Stolen Social Security Numbers Used To Get Jobs

For two decades, Congress has neglected to fix failed immigration legislation, leaving the U.S. with a maze of contradictory laws that discourage immigrants from coming, yet encourage them to stay.

* Illegal workers have received taxpayer money to help build N.C. roads, with neither the federal government nor state agencies requiring contractors to verify workers’ documents.
* The IRS and Social Security Administration know of possibly millions of cases in which illegal workers use someone else’s Social Security number to get a job — but they don’t let you know if it’s your number being used and don’t use that information to crack down on the workers.
* The IRS and SSA also don’t act upon information that tells them which employers are the most egregious in submitting fraudulent Social Security wage reports — including one company that used the same Social Security number for 2,580 worker reports.
* Local enforcement officials say they arrest an average of one document counterfeiter every three weeks, and they say there could be hundreds of counterfeit operations in the Charlotte region — some selling Social Security numbers for as little as $30.

All of which was supposed to be prevented in fall 1986, when House and Senate leaders revived a fragile immigration package just days before Congress adjourned.

The Immigrant Reform and Control Act was historic legislation, supporters said, a responsible mix of open arms and closed doors. Signed quickly by President Ronald Reagan, the law tightened border security while legalizing 3 million undocumented immigrants already in the United States.

It was, the bill’s sponsor believed, the last amnesty this country would need.

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  1. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    Making and using false identification is way too easy. Even newer ID’s with barcodes and holograms are easily manufactured using the home computer. If we stop illegal immigration, a multitude of criminal activity will ultimately decline.

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