Viewer Mail: No Respect

I’ve been getting these emails lately. The Kool-Aid drinking Republicans don’t like my IMPEACH BUSH T-shirts.

Pat wrote:
I am a contractor here in CA. and I am sick and tired of seeing other contractors hire them! There are illigal aliens selling tamales in the Home Depot in Lancaster, CA. on 20th street and ave J. Until the U.S. enforces the current laws about immigration, it will not change the landscape. I think you are doing a good service, but after seeing your pro gay and anti-Bush advertisers, I will not visit your website again!


Pro-Gay? Pat, seriously, are you a little insecure about your sexuality? There’s no need to worry, we only discuss immigration here, and that Google ad generator won’t make you gay.

Jen wrote:
To Whom it May Concern:

One of the greatest beauties of America is democracy. In that power, we, as the people, have a right to express our opinion - even the right to have an opinion. It is an amazing thing that I am grateful for and am priveleged to be able to take a part in at every election time and any other time I am allowed to express the rights I have in this power. However, we are also called to be under authority - our bosses, supervisors, mayors, governors, senators, etc. I may not agree with everything that they have to say. I may (and sometimes do) have my complaints about them. There is nothing wrong in those things. But more importantly, it is not an issue of how I feel about the decisions that they make. I have to respect them and obey what they say (unless of course it is something illegal, morally wrong, etc.).

To be honest with you, I have mixed feelings about this amnesty bill. I can see it from a lot of different perspectives and haven’t quite made up my mind about all the issues that are involved in it. But what it
comes down to is respect. I have to respect and honor my superiors and trust that they are going to make a decision that they see is best for our people, nation and the world.

My whole point in this e-mail is this: we need to have respect for our President, Congressmen, Senator, etc, regardless of how we feel about what they are doing. For the opening statement on this website to refer to them as “bastards” is rude and unappropriate. It immediately gave me a disrespect for the website and what it had to say, regardless of how I may agree or disagree with what it says. I would ask that you please be more mindful of how you express the rights that this country so wonderfully allows us all to have.

Thank you for your time in reading this. It is greatly appreciated! :)


What made this country great is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I have no respect for the people in Washington who abuse their authority and flush these principles down the toilet in the pursuit of greed and more power. They are morally bankrupt. Why the hell should I respect anyone who has no respect for this country or its citizens? These bastards see a FOR SALE sign on America and we are nothing more than workers in a global marketplace to them. Jen, I’m going to be rude for a minute, but I think someone should tell you that you need to pull your head out of your ass.

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  1. James Paul von Helton Says:

    I think what the problem is that many Republicans are under the impression that Bush is a conservative.

    …..Nothing could be further from the truth. At minimum, Bush is a moderate. At maximum, Bush is a big govt Liberal.

    Perhaps I’m misjudging him, and increasing the size of the Fed 800% was what he had to do to get the Socialist Democrats to play ball.

    …..But then that makes him a traitor to conservatives, doesn’t it?

    Realistically, impeaching Bush wouldn’t solve anything, since his term is over. In fact, it would give the socialist democrats in this country ammunition to gain seats in ‘06 or ‘08.

    …..Not to mention having to hear about for the next 3 years, which would stink. I don’t really need that. To me, the T-shirt is more a statement of disgust…….Disgust that the Pubs couldn’t find a real conservative to run for Prez, unless he had commitments all over the place.

    What I want, and probably what the T-shirt really means, is a Prez that’s not beholding to anybody………Wow, what a concept, eh?


  2. The Watchdog Says:

    They keep on coming.


    John Doe wrote:
    Love the video. Like your site. Two things:

    1) There’s no point to posting people’s IP addresses unless you’re
    trying to fuck with them somehow, and that’s immature.

    2) Your site should have a laser focus on illegal immigration. Anything
    that takes away from that (like the anti-bush tshirts, etc) is bad.
    Learn something from the liberal left - they never get anywhere because
    they’re too busy screaming insults and alientating the public they’d need
    to win over to actually accomplish anything. You don’t want to alienate
    the people you need support from.


    1.) IP addresses don’t mean anything. If you can’t handle having an IP address then don’t play on the computer.

    2.) Jorge Bush is NOT A REPUBLICAN, he is not a CONSERVATIVE, he is not an AMERICAN. He is a GLOBALIST.

    I don’t have to win over Bushbots anymore than I need to win over Communists.


  3. Rick Forman Says:

    “we need to have respect for our President, Congressmen, Senator, etc, regardless of how we feel about what they are doing.”

    You have to be freakin kidding!

    I’ll have respect for the District of Corruption potentates when they begin to respect and uphold the Constitution and all of my rights as an American citizen. Until then, I hold them in utter contempt.

  4. Sherri Says:

    Rick, I LOVE your “District of Corruption” comment! Fantastic! I voted for Bush, but I’m extremely disgusted with him concerning this issue. He has a responsibility to look out for American interests, not the interests of Mexico and Vincente Fox. He’s not doing his job, and neither is anyone else in Washington. The American people have a RIGHT to be disgusted with our so-called “leadership” in this country. It’s obvious that we are going to have to take to the streets and get the message across that WE ARE FED UP AND WE AREN’T GOING TO TOLERATE ANY MORE OF THIS CRAP! Vote all incumbents out and let’s get some people in there who will remember that they work for the American people.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Exactly. And we keep voting them out until they realize that they work for us.

  6. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Anyone that doesn’t want the complete removal of all illegals & the building of a concrete wall on the border won’t get my vote, and I doubt the thousands in the militias (the legit ones) won’t be voting for them either.


  7. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    One has to EARN respect.

  8. BorderRaven Says:

    Jen, seems to think We the People, are subjects of the government WE elected. Jen, should realize We the People, delegate the task to the elected, We the People, employ the elected, and pay their salary, the costs of doing their jobs, and their retirment package.

    BTW — I am very concerned, about that division called Congress, who seem to think they can give themselves a retirement package, at our expense, but without our oversight.

    Rick, dittos on the “District of Corruption”. I love it too.


  9. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …” about that division called Congress, who seem to think they can give themselves a retirement package,…” I havent looked into it, but one thing that ought to be deleted from a politicos retirement package, ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENTS, is a lifetime 24-7 bodyguard. Seems fair, doesnt it? Equal Protection and all that?

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