Danish Supermodel Refused U.S. Entry

A poster named American Abroad was complaining that I have too many stories on Hispanics and not enough on other ethnicities. Well, I found one!


Miami (AP) — Supermodel May Andersen, arrested after allegedly hitting a flight attendant on a plane from Amsterdam to Miami, was refused entry into the United States on Monday and will be returned to the Netherlands, officials said.

Andersen, 23, will return to Amsterdam on the next available flight from Miami, said U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Zachary Mann.

The model, who has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition and posed for Victoria’s Secret, was charged with assault after allegedly becoming unruly and violent on the flight last Thursday. She was held in the Miami-Dade County jail and then moved to federal immigration custody.

Mann said Andersen was seeking to enter the United States under the visa waiver program, which permits some visitors to enter without visas. CBP on Monday determined that Andersen was ‘inadmissible’ under that program.

5 Responses to “Danish Supermodel Refused U.S. Entry”

  1. Eddie B. Says:

    Hmmmm…. let’s see here. Should we keep Supermodel May Andersen or Chico who just dumped the body into the dumpster before going to work at Denny’s….. Okie dokie, that was easy… let’s keep Chico. We liked his Mom’s explanation of how hard Chico works doing jobs Americans won’t do.

    OK next, should we keep Supermodel May Andersen or members of the MS-13….. Let’s keep MS-13 because they have such wonderful deals on great drugs.

    I sure am glad that U.S. Customs and Border Protection on on the ball here. Makes me feel sooooo safe.

  2. Carolus Says:

    Perhaps it would be a great idea of letting ms. Andersen in Miami. Since the town is becoming latinized as we speak, a european women capable of giving birth could change the demografics, just a bit. :-)

  3. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    This just shows you how screwed up the priorities are. Who in their right mind would keep those, um I mean her, out of the country?

    In all seriousness though, American Abroad is trying to pose that same ol’ weak argument that this is about racism because we arent up in arms over illegal Danish immigration or any other country’s illegal aliens, but the FACT is that all the other country’s illegals combined times the mass of the sun still doesnt begin to approach the problem we have with Latin America.

  4. Clangston Says:

    Oh wow.. The one hot looking wemon.

  5. Steven L. Stapleton Says:

    Uh, let’s see. You can be a drug dealing, raping, murdering, lying, cheating, abusing, “immigrant” invading the country illegally and you have every bleeding heart orginization in the country raising heck and trying to find every way, legally or not, to keep you in the country. Or you can be a healthy wealthy supermodel who would bring money to the country by way of taxes,( taxes=el taxicito or whatever) and slap someone and be deported before you even get off the plane. If there are 5 million illegals in the country and each and every week they send $100 back to Mexico that’s $500 million dollars each and every week out of our economy and into the Mexican economy. If I were Vincente Fox I would want all the “homeys” over here I could get. Now we know there are more than 5 million and we know they send more than $500 million every week, add to that the medical attention, food stamps, housing, etc. they receive and that adds up to almost as much as is spent on the war in Iraq a month. My family came to America, learned the English language, worked, paid taxes, served in the military, held office and worked very hard to become a part of American society. Yes, we were immigrants, we came from Ireland and Scotland, in the late 1700’s. People should look up the phrase indentured servitude, and get someone to translate it for you, and then see what the early immigrants had to go through to stay in this country. Then ask yourself if learning the Language and paying taxes is way out of line to remain in this country. You want to be a part of this country do it all the way. If I go to McDonalds and have to give my order in Spanish, I’ll leave and go home to make my own. We all want a better life, it’s only human, but do it legally and don’t take from my childrens future Social Security benefits to do it. I wonder what would happen if illegals protested in the streets of Germany, waving their country’s flag and shouting in their native tongue. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the workers who will walk out and protest Monday return to their jobs only to find they have been replaced…by illegal immigrants. Or worse, by Americans who were out of work due to the cheap labor provided by illegal immigrants. Politicians, do your job or get out and let real Americans do it. People remember the old saying ” United we stand, divided we fall”, it’s time for all Americans to stand tall and unite or fall under the onslaught of terrorism. Look it up, a foreign plan to undermine the socio-economic structure of a country, to spread disease and cause conflict in order to take over the country. Black, yellow, red, white or purple, if you are here legally it’s time to protest in our own way. If all the tax paying workers took time off work to protest who would pay for all the benefits the illegal workers get. Better yet, take a week off and go visit the border. We may not get a concrete wall but a human wall would get the point across.

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