“We Clean Your Toilet’s!”

Flush these turds!

Larry Nativo Lopez and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

10 Responses to ““We Clean Your Toilet’s!””

  1. Sherri Says:

    I clean my own toilet! No one cleans my house or mows my lawn! Not a reasonable excuse as to why anyone in this country illegally has the right to be here. Do these people actually think that our toilets won’t get cleaned without them? Our lawns won’t get mowed? Yeah, right. I think they would be in for a rude awakening.

  2. Joseph Bolger Says:

    As the decendant of Irish immigrants it annoys me to no end that these people think that they are etitled to break the law simply because they don’t want to wait to enter legally. This nation was built on the backs of immigrants yes, but on the backs of those who came legally…Yes I sympathize with their plight, yes their government has failed them, but so did the Irish government, and they treked across an ocean in the bowels of steam ships to come here, but they did so legally. It’s a slap in the face to all immigrants what these people are doing. They deserve no special privilage because they broke the law. It is OUR land, not theirs.

  3. TexasCowgirl Says:

    I have never in my life hired an illegal, or anyone to do my housework. I scrub 1500 sqft of tile on my bottom floor of my house on my damn knees! My husband raked and bagged 42 bags of leaves (no exagerration) about a month ago! It’s hard work but hey, you burn calories. I wouldn’t feel safe or right about hiring an illegal to do shit I can do myself, and if I need to hire someone, I’ll hire the teenager next door.

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    Well, go home and try to find a few to clean there. That could take a while. And please don’t sh*t in our deserts on the way back.

  5. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    I clean my own toilets too. At my place of employment, the cleaning lady happens to be white. These two bums look like a couple of turd burglars.

  6. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    As weird as it is, that wierd smile on villaragosas face is frighteningly true to life. Hey, I wonder if Wonderboy Vilar would be so good as to gather a toilet brush brigade to erase all the grafitti that raza keeps spray-painting on the desert rock formations? After that, with a little training, they can get to the business of restoring the ancient and priceless glyphs they efface on their way to ‘the American Dream’ ?

  7. Terri Says:

    Haha, another one I laugh at, yep that is all they are good at anyways, so hey you wanna come and clean my toilet’s I pay you what you are worth and that is nothing. You come here and take whatever you want and give nothing back, oh wait you do, you trash our stores, you trash the landscaping, you trash our deserts, you take our jobs and you take free medical, free food stamps, almost free housing…
    Give me a break and they want us to feel sorry for them because they clean toilet’s? I don’t feel sorry for them I don’t feel anything for them…

  8. Alex Says:






  9. Clean my toilets!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    *laughs* Why don’t we send Vicente Fox a toilet brush for Christmas? And while we’re at it, a pooper scooper too, so they can clean all their crap up in our deserts!
    l am perfectly capable of cleaning my OWN toilet, and mowing my OWN lawns…….and, yes, l can even scratch my own butt. These illegals can do all of these things too, BACK IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) How’s that, illegals? “Everything you can do, we can do better!….We can do ANYTHING better than you!”

    You guys think Americans are going to welcome you with open arms? Heh, then, think again!

  10. DON'T THREAD ON ME Says:


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