Schwarzenegger Blasts Idea of Border Wall

He’s turned his back on conservative Republicans, moderates think he’s an idiot, Democrats won’t vote for him, and open border advocates think he’s a Nazi. Does anyone really care what Arnold thinks?

He’s through.

Washington Post

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday said that building a 700-mile wall along the Mexican border to deter illegal immigration would amount to ‘going back to the Stone Ages,’ and instead urged the use of high-tech gear and more patrols to secure the nation’s southern boundary.

But he also suggested practical and symbolic reasons to oppose the proposal. He alluded to the Berlin Wall, suggesting that such a structure on the U.S. border would send the wrong message to Mexico, ‘our friends … our trading partners.’

13 Responses to “Schwarzenegger Blasts Idea of Border Wall”

  1. Joseph Bolger Says:

    This sounds like nothing more than political crap…his state has the highest population of illegal immigrants and their families are voters…he is just protecting his political ass. High tech gear and more patrols is like trying to hold back the tide with a water hose, it is impossible. A wall would be nothing like the Berlin wall, that wall was built to keep people from leaving, this one would be to keep people out…it would send the message that we are trying to protect our sovereignty as a nation…and it would be a message to those that would break our laws and exploit our country’s benefits that we will tolerate their criminal behavior no more.

  2. David M. Says:

    hearing from old Arnold makes me wonder if he really did lose his dual citizenship. there was a guy on death row in California and he was hoping Arnold would grant him clemency or some crap like that. didn’t happen. thing is, where Arnold is from, the death sentence is illegal and so is participating in one. some head hot shot in Austria said Arnold could lose his Austrian citizenship. i hope he didn’t because that means we would get stuck with him. wait, we already are!

    why has he flipped flopped so much on this issue?

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Maybe he has put his wet finger to the breeze and realizes now that all political winds in California blow down in the direction of Guadaljara.

  4. James Paul von Helton Says:

    “why has he flipped flopped so much on this issue?”

    You forget who his wife is…..!!


  5. TexasCowgirl Says:

    David M. - regardless of Arnold’s background, that man deserved to die. His name was “Tookie” Williams and he was responsible for starting the Crips, and generations of gang violence. That doesn’t excuse Arnolds flip-flop on the wall issue. What a jerk, he knows we need it.

  6. Eddie B. Says:

    There is a BIG difference between the Berlin Wall and here. The Berlin Wall was designed to keep people IN. We want to keep people OUT. Personally, I think that is the exact message we want to send. At least keep out the ILLEGALs.

    The other issue Arnold is confused on is Mexico as our trading “partner”. What we need to do here is make sure that our partners buy things from us. It is easy to buy things from other people but we need to make sure that they buy things from us too. What has Mexico bought from us lately? I can tell you what they are selling us though… they sure are selling us a lot of drugs. Seen any drug sales in California lately Arnold? Usually being sold by a lot of nasty looking Mexican guys sporting lots of tattoos and bandanas. Not to hard to spot becasue they don’t wear suits.

  7. Rick Forman Says:

    All the high tech equipment in the world won’t stop them from slithering across the border without manpower to back it up. Punkin’head In Chief has already proven he isn’t going to increase the size of the border patrol. And some alledge orders came down from on high to stand down for political reasons.

    At least a physical barrier may hold them up long enough for increased apprehensions. Otherwise the BP may as well be herding cats.

  8. Sherri Says:

    Schwartzenegger needs to stop worrying about being PC and do the right thing for California. He probably won’t be re-elected anyway, so who cares if he supports a border wall? We need it! BUILD THE WALL NOW!

  9. Carolus Says:

    It’s really scary when as a politican you have to consider the illegal vote.
    Whites and Blacks will never unite under one solemn leader to kick the illegals out.

    I guess CA is screwed…

  10. Roger Says:

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t realize the wall makes better neighbor. With the current invasion rate of 50,000 a month, anything and everything that deters illigal immigrations is needed, not just high-tech gears and more patrols. It must include wall, more wall, the higher the better. Speaking of stone ages, whether it’s space age or stone ages, the point is if it stops illigal immigrations even partially then it’s worth building it.
    What wrong message is building the wall sent to our so-called “friend” Mexico ?. Our “friend” who dumps his people over to our side of the border and rob hundred of billions of taxpayers hard earned dollars and demand social services and citizenships? Our “friend” that refused to extradite criminals to the US from trial ? . Our ” friend” who encourage illigal immigrations to rack up remittances already topped 19 billions dollars annually? Our “friend” who sends hard-core criminals- never mind those 12 millions law-breakers already here- and burdens the one third of California prison system alone?

  11. Darlene Says:

    I’d rather spend billions building a wall, than the billlions and billions and billions we will be spending year after year after year on these illegal hooligans and their excessively procreated offspring who will carry on the family values of crime, welfare fraud, social security fraud, job stealing, being socially and culturally unsophisticated, non-assimilating and spewing untreatable diseases. To be repeated generation after generation. It is disgusting even thinking about it!

  12. K. Mooney Says:

    I say build the wall, then man it with troops with the order to fire at anything that crosses.

    I would do that job for free.

  13. Darlene Says:

    Arnold speaks with forked tongue. My dear friend attended a fund-raiser for him in California last Friday. Folks paid $1000. to $5000. to meet with him. He told everyone that all illegal aliens must become citizens the correct way, like he did and they must learn to assimilate. First he wants a wall, then he doesn’t. He just preaches to whatever choir is singing (and donating!)at his fundraisers. I voted for the guy, but I have no respect for him anymore. And what with his Kennedy connection, everything he says is suspect. One never knows if HE’S talking or THE WIFE is talking through him. And to make matters worse, Teddy Kennedy is his uncle-in-law!

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