Americans Protest Jorge Bush in Irvine

Jorge Bush was in Irvine this morning repeating the same tired phrases and lies to Bushbots about his guest worker scheme and bullshit plans to secure the border.

Standing in the center of a theater in the round-type setting with an audience full of business people, Bush spoke sympathetically about the plight of foreigners who risk their lives to sneak into the United States to earn a decent wage. He said the U.S. needs a temporary guest worker program to stop people from paying to be smuggled in the back of a truck.

“I know this is an emotional debate,” Bush told the Orange County Business Council. “But one thing we can’t lose site of is that we are talking about human beings, decent human beings.”

I wasn’t at this protest but Coolkat sent me some photo’s. I’m sure there will be a full report of the protest later on.

Report and more photo’s here. Armenian-American’s stood along side the American’s against illegal immigration. I guess the Muslim protesters that were there protesting the war got a little out of hand.



17 Responses to “Americans Protest Jorge Bush in Irvine”

  1. James Paul von Helton Says:

    What aggrevates me WD, is this crap:

    “We’ll get around to it in a few years”.

    BS, man!

    I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YER GONNA DO NOW, BUCKY! NOT 10 years from now!!!


    There is NO REASON why we can’t start building a concrete wall on our border right now, using highway dividers, a bit of ribar, and some fresh concrete as filler. The highway dividers are stackable, so we could have the wall as high as we want it!!

    It’s cheap, plentiful, and can be started NOW!!


    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

    - Pink Floyd

  2. jes Says:

    James Paul von Helton maybe you should of been there,and confronted OUR President.Wonder what would of happened?You can talk S$#@ on the net but would you do it to his Face?

  3. Eddie B. Says:

    They should put everyone of those bushbots onto a bus and drive them to the pickup points in the desert and have them look at the mounds of feces, trash, empty plastic bottles and FOOT PRINTS that the Minutemen look at every day.

    If you want to get your money’s worrth, take the illegals back to these nasty campsites and way points and have them pick up the trash before we send them all the way home. They threw it there.

    What is the matter with these guys? Can’t they even look at photographs and understand what is going on? Are those collars and ties on so tight that there is no more blood flowing to the brain? Vote these bums out!

  4. Rick Forman Says:

    Notice one thing Punkin’ Head in Chief didn’t mention? The number of employers fined and/or sent to prison since he assumed the throne.

    As for deporting these parasites, you never know if it will work until you try Georgie. Kind of like your veto pen.

    What I really hear GWB saying is, “I don’t give a damn if Congress does pass a law to deport all of ‘em. I’m the CIC and I’ll choose what parts of the law to ignore and enforce via signing orders. Because I’m the king, er president, damn it! Heh, heh, heh.”

  5. trisha Says:

    I am with you we need to vote these bums out of there. In my book congress and our government are the terriosts of our great nation. The are hurting this country they don’t care what we want.. Sit up there and lie to the americans. And still sayings JOBS AMERICANS DON”T WANT , we want them and there giving it to the illegals..And pushing the poor man further down which is a great deal of Americans. I am one of them. What are we going to do if we can’t get jobs and our teenagers can’t find work because they want too give it to the illegas for a cheaper buck that they have to live 30 people in a single family house… and take aide from each state driving the old and poor out of the aide the americans that is that can’t get health care unless they illegals. This BULL ****

  6. Eddie B. Says:

    Sure didn’t see Tyson’s Foods or Hormel did you? I wonder how large those campaign contributions were.

  7. TexasCowgirl Says:

    So now all of the sudden deportation is out of the question? Everything that is worth doing is tough.

    This article makes me feel two ways: first off, I am no longer a Bush supporter. I stood by him on the war and everything else, but this is not negotiable. Amnesty and open borders are a mistake that will never, ever be able to be fixed.

    Second, I am thrilled about the protesters. Hooray for them! Finally we are organizing and demonstrating.

  8. Ron Says:

    This farce of a president does not have a shred of credibility pertaining to the enforcement of immigration laws. He is the leading proponent of not enforcing these laws.

    I have listened to the tapes of his speech to these “business people”, and this guy acts like the invasion of the United States is a laughing manner. And at every turn gives us the same infuriating cliches about feeding the family, I was a border gov, and doing the jobs Americans will not do.

    Jorge Bush is a complete incompetent, treasonous, stubborn, elitist moron who without this family’s name would not qualify to manage a Mcdonald’s.

    Not only should the citizens of this country impeach Jorge, we should imprison him for betraying the very people he is supposed to represent and protect and swore to under oath.

  9. AmericanAbroad Says:

    The one thing that struck me as odd is how he could call people that blatantly broke the U.S. law “decent people”. If that is the case, that his heart bleeds so much for law breakers then he may as well free all of our LEGAL, BORN citizens now, because a case could be made that they too are decent but just victims of the poverty located right in the U.S.. I know of a case where George W. Bush allowed an innocent man in Texas to be put to death and NOW he slaps us in the face with this garbage.

    George W. Bush is only trying to pave the way for the next George Bush in office which he hopes will be his half mexican nephew, nepotism at it’s best. When I think of all the previous bull shit presidents that came before this dummy, I can only say, it was a calm before the storm. I hope we learned from this and NEVER vote another dummy into office again.

  10. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Jes fumes:

    “James Paul von Helton maybe you should of been there,and confronted OUR President. Wonder what would of happened? You can talk S$#@ on the net but would you do it to his Face?”

    Da, Tovarish!


    ….I have no problem speaking my mind.


  11. Sherri Says:

    I used to like President Bush, but I’m completely disgusted with him. He has no intention–and neither does anyone else in Washington–of doing anything about this problem. All of them in Washington seem more worried about offending the illegal alien protesters than they do the taxpayers and voters. Yes, we CAN get 11-12 million people out of here, IF YOU CUT THEM OFF! No work, no healthcare, welfare, housing, educational services–NOTHING! If they know they can’t get it here, they’ll leave. That’s how you take care of all of those illegals.

  12. Joseph Bolger Says:

    I agree with Sherri, they come here not for the American Dream, they come here to recieve free handouts that their own country can’t provide. They don’t intend to stay here, they intend to make as much tax free gringo dollars as they can and then head back to Ol’ Mexico. Cut off what they are coming here for and they will have to go back home and force their government to change to actually support their own people. And I’m sick and tired of hearing the same old arguement “They are only doing jobs Americans won’t do”….thats a bunch of Malarky, I work in the construction business, they are not the cabage pickers of old, they are tradesmen, they are roofers, carpenters, painters, electricians, and they are taking those jobs away from Americans because they will work for peanuts. There is no time to lose, we must begin deporting these people. Guest worker programs won’t work, they still will not come out of hiding to sign them, because that will mean that they will have to pay taxes and contribute to the benfits that they are getting for free, and that would be less money that they send back to Mexico. They want their cake and eat it too.

  13. James Paul von Helton Says:


    Jobs & benefits are just part of the equasion. This is an invasion force, and their primary plan is to out produce us…….With babies.

    We need to repeal the law that makes their children American citizens in order to truely halt the invasion process.


  14. Eddie B. Says:

    I wish that were all. Some of these whackos want to start killing Gringos. They aren’t afraid of speaking their mind in public either. The last thing we can afford is to let our Government take away our right to bear arms. They are giving everything else away.

  15. Junk 4Q2 Says:

    Who is going to organize the U.S. citizens to march along side the illegals and who will ensure that the media and law enforcement take appropriate action when these “decent people” turn into a treachorous mob looking to lynch and perform other violences against U.S. citizens for our standing up for “our” rights (THE RIGHTS THE ILLEGALS ARE NOT ENTITLED TO) This isn’t a prediction, it already happened in Boston and other areas. Who will be the martyr? Personally I would prefer to live to fight another day.

  16. James Paul von Helton Says:

    Eddie B. Says:

    “I wish that were all. Some of these whackos want to start killing Gringos. They aren’t afraid of speaking their mind in public either. The last thing we can afford is to let our Government take away our right to bear arms. They are giving everything else away.”

    Yea, I saw the latest round of signs……Pissed me off ROYALLY.

    Thankfully, I live in the Hinterland, where we are allowed to be heavily armed.


  17. Sherri Says:

    James, I also agree that the anchor baby garbage needs to stop. There are people in the Senate and House that are trying to get that changed. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone else has the guts to go along with it.

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