Day Labor Site Mandate Riles D.C.

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LA Times

When the city of Burbank made Home Depot build a day labor hiring center as a condition of opening a store, it generated howls of protest.

It also helped set off a reaction 3,000 miles away — on Capitol Hill.

Now, Congress is poised to prevent other communities from making similar demands. The ban, which is likely to be part of any immigration overhaul package that emerges from Congress, could affect Los Angeles, where a City Council member has proposed an ordinance that could require large home improvement stores to provide day labor sites.

Day laborers have tended to congregate at home improvement stores, hoping to be hired by contractors and homeowners. This has prompted some communities to build centers to coordinate hiring and to keep the laborers, many of whom are illegal immigrants, from interfering with traffic.

Burbank has gone further, requiring the store to build the center itself. But in Washington, some lawmakers say that requiring a business to build or fund a day labor center is also, in essence, demanding that they abet illegal immigration.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) called it ‘an example of the extent to which we’re making a mockery of the law.’ Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah) said it represented ‘unwarranted interference by governmental entities with the rights of businesses to use and operate their private property.’

5 Responses to “Day Labor Site Mandate Riles D.C.”

  1. Sherri Says:

    It’s L.A., what do you expect?

  2. TexasCowgirl Says:

    Ridiculous. What kind of message are we sending?

  3. Eddie B. Says:

    Ask the fine people in Herndon, VA. They are paying the price now. Sure hope the Minutemen stop by and give them some extra needed support. Check out their website:

    Look at the photos. Look at the trash. Look at the disgusting mess they leave behind. They are using people’s yards to relieve themselves.

    This is tax payer funded. Sure hope it doesn’t happen to your or my neighborhood.

  4. TEXASAG97 Says:

    One thing I am very curious about. Who has the authority to request proof of a work visa/green card? Can a citizen walk up to a group and start asking for them, and if so when an illegal immigrant is found who do we call? Can we perform a citizens arrest and hold them until the local police show up? Please enlighten me on this process.

  5. The Watchdog Says:


    You cannot make a citizens arrest, in fact many police departments are forbidden from asking about legal status. There are a handful of county jails and prisons that cooperate with ICE but for the most part they treat an illegal alien criminal they same way they treat all others.

    Once an illegal crosses the border they are home free. Deportation is exceptionally rare and deportees often return the very next day.

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