouths of the innocent! …OK Ill drop the aliteration and begin again-clearing my throat here- BEHOLD! a classic example of a slogan based ideology. I would very much like to break out the logic scalpels and dissect that post, but maybe later. Till then RosieDear, Even if we accept as valid your premise as valid, it can and should never be only a justification for the nullification of all law. All humans are human, but Civilized humans live in a world bound by Law and continued by Respect. To make a rhetorical devise of this, Let us say-Yes, while no humans are illegal, a human who is above the law is forever and always a bad neighbor and someone to be abhorred. In truth it is only a means of adopting a bogus superior moral stance. Please, Rosie, concider how, in spite of your Religion of True Equality, you actually love the feeling of superiority, as evidenced in your censorious attitude evidenced everywhere in your post. Good luck in your thinking Rosie! Come back again if you need another alignment! luv ya!

  14. Eddie B. Says:

    Ashlyn -

    Honestly, you are great! So, if the average American family has 2 children and we have 270 million people in the United States today and each family drinks 2.5 gallons of water a day how many gallons of water would the United States consume in a year?

    Now, let’s add 20 million additional illegal immigrants - because we have plenty of room - and they all have 2 babies each over the next year. Add that to the 270 million Americans at 2.5 gallons per family per day what does that equal? How many gallons of water will we need? Funny thing is we can’t manufacture water. We can purify it but we can’t just make it.

    This is not about having the room, dummy, it is about resources and the social services that we have. Tax dollars fund social services. Add 20 million more people who are low skilled, low wage earners and what happens? More taxes because they use more social services. Get it?

    By the way, when they have babies they are called “anchor babies” which leads to “chain migration”, which mean higher taxes. Throw higher crime in there while you are at it. Now you have a few new words you can google.

    Are you a blond?

  15. Sherry Says:

    Ashlyn, you are so generous and benevolent. Unfortunately the immigrants are not moving into the empty spaces. No they are crowding us out of our neighborhoods, schools, highways, etc. You must not live in a border state, otherwise you would understand the frustration of having to integrate millions and millions into our neighborhoods. Millions who are determined above all else to keep their culture and language and ideology. Every neighborhood where they have taken over is trashy, dirty and looks like Tijuana. That’s a fact Ashlyn. I lived in California 48 years and I know.

    The most important objection is that these people are from communist and socialist beginnings and their organizers and supporters are communists and socialists. This is the ideology that they bring to the table.

    No, Ashlyn, we are fighting for more than the eviction of illegal immigrants, we are fighting for democracy and the American way of life that we know and love. We want to invite people to stay here that appreciate and respect our laws and our ideology and evict those that disrespect them and have an agenda to overthrow them. This is not about race. The Mexicans are turning it into a race war. I would want them evicted if they were from South Mars.

    If you do nothing else. look at Paris, France and what happened there. The immigrants they welcomed with open arms burned their city down. Is that what you want for America?

  16. The Watchdog Says:

    Thank you Sherry!

  17. Brian Says:

    I was at the rally in Kansas City. There were more than 700 people at the event. I spoke with two police officers at the rally, and they estimated the crowd to be between 800 to 1,000. The KC Star is a far left paper, so they came up with the 700 number to try to minimize the success of the event. They would have given an even smaller number, but there are too many pictures of the event that show the crowd to be larger.

    People need to understand, the Kansas City rally was basically put together in just one week. Kris Kobach and another person got the permit and put the word out just last week! The mexican rally in Kansas City on April 10 was planned for months and had the backing of large organizations. They got a crowd of about 1,500.

    People are fed up, and that’s a fact. The more the invaders rally, the more the worm in the tequila turns in our favor. For every person at our rally, there are untold numbers that would want to be there with us, or that agree with us. And guess what? We vote!

    All of this being said, the number of people at a rally doesn’t mean everything. The 1 million invaders that marched on April 10 in the United States are dwarfed by the millions of Americans sickened by their display. These Americans aren’t going to take to the streets by the millions, but they’ll vote. Unlike the invaders, we have to pay our own way. We have to pay our bills. Contrary to what the real Manchurian Candidate John McCain and our fearless El Presidente Jorge Bush says, 97% of Americans get up and go to work everyday. We don’t all have the luxury of taking to the streets en masse. And why should we, this is OUR country. We shouldn’t have to protest to get our “representatives” to listen to us.

  18. John Creasy Says:

    Thank you Watch Dawg, for a job well done here at your site and on the Hannity/Colmes program. Keep up the good work.

    SHERRY: “We want to invite people to stay here that appreciate and respect our laws and our ideology and evict those that disrespect them and have an agenda to overthrow them. This is not about race”.

    Exactly! Most of these people, legal and illegal, are not loyal to this nation but to Mexico/Latin America and their Mexican/Latin American culture which they think is a superior culture LOL!

    ASHLEY: “And this is a fact: the average American couple only has approx. 2 children, and this number is steadily declining. People cannot afford to have more children than this and have the lifestyle they desire. ”

    Well, perhaps it is time to rethink certain kinds of lifestyles and hunker down and have more babies because the alternative is genetic and cultural decimation…then what?

  19. Ron Says:

    What intoxicants do Ashyln and Rose ingest. Whatever it is it induces complete hallucinations and brain malfunction. I have always been blown away by thoughs who have no facts (actual, not the opposite of them) to back their respective opionions, but they always seem to have the capacity to state the exact opposite of the truth. Girls keep posting because your not only eye-opening to thoughs just getting involved, but, frankly, it’s entertaining to actually think you actually believe that utter unfactual and utter ridiculous garbage.

    Ashyln - “Americans in this country are’nt procreating, so we need the illegals to do it for us.” -Now that is some funny shit!!

  20. Terry Black Says:

    sherry is smart & patriotic. unlike those gutless weasels ted kennedy & hillary clinton. [Regarding Foreigners]i’m not afraid to say that i’m now racist against u.s. mexicans, asians, africans, mid-easteners & india(n)s & every other foreign leech(& i’m a black, blue-blood american man), because i don’t like how foreigners “operate”. They’re Sneaky & Ill-Mannered & They basically all live in the dark-ages including japan. & they all “know” that americans are vastly superior regarding social-civilization. that’s 1 reason why they tear ass over here illegally. Yet They’re Hell-Bent on trying to talk s*it saying were: lazy(who do you think invented internet d*mbass?)Go-Away then, f*cking hypocrites.

  21. Dustin C. Says:

    I am sick of hearing this weak and flawed argument stating that every indigenous American’s ancestors immigrated from some country. While this statement is in fact true it is just a cop out for open border ignorants to make an argument that is basically a waste of breath. Okay, I can make the argument that we all immigrated from the Garden of Eden at some point in time but does that mean I can just sneak into another country illegaly and claim that government as being evil when they try to uphold their laws. And to Rose…about your bullshit comment on immigrants (minorities) making up half of the Ivy League institution’s student body. If we are all immigrants wouldn’t that make it 100% of the student body? Also, you can thank your little friend “affirmitive action” for that…I promise you!!

  22. Dustin C. Says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing this weak and flawed argument that every indigenous American’s ancestors were “immigrants” from one country at some point in time. This is just a cop out for open border ignorants that is basically a waste of breath. I can make the argument that every single persons ancestors were immigrants from the Garden of Eden but that doesn’t mean that today I am going to just enter a foreign country illegaly and accuse their government of being criminal for upholding their laws. It is simple, become a citizen…pay your damn taxes….get YOU AND YOUR KIDS A DAMN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!! Or…don’t come. Really simple concept that these people jusat have a hard time grasping. And to Rose, about your bullshit statement on half of the Ivy League student body being immigrants (minorities)..if we are all immigrants as you see fit then wouldn’t that make it 100%. Even though those numbers are false, you can still thank your little friend affirmative action, and that is a fact.

  23. Amy Says:

    I do not believe the borders should be open to every one in fact I think they should have been completely closed after 9/11. I am trying to put myself in the shoes of those immigrants who truly want to be a part of the United States and have already raised their children here and America is all they know. I do not approve of those who drink and cause trouble either but one cannot categorize an entire race as worthless for the wrong doings of some. Personally I think they should allow citizenship to promising college immigrants only. Some immigrants do pay taxes already, the government made that possible by giving them a PIN through IRS a few years ago. I think that those people who have made an effort to pay those taxes just like an honorable citizen would obviously have good intentions of becoming citizens. And if many as then why don’t they apply for citizenship? It is because it is difficult process almost an impossible one. If it was easy then no one would be on this forum. They are the ones that will benefit our country and they do not see themselves as anything other than American already.

  24. Ashlyn Says:

    Oh my God this website has become my guilty pleasure, not because I like it, just becuase you guys irritate the shit out of me! you just get under my skin! And hey at least I got you guys talking about the actual topic instead of sitting around and chatting amongst yourselves that you have to “get them darn filty Mexicans outta my country!”
    Eddie, I am well aware of the water crisis facing this country, especially California. And contrary to your belief, we can make water, it is actually an alternative fuel source that people are looking into. You start with carbon and Oxygen and the only byproduct is Water. We can also desalinate and purify ocean water. It doesn’t taste very good, but it works. People are on the problem, Eddie, its not like we’re all going to die of thirst in 10 years. (And hey, you can give all the Mexicans the nasty sea water - Im sure youre not above that) And no, sweetheart, I am not blond.
    I do live in a border state. I live in Ca, just like you. I know they live in dirty towns, but it is not like they want to. This is what happens when people live in poverty. The Irish lived in filthy places when they came here. So did the Italians, so did every people that came here in mass numbers. Have you been to Chinatown? Yes, they all retain their culture when they get here. And just like before, there were people like you afraid of the immigrants, afraid that they were going to overrun the country, take your job away, and God forbid, marry your daughter. At one point you even made your own little “Native American” political party, which is a laugh.
    I am aware that you have lived among them for 48 years, but you obviously have not taken the time to get to know them. I can honestly say that 90% of the immigrants from Mexico that I have known (and I have known many,) do not like communism. Why would they? It is a communist economy that they are leaving, and a “capitalist” economy that they are entering. But hey, keep telling all your friends that it is communism we need to be afraid of, when no communist country has ever prospered like we have. It’ll be like the 50’s again! yay!
    And most mexicans do respect our country. This is the problem with you people, you take a few negative traits that you have seen displayed by a few immigrants and label them all this way. There are a few bad apples, I dont think anyone is denying that, but most come here because they would love to be citizens of our great nation.

    I almost dont want to say this because you will all stereotype me but Ron, weed is not a hallucinogen

  25. Ashlyn Says:

    So, uh, what kind of music do you guys like? I like Sublime the best. I also like to swim, play with my dog, and get into political discussions. You?
    Hey, Im just easin’ the tension baby, just easin’ the tension! (Come on, somebody tell me to ease it on someone else. I know youve all seen the movie!)

    Seriously though, you guys dont have to hate me, enough with the name calling, okay, we are not in kindergarden and I am not a “dummy.” Im just trying to discuss this with you guys. Its what this beautiful country was founded on! Freedom of speach! Just because I oppose your point of view doesnt mean Im a bitch or I dont know what Im talking about. If you have a point worth making, the insults are unnecessary.

  26. Ashlyn Says:

    And Ron, I didnt say the Mexicans should do our procreating for us, you missed the whole point. I just said that American families are not contributing to the population growth.

  27. James Paul von Helton Says:

    “Oh my God this website has become my guilty pleasure, not because I like it, just becuase you guys irritate the shit out of me! you just get under my skin!”

    We aim ta please, Ma’am!


  28. Salamander Says:

    An article about some of the geopolitics involved:

    A nation of immigrants? Yes and no. Nations do not come into being, expand and contract, and change drastically or disappear by immigration alone. Something else generally plays a role, and that something is warfare.

    So, Mexican illegal aliens already consider themselves American? They just want to be one with us in “the land of the free?” Not at all. 58% of Mexicans polled in Mexico in 2002 believed the American Southwest was theirs:

  29. Salamander Says:

    Message received, Watchdog.

  30. Ron Says:

    Ashylan- Weed is diffently and withoubt doubt caterogized as an hallucinogen. Talk to the policia!!

    And I do not know about you, but I like to procreate/practice……as often as possible!!

  31. Jim Says:

    2000-mile wall with tripple-layers, stadium lights, sensors, and even with electricution capabitity.

  32. James Paul von Helton Says:

    “2000-mile wall with tripple-layers, stadium lights, sensors, and even with electricution capabitity. ”

    I understand what your saying Jim, but the wall can’t be electrified…….Then it becomes an OFFENSIVE weapon instead of a DEFENSIVE one.

    Then we’d have the whole world down on us, and I don’t need that grief, frankly.


  33. Morris Cooper Says:

    I learned about this website after watching Hannity and Colmes the other night and have read quite a few of the postings. Great stuff!

    Some of the postings just reaffirm my belief that, no matter how much of an idiot you may think you might be, every now and then someone is going to say something that is going to make you feel really good about yourself.

    Ashlyn, I like your attitude. But I have to disagree with you about the living conditions of illegal immigrants, I firmly believe they choose to live that way.

    My mom used to live in a nice quiet neighborhood in Grand Prairie Texas, between Dallas and Ft Worth (pardon my language but the DFW area is one massive shithole). It was nice until the Mexicans started moving in.

    Within a couple of years the nice houses were turned into dumps, trash was everywhere, crime drastically increased, and of course there were gangs and drive-by shootings. There was literally a gun battle right in front of my mother’s house one night.

    That’s just the way they want to live.

    And yes, i have known and still have several Hispanic friends. Some I have known for almost 20 years and they’re not exactly happy with their brethen from south of the border either.

    Just my 2 cents…you guys keep up the good work, this site is not only entertaining but actually somewhat educational as well.

    Tierra del fuego…

  34. Jess Says:

    Watchpuppy you make yourself think that you are untouchable you speak like a well can’t say that word.Just because you went on air don’t mean anything,some of us can do the same .Say like STOP these STUPID sites.
    If you and others like to put up a wall 30 feet high cement or wood How would you get the supplys made?Lets ask the question who makes these materials?Electricution capabitity is that what you wrote Jim now these people are all Humans so when you want to go on Vaction where do you go?For instance if you go to Cancun you cross the border so you should get electricuted right or wrong cause you want those people who cross the border to be.Parts for cars are either made in Mexico or in other Countrys Should you use them?The house or Apt. you live in was built by who?The sidewalks you walk on were built by who?So many Questions Watchpuppy trust me I would like to meet you one on one!

  35. The Watchdog Says:

    Jess, I’ll be at the Burbank Home Depot protest this Saturday (4/22) at 8am. Come on out.

    Please wear a mask on your face and carry a NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL sign. I love that stuff.

    Home Depot
    1200 South Flower St.
    Burbank, CA

  36. Jess Says:

    Yes watchpuppy I will let me get a flight to Ca but lets make it better why not not come to Houston,Texas and you wear a shirt that says WATCHPUPPY .

  37. James Paul von Helton Says:

    “Say like STOP these STUPID sites.”

    Jess, if Mexico is successful in annexing part or all of America, guess who’ll they line up against the wall first?

    …..People like you, who support their cause!

    Do you know why? Because you couldn’t be trusted to defend your country.


  38. Ashlyn Says:

    Watchdog, I’ll be at the San Francisco Protest on May First. Come on out

    Please shave your head so its all clean and shiny and you look like a white supremicist, and carry a sign saying, “Get out of MY COUNTRY, ya filthy mexicans!” God I love that stuff.

  39. Jessie Says:

    James Paul von Helton an immigrant name ? Yea I think so .How long will this site be on ? Watchpuppy really think on this cause the ISP has been informed.

  40. Jessie Says:

    So james where r u from?

  41. ScoobyRuvHound Says:

    I am a drywall subcontractor, which means I?m working in the number one trade/profession for illegal alien takeover. As 27% of all drywall in this country is now done by illegals, I have to remind myself every day that I?m doing a job that an American won?t do. Illegal labor has so flooded out the Portland Metro market that as of two years ago the wages had been forced down to below 1990 levels ? not inflation adjusted ? absolute dollar terms. The percentages for illegal takeover are high for the other trades as well (I refuse to drop off the word ?illegal?. I think it’s an insult to real immigrants if we do.) We as a nation are in the beginning stages of losing most of our construction industry to people who break the law, and jump in line in front of others to get here.
    Not only are many here illegally, many are working illegally as well: no license and bond, no worker?s comp, no valid SS number, a U.S. tax return is iffy, and much of the money goes home, usually meaning Mexico. According to BOLI only 13% of illegals do agricultural work, meaning the other 87% have moved on to bigger and better things ? including taking over the construction trades. The presence of illegals has little impact to the consumer on the final price of the house - most of the cost comes from land and material, and contractors pocket the difference anyway- but it has huge impact on American workers.
    I’ve also been told by more than one Mexican on a construction site that he can build the same house back home for 20K. Forget leaving everything behind for freedom’s call. Illegals are almost all economic refugees, with many of them simply taking advantage of the wage and cost-of-living differential.
    The takeover is becoming so massive that it is difficult to even find English - speaking construction workers on most of Portland?s jobsites. I worked for six months as a sales rep for a building materials supplier. Upon making sales calls to construction sites, my first order of business was to locate someone who understood even basic English. Out of 50-100 workers on the site I often couldn?t find one. To conduct business in construction in Oregon, Spanish may now actually be more valuable than English.
    What adds to the infuriation is that Mexico maintains for itself some of the most stringent immigration policy in the western hemisphere. Non-citizens are not allowed to demonstrate in Mexico, as we have seen in our own streets during the last few weeks. Mexico keeps its military on its southern border and guards vigilantly against illegal riff raff from Central and South America. Visitors who overstay their visa are subject to arrest, and even Mexican citizens, if foreign born, are not allowed to hold public office, be officers in the military, or be clergy members.
    One of Mexico?s largest economic sectors consists of wages being shipped home from workers in America, most of whom are (here comes the word again) illegals. I would find it difficult to maintain national pride when my county?s biggest money maker consists of having citizens force the borders of a neighboring country, suppress labor markets there, and ship the money home. I?m not slamming individual illegal aliens ? I would probably do the same if in their situation. I?m simply recognizing that, economically, Mexico has become the globe?s biggest parasite.
    What we have seen in these street protests by mostly illegal Mexicans is unprecedented in American immigration history. Never before have we seen ?immigrants? fly their national flag down our streets, fly the American flag upside down and chant, ? a race united can never be defeated?. I wonder what it would be called if some of my white friends did the same. I really wonder what would happen if they tried it in Mexico. Evidently, being the economic underdog makes every hypocrisy justified.
    American immigration law is not unreasonable or racist ? and even if enforced is much less restrictive than Mexico?s laws, which border on the xenophobic. What is truly racist is demanding that one and only one country on this globe have no right to control its own borders, deal with a massive illegal immigration problem, and know who is in its country post ? 911. Illegals aren?t just breaking American law, they are breaking universal laws that are usual and customary to every nation on this planet. I refuse to suffer from white guilt despite every effort of college professors to inculcate it.
    Hundreds of thousands of people immigrated to this country last year through proper channels. Most of them were non-white. Yet not a word has ever been uttered about slowing or stopping real immigrants. The charge of racism is a cheap shot, and the tool of those who have no better argument than to spit out the R-word more reflexively than Oregon’s governor Ted FoolandCostMe dreaming of a sales tax.
    This current wave of immigration differs historically from all others in four ways: 1) it?s mostly illegal, 2) it?s monolithically and massively Hispanic, meaning there is little racial diversity among current immigrants, 3) it?s becoming resistant to integration into American culture (parents in Woodburn, OR have to actually take Spanish translators to their PTA meetings), and 4) these new ?immigrants? are quite demanding. The Statue of Liberty inscription ?Give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free? should be rewritten in favor of, ?just walk in and state your demands?. I would use a different word than immigration: how about neo ? colonization?
    Meanwhile the American people are being sold out. Sold by a Democratic Party that sees potential future votes. Sold by Republicans and corporate America who see cheap labor. Sold by the Catholic Church that sees new members. Sold by a Mexican government protecting one of its biggest industries.

  42. Sherry Says:

    Ashlyn, you may not come back to this post, but in case you do, let me respond to a couple of your comments. Your statement that illegal immigrants are poor therefore their neighborhoods are trashy and dirty is party true. Yes they are poor because they are unskilled and uneducated but that should not be an excuse for dirty.

    Can you name the 3 main ingredients that make a thrid world country??poor, uneducated and unskilled. A country cannot thrive as long as there are millions who are willing to work for poverty wages. It cheapens the entire labor force and before long everybody is poor and then we will end up like Mexico..a corrupt rich government and the peasants that serve them.

    If your people really want to impress me, then they should all stand up and wave the Mexican flag and shout insults in front of President Fox?s House and demand he get off his butt and do something about the poverty in his country. Instead he criticizes the disgraceful way we treat the citizens he doesn’t want.

    Why don?t they boycott Mexico?. I bet your people could make a tremendous difference if they tried. Fox isn?t going to turn the machine guns on anybody with the whole world watching.

    It is odd that I never hear any poor Mexicans talking about how disgracefully the Mexican government has treated them. No, just spits at us because we don?t want the responsibility either. So here lies the dilemma. Are illegal immigrants loyal to Mexico or to the United States? Speaking of loyalty, did you hear Bush say he was going to increase the wages of these newly legalized citizens to a living wage? I didn?t either. ?.and the snake beguiled Eve.

    I also have to respond to your communist comment. If you look at the flyer for the May 1 boycott, there are all kinds of Communist and Socialist organizations and governments backing this Spot. That is flying in the face of sovreignty. Sovreignty means you cannot interfere with how I do business. So you explain to me how it is any of the International Socialists or the Revolutionary Communists’ business what goes on in this country. You say there are at most just a couple of communists or bad apples?I say, the sponsor list reads like the Socialist and Communist Who’s Who.

    Ashlyn there must be one law for all, one national ideology, one national allegiance. We protest the disrespect of these things that we depend on… our Constitution, our Democracy and our Flag. This is still America and we are just fighting to keep it America.

  43. The Watchdog Says:

    Jessie, this is still America. We still have the right to speak out against unlawful activity.

    No one is going to take this website down.

  44. Dustin C. Says:

    Jess….you make no sense.

  45. Contessa Says:

    Jess complains about the content of this website. This is what America is about. CITIZENS have the right to free speech. Illegal immigrants think they have that right and openly flaunt their contempt for our nation’s laws. They are so armed with a false sense of entitlement, that they have no shame in outing themselves in silly third-world style “marches” so they can get face time on national TV. The funny thing is most of the signs displayed were in English, a language most of the illegals don’t read nor understand. I saw footage of many of the signs being held upside down. We all know that racist organizations like Voz de Aztlan, MECHA, MEXICA, LULAC, MALDEF, La Raza and many others including CASA of Maryland were behind these “marches” . The American public wasn’t fooled. Que estupidos. To think they were going to garner sympathy. Ha. Ha.

  46. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Jessie Says:
    “So james where r u from?”

    Well, the first part is easily understood…..

    Unlike that communist professor in California, I really *AM* part Cherrokee, so when I say “GET THE HELL OFF MY LAND!”, that’s exactly what I mean!

    As for my German side, it’s a bit more complex…..

    It’s a Bavarian/Romanian blend…….More specifically, what used to be known as Wallachia.

    …..That’s right, sweetcheeks. Somewhere in my past is Vlad Dracul.

    Neat, eh?

    Let’s see……What is that cute little name you use? Oh yes, “La Chupa Cabra”, or somesuch.


  47. James Paul von Helton Says:

    “The American public wasn?t fooled.”



  48. Brandon Says:

    As much as I hate to say it, protesting in front of Vicente Fox’s house probably wouldn’t work. He would indeed turn the machine guns on everyone, the whole world would watch…and then they would blame the USA for it because EVERYTHING bad that happens anywhere in the world is America’s fault.

    The perpetual apologists would say, “Yes, President Fox killed thousands of innocent protesters, but they wouldn’t have had to protest if the U.S. weren’t full of xenophobes and racist hate-mongers.” You guys know I’m right, too. It’s nauseating, but it’s true.

    But Mexico’s woes are not our responsibility. And nothing will get better for the Mexican people if all of their problems can be exported to the United States. By allowing so much of Mexico into the U.S., we are enabling the problems in Mexico to perpetuate themselves. Only with the blood of brave men and women can Mexico be freed. Remember that it was blood that freed America from tyranny as well.

    - - - - - - -

    We all have to recognize that a good portion of our country has been convinced by leftists in the media and in academia that the United States and our culture is evil. They’ve been convinced that hating America makes you a good person.

    People naturally want to be good people (especially if you don’t feel that good about yourself to begin with), so most people who spout the rhetoric of our enemies believe they’re answering a higher moral call.

    Since most of them have lived sheltered lives in the sanctity and security of the United States, they are accustomed to words not meaning much. In America, everyone talks, but few act (thank God for the Few). They believe that they can say that the U.S. is a terrible nation and that nothing will come of it. They believe that they can bash America, thereby affirming their general benevolence to themselves, and there will be no consequences.

    Unfortunately, they do not realize that the forces who planted the anti-American sentiments have the full intention of backing up their words with actions, and that their own perpetuation of anti-American sentiment is making it possible for these goals to come to fruition. They are helping to break our collective will, making us all hate ourselves, so that when the invaders come, we will surrender ourselves and our country to them with little resistance, seeing it as our just desserts.

    This is why so many Americans want to tolerate the invasion of illegals; they honestly feel that they (and therefore the rest of us) deserve to be invaded.

    These people have been tricked into bringing about their own destruction. They are literally sick with a neurosis or a psychosis, and they need our help. They hate themselves, and they’re trying everything they can to feel like good people.

    In so doing, however, they are aiding and abetting the enemies of America, which, unfortunately, cannot be tolerated much longer. The situation is already dire.

    We must try to help them. They are our countrymen. But if they refuse to be helped they will have to become our enemies as well.

    In essence, these people are good people who just don’t see that they’ve been led astray. They’ve been manipulated by very clever, very sly subversives who play on the benevolence and self-loathing of good-but-haunted people in order to use them as pawns for their anti-American causes.

    It sounds outrageous. But outrageous things are happening everyday, so they begin to seem normal to us. Read about the generation of Americans who fought Word War II, and then look at today’s generations. Then you will see how far the enemies of America have come. We should all be very worried.

    A message to those who have been led astray: The sins of your ancestors are not your fault. No American alive today has owned a slave or slaughtered a clan of Pequot indians. Lands have been fought over and lost since the history of humankind began. Germanic tribes fought and conquered. African tribes fought and conquered. Indian tribes fought?and conquered.

    No race of people alive on the earth today lives on the soil which spawned the species. All have been displaced. All have been terrorized. The blood of all races has been spilled by invaders at some point in their ancestry. Indeed, long ago we were all one race, so all wars of conquest are civil.

    But the people who perpetrated those invasions are gone. Their sins died with them. The only blood on our hands is the blood we have spilled ourselves.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    A plea to all of you: look within yourselves and realize that what FEELS good is not necessarily what IS good. You must take a deep breath and realize that you are being used by people who hate this country and all that it stands for. Their anti-American words are not empty threats, they are promises of things to come.

    This is not a game.

    Denouncing America and supporting our enemies may make you feel like a good person, but one day you may look around and see that your country has disappeared. America, which I know deep in your heart you love, will be a memory, and your world will have transformed around you.

    You will then learn that your words of anti-Americanism were not just words, they were the voices of those who hate you, and you became their willing accomplice because you could not forgive yourself for sins which were never yours.

    Then, there will be nowhere in the world to turn for hope, for hope’s last beacon will have been doused.

    Do not look to the rest of the world for justification. Other countries have never understood us. Even when we existed as colonies, Americans were regarded as vastly different from the Europeans. We were more rugged, less pretentious, and more driven than they.

    Only the bold and brave came to America because it was never an easy choice. Our European ancestors couldn’t just walk across the border of Mexico and become Americans. They had to face the ocean which until very recently they had believed stretched on forever, sail into the unkown toward an uncharted land, risk disease and hunger, and once there they had no idea what to expect.

    Not only does the decision to do something so bold require one to be an extraordinary person, but the act itself transforms the spirit. The kind of people who took that risk and survived were the people who molded the essence of the American spirit. They passed their values down to all the subsequent generations.

    It made America a nation of fundamentally different people, whom the rest of the world still does not understand. That spirit still lives today in many of us, though the haters of America would implore us to forget it.

    In the past, the proud immigrant tradition required a similar sacrifice for entry. The people who packed themselves into ships and made for Ellis Island took the same kind of risk the colonists took. They could be turned away for any number of reasons, but yet they came. When they arrived, they lived as Americans, learned English, fought in our wars, and waved our flag.

    They knew that America was not the land, it was the culture. It was the willingness to risk all for a better tomorrow. They didn’t come here simply to live within the borders. They immigrated to be a part of the American culture, a culture unique in the world to this day…a culture which is being threatened from all angles, even by our own countrymen and our own corrupt politicians.

    You must understand that the wave of illegal immigrants is a threat to ALL of this. The modern illegal immigrant has taken relatively little risk to come here. Once here, they have no respect for the culture that makes one an American, the culture that makes America America. They give our culture no respect because we have not required it of them. It is a fatal mistake.

    Foreigners can indeed become Americans in the truest sense, even if they are born in another nation. Someone who truly wants to be an American badly enough to deserve it will take the legal route. If we require nothing of our immigrants, they will give nothing. If they make no sacrifice, they will miss the most important lesson inherent in becoming an American: sacrifice is the key to prosperity. It is a truism that many of our own countrymen and women have forgotten.

    - - - - - - - -

    The United States, for all of its faults, is still a nation of good people and a culture which, since its inception more than 200 years ago, has propelled the world forward. Our government was the first to be born of rational thought instead of feudal subjugation.

    The United States lives with unprecedented levels of freedom and prosperity. We should not apologize for that. And we should not hate ourselves for it. It is available to all who make the sacrifices that we have made and do the things we have done.

    Others in the world will not understand us. And now that we no longer have to stand between them and Nazi Germany or the USSR, they have no reason to be nice to us. They used us for our nuclear parasol, and now that the sun is out, they have tossed us away. That?s not our fault either.

    My last words are these: most of the illegal immigrants are not truly Americans. In your hearts you know this. Admitting that it is true does not make you a bad person.

    Save your country. Save yourselves.

  49. Duane in KC Says:

    My fellow Americans, I am in Shock!!!!!!
    It has come to my attention that http://chicagoanswer.net/ is pushing for Amnesty rights for all immigrants.
    Now let me make my self 100% clear.
    I have NO beef with someone who is willing to come to the USA, and BECOME an American, to earn a better life. To earn a piece of the American pie, that is after all the American dream.
    The American dream, what a wonderful sound it has. But what is it?

    ?We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.?
    Now here in the year 2006, we have an odd situation. See when the government no longer wants to pay attention to us, the people. But rather, the corporate leaders armed with the big bucks.
    These men and women who are supposed to be looking out for ?We the people? are not.
    But is more interested in making Illegal immigrants who bring the disease?s we eradicated and infestation of bed bugs, that our grandparents still suffer the effects of DDT used to eradicate them in the first place; back with them across the border. And by law have NO VOICE IN OUR POLITICAL WORKINGS.
    If they had come properly they would be screened for health issues that pose a risk to the rest of us.
    If, that is not enough to make you wonder, read this.

    ?If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work, instead of sitting idle to envy the luck of others. He must face life with resolute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must, without seeking to place on his fellow man a responsibility which is not theirs.?
    - Review of Reviews
    January 1897

  50. The Watchdog Says:

    A.N.S.W.E.R. is front group for the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. They are one of the major players behind the May Day Boycott.

    May 1st was chosen for the boycott because May Day is the Communist Labor Day. A.N.S.W.E.R. IS using the “anti-racist/anti-war” platform to push their Communist agenda.

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