McCain Tries To Shame The American People

East Valley Tribune

Americans need to have a national discussion about immigration issues, but first they have to refine their vocabulary on the topic, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Thursday in Scottsdale. “I’ve seen kind of an ugly side to this debate,” he told about 300 people at the Mayor and City Council Breakfast meeting.

In particular, McCain is troubled by the use of the terms “illegal alien” and “amnesty.”

“Illegal alien” suggests that the 11 million to 12 million border crossers in the United States came from another planet, he said. He prefers the term “illegal immigrant.”

“These are human beings, who came here for the same reason our forefathers came here,” McCain said. Workers from Mexico and elsewhere are drawn by economic opportunity.

“Amnesty” suggests a policy under which offenders are forgiven and exempt from punishment. That mischaracterizes any of the immigration proposals being considered in Congress, McCain said.

He prefers the term “earned citizenship” to describe provisions in the bill he co-sponsored with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

9 Responses to “McCain Tries To Shame The American People”

  1. Sherri Says:

    McCain can call illegal aliens “illegal immigrants” and amnesty “earned citizenship” if he wants to, but the American people see all of it for what it is. This man is an arrogant idiot and needs to be voted out of office along with everyone else in Washington that goes along with this insanity.

  2. marleen Says:

    this is all a big CON JOB on Americans.

  3. Joseph Bolger Says:

    I like John McCain, but again he is a politician from a state that has a high number of illegal ALIENS. The wording is just fine, they are from another country and that makes them alien to this country. His comments about the words amnesty is another show of political ass kissing, pardon my words, but yes, amnesty does mean forgiven and exempt from punishment, because they are criminals, they BROKE THE LAW. So the term amnesty is bull’s eye accurate. And his comment about our forefathers coming here, yes they did come here, but they did so LEGALLY. The mexican people are not native americans as they claim they are in that Aztlan video, they are Spanish decent, The Spanish are the ones that occupied and colonized Mexico and the south of it. They have no more claim to this land as we do. Actually we do because we won this land in open combat against Mexico and won, thats it, game over, it belongs to us now. You can’t just cry about the rules now because you lost, get over it. Sour Grapes…thats all it is.

  4. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    “earned citizenship” …For myself, I think the term, “rape” is too harsh, and unduly prejudices the hearer against the rapist-who after all, is ALSO a member of Our Human Family. [cue soft tinkling piano music] I am suggeating we use the term “earned intimacy”

  5. TexasCowgirl Says:

    How about we call them theives? Since they are stealing all of the legal citizens benefits? Mc Cain needs to go DOWN!

  6. Eddie B. Says:

    “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength…”

    “Doing jobs Americans won’t do”, “earned citizenship”, “undocumented citizens”….

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a …” FILL IN THE BLANK

    Vote these bums out in November.

  7. Sandy D Says:

    It is about time the silent majority go to the streets in protest of the millions of illegals here. After all is it not the government’s fault that we have this problem in the first place? McCain is just looking for votes it seems to me!

  8. The unknown American Says:

    McCain is a disgrace to all Americans. I am an Arizonan Unfortunately we can’t vot him out for 4 more years.

  9. Tammy C Says:

    I am ashamed that I voted for President Bush. He and congress have failed this country. I thought I was voting for a President who , like he promised , would do all to protect our country and our people. He lied. America it is up to us to protect our country . NO to illegals, YES to deportation and YES to closing of our borders. Let our AMERICAN voices be heard.

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