Tips From Public Lead To 31 Arrests

This story is hard to believe. I know a lot of people that have called ICE and made a report and nothing is ever done. I’ve made several reports on the large migrant encampments in San Diego and they won’t do anything even though the Border Patrol is right there.

How many of you have called ICE and made a report?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
Report Suspicious Activity:

El Paso Times

Local law enforcement officers led federal authorities to the detention of 31 undocumented immigrants Friday and Sunday in El Paso County, Border Patrol officials said.

In two separate cases, local authorities acted on tips from the community.

On Friday night, El Paso police called the Border Patrol with a tip from an anonymous caller who suspected undocumented immigrants at a house in the 10200 block of Kellogg Street. Border Patrol agents went to the house and found 16 migrants, 15 from Guatemala and one from Honduras.

‘All are being processed and will be removed to their native countries,’ Border Patrol spokesman Doug Mosier said.

2 Responses to “Tips From Public Lead To 31 Arrests”

  1. Eddie B. Says:

    Watch Dog, why don’t you call them and tell them you saw one of these people with an automatic weapon. Maybe they will do to them what they did to you on the bridge. It really is unbelievable that the bad guys are getting away with this. Your videos have been shocking to watch. Keep up the great work.

  2. Sherri Says:

    If something is being done, most likely, it’s politically timed. The government knows that Americans are angry, so they figure if they at least look like they’re doing something, it will calm our anger. They’re hoping that we’ll forget. I certainly won’t!

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