The Victims of Illegal Immigration

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President Bush accuses those of us who want to secure America’s borders and fully enforce our immigration laws of lacking “compassion.”

Huh. Well, I have yet to hear an ounce of compassion from President Bush for America’s countless casualties of lax immigration enforcement. Where’s the sympathy for innocent, law-abiding citizens who have lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens and their open-borders enablers? (read more)

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10 Responses to “The Victims of Illegal Immigration”

  1. Eddie B. Says:

    I wish he would go shake some hands of the middle class AMERICANS who pay taxes and are standing in welfare lines becasue their jobs are outsourced or given to ILLEGAL workers who work for below minimum wage then send their cash money back to Mexico. I bet HE wouldn’t look very compassionate either. Love to see that one on TV. He could have his new PR guy spin that one.

  2. TexasCowgirl Says:

    I think there is only one reason why he (and the rest of the elite) don’t understand our point of view. They’re so rich they don’t have to live with them. Therefore, they are out of touch with what is really going on and who illegal immigrants really are. Probably the only ones they interact with are the perfect representatives of their group which accounts for probably 25% of the whole group. We have to deal with the other 75% that causes all the problems and threatens to take over our country and kill white people.

  3. Eddie B. Says:

    Well Cowgirl, his father was amazed the first time he went into a grocery store and saw an optical bar code reader. He was fairly out of touch back when he was President. They have come a long way….

  4. Chris Says:

    I am a victim myself. I just recently had my identity stolen. This person used my social to get a job and not pay his taxes! So long story short the FBI told me that they did not have the man power nor the time to resolve this. I believe very strongly that our goverment needs to get its act together to protect my rights as a citizen. I just can’t believe that the illegal immigrants don’t see the logic in paying taxes. They came here to make a better life for their families but won’t give back to the cummunity, better schools, parks, hospitals ect……AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    ” They came here to make a better life for their families ” Yeah, Chris-thats what they all say. Its just another slogan whose real intent is to make YOU and ME and ALL REAL AMERICANS pay-pay for the quartering of a standing revolutionary army on our own soil, and for our own dispossesion IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.
    I will ask this question again; [I’ve asked it here before] Do you feel entitled to “the mexican Dream” [if any] ??? How bout the Canadian Dream-or the Swedish Dream??? Those dreams may be beautiful and all but they do not belong to you. If your answer to the above was no-then GLORY HALLELU! you are a REAL AMERICAN. If however you answered YES, …well, I’ll leave off the cursing for right now.
    Main thing is-No one in this or any other nation at any time ever had any intent of providing “dreams” to anyone. Even if we had-it would only be a vague sentimental hope with no compeling force of law behind it. It is said by thoughtless people more interested in saying things that flatter their vanity than the truth.
    When someone says ‘they just want the same things that you want’ it is really just a polite way of saying ’shut up.’ Its well and good that they want the same things I want-that shows some good taste on their part-but Law and Right say that they are to want it OVER THERE- on the other side of the line. Every kid wants candy but a kid who breaks into a candy store is a glutton and a thief who needs the rod of correction across his back else he continue on the road to perdition. It is in kindnes we desire the expulsion of these people.
    Actually its not possible for them to want the same things as I do because I want them gone.

  6. Jimmy Says:

    I have emailed to on many occasions about the problem.
    All I ever get is the same bs automated reply.
    Bust does not read or listen to what we say. He is in a total cacoon of, well I don’t know what.
    I will be glad when his term is over. He was a mistake. Big Time.

  7. TexasCowgirl Says:

    I had my ssn stolen about 9 or 10 years ago in Oregon and whomever it was changed my name legally to “alexandra zola”. No one in Oregon helped me (cops, court house..) and as far as I know nothing has come of it. I hope Mrs Zola has been able to get a home loan and provide tacos for her kids, etc.

  8. Sherri Says:

    What about Americans who want to make a better life and can’t because they can’t get ahead? What about Americans losing their jobs to people who “just want to make their lives better”? Where is the compassion for the American tax payers that have to foot the bill for all of these illegals and their families? Is there any compassion from countries like Mexico when billions of our dollars are being sucked out of our wallets and going down there to support their economy? It’s time for the idiots in Congress to start showing compassion for this country’s citizens instead of always worrying about what other countries think.

  9. Lewis Says:

    I live in Texas and I have two things to say.

    One, several times my family and I have fallen victim to illegal immigration. And the sad thing is it’s coming to your state, county and city. And it’s not a pretty sight.

    Two, I would personally like to apologize to all American citizens that someone as dumb as George Bush originated from Texas.

  10. george Says:

    I believe the only way to make the congress& senit get the point is that we all vote out all incumbents then they will al get the message

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