Bush, Senators Agree On Alien Citizenship, Shut Out Critics

I hope you people are still making phone calls, sending faxes, and emails to these Globalist sell-outs in Washington.

Washington Times

President Bush and a group of senators yesterday reached general agreement on an immigration bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for many illegal aliens.

But left out of the closed-door White House meeting were senators who oppose a path to citizenship. The meeting even snubbed two men who had been considered allies of Mr. Bush on immigration — Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and chairman of the immigration subcommittee, and Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican.

Mr. Bush in brief remarks to the press said there was agreement to get “a bill that does not grant automatic amnesty to people, but a bill that says, somebody who is working here on a legal basis has the right to get in line to become a citizen.” But senators, speaking afterward, said Mr. Bush was far more specific in the meeting.

“There was a pretty good consensus that what we have put into the Hagel-Martinez proposal here is the right way to go,” said Sen. Mel Martinez, Florida Republican. “I think he was very clear [on] pathway to citizenship, so long as it goes to the back of the line, and he even opened the door here for something we’ve haggled back and forth on, that you can shrink the time for people to become citizens by simply enlarging the number of green cards.”

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the invitees were senators who are leading the fight for a comprehensive bill.

“These are people who have been very involved in this issue, and people that I think are committed to finding a way forward to get comprehensive reform done and moving beyond the procedural tactics that have held this agreement from going forward,” he said.

The meeting included Mr. Reid, whom Mr. McClellan a day earlier had accused of being the sole obstacle to a bill. “It’s Senator Reid’s procedural gimmicks that stopped it from moving forward before the recess,” Mr. McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One on Monday.

Also in yesterday’s meeting were Republican Sens. Bill Frist, Lindsey Graham, Judd Gregg, Chuck Hagel, John McCain and Mitch McConnell, and Democratic Sens. Richard J. Durbin, Edward M. Kennedy, Patrick J. Leahy, Joe Lieberman, Robert Menendez, Barack Obama and Ken Salazar

22 Responses to “Bush, Senators Agree On Alien Citizenship, Shut Out Critics”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I called both of my oooops! SOMEBODIES senators today and drilled them at length. Of course they were entirely unprepared to answer any questions asked. The number is still toll free it is 1 888 355 3588 Please call tonight and tomorrow and on and on. They think that we have gone on to other things. Heres a weird thing- I called the presidents number and the first time I called, it gave me a disconnect mssg. then the second time a voice mssg. offering ‘hot talk’ services. …???…weird. Ill call again and again though. Obnoxiousness is something Im good at. the presidential toll free is 1 877 762 8762 to anyone who wants to corroborate my weird observation.

  2. nikki Says:

    I feel like they are not listening to us. I don’t understand why they are working so hard to give those illegals some kind of legal status here? I’m not even sure where the President stands on putting up a wall? It’s very unclear to me! Maybe someday they will get to it, maybe not, our politicians over complicate EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James from OHIO Says:

    Cause they dont care about the AMERICAN person, people need to understand protesting isnt enough, protesting doesnt stop invasions only direct action does, our government refuses to defend our land so WE have too, at ALLLLL! costs.

  4. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    I say we band as many people as we can together on this issue, signature drives, etc. and use that forum as a means to get people to vote for anti-amnesty candidates for offices at all levels. There are several good websites that display voting behavior, and only incumbants that have a proven record on immigration or new candidates that base their platform on REAL, TOUGH immigration reform should be considered. There are only two things that get politicians attention, it seems; votes and money, and if we take away the votes, then they wont get the money…

    Personnally, if amnesty is given, I will punish the republican party for it, in November. I urge you all to write to/call the Republican Party HQ and tell them the same.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    I called Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s Dallas office and told the aid there that I was watching this amnesty deal. I told the aid that I will vote democrate this fall against anyone who ends up signing on to amnesty.
    She patiently listened, but I knew she didn’t agree with me.
    This november I have a feeling that Kay Bailey will not be getting my vote.
    I just have a feeling she will support her buddy Bush, when it really comes down to it. Therefore, I have no option.
    Boo on the republican party.

  6. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    …and one more thing. If this travesty passes as law, then it should be viewed by all citizens of this country as a message saying that if anyone can get away with breaking any law for 5 years then they also deserve to get a pass. That goes for mass muderers, child molesters and other rapists, all they way down to lessor crimes, such as, cheating on your taxes or unpaid parking tickets. It is reprehensible that anyone should think if they dont “like” a law that they can selectively decide to ignore it. In the case of politicians, bureaucrats or government officers that selectively decide which laws to enforce, they should be considered guilty of treason against the People of the United States, be stripped of their positions and thrown in prison. It is bad enough that politicians can rewrite the rules whenever it serves them; we should demand that the laws that they do create are absolutely enforced.

  7. Anti-Illigal Immigrations Says:

    The Amnesty proposal , a result of failure to deport the 12 millions illigal aliens, is evidence of a fatal break-down of US immigration laws. The NET SAVINGS from illigal immigrations social services are in excess of one hundred billion dollars annually in the US. These savings are more than enough to pay a decent wages with full benefits to US citizens

  8. Sherri Says:

    Illegals Go Home, you hit the nail right on the head! I, for one, will not be voting for any of the incumbent senators or representatives. I’m going to send my own message that if they refuse to listen to me, I will not vote for them, and I will do whatever I can to get everyone else I know not to vote for them, either. These people in Washington took an oath to uphold the law. They aren’t doing that, so therefore, they should all lose their jobs. The American people need to send a clear message that being ignored will not be tolerated. Everyone VOTE OUT THE INCUMBENTS AND ONLY VOTE FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS!





  10. Eddie B. Says:

    I am with DON’T TREAD ON ME… it will be cheaper to deport these ILLEGALS. We are closing hospitals all across the nation. They are defaulting on people getting medical services and not paying into the system. Look at our disfunctional schools…… THESE ARE OUR FUTURE LEADERS! Our leaders today don’t get it, can you imiagine what these people will be like?

    We can’t afford to invest our tax money into an illerate society that doesn’t speak or read English and expect them to function in a global economic market place. Do we think that global trade will wait for 2 generations so our new class of “citizens” can learn to read and write a common language and understand world economics? Who is going to force them to go to school and learn? White people?

    DEPORTATION WILL BE CHEAP as compared to the other financial alternatives.

    Join NumbersUSA and use the automated fax and email systems. I have called too and get the same responses. The aides and assistants that answer the phones are clueless. Make sure you tell them you have their VOTING REPORT CARDS and are going to vote them out depending on their position and voting records on this mess.


  11. TexasCowgirl Says:

    What about social security? The dems were already screaming that the system was going to be bankrupt - what happens when we “award” those benefits (thru amnesty) to people that haven’t been contributing this whole time?

    So I guess our future is, no hospitals, no social security, no laws that can be enforced, the list goes on……

  12. Eddie B. Says:

    No gasoline, no heating, no air conditioning, no home land security, no social security, no waving old glory… politically incorrect. Wait until we run out of clean water. That’s when we will have SOMEBODY’S attention. But hey… they will clean your toilets and cut your lawn…

  13. Craig Says:

    Bush is a short sighted heathen! He’s looking at what he can reap within his lifetime, he’s not looking towards the future. If things continue as is people will only know about America from what they read in text books. Of course you will be able to visit the ancient ruins that were once our great cities.

    Very sad.

  14. trisha Says:

    As the people of the United States can we not Sue our Congress and President and his bunch for breaking the law by not inforcing the laws of the land being traitors to the country and selling us out. I am not going to be their slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are suppose to be working for us….. I know that the law suit going on now in the supreme court the people are right because mohawk does only hire hispanic they have alot of translaters but they still don’t do the job right. People are tired of it. All the carpet mills are like that.The Americans have always done that job that is what they live on. They have just about driven all the Americans out the jobs there…. There are more of them than Americans. So everytime I hear the Pres. and his bunch speak they are spitting in my face…I don’t believe anything Pres. and Congress say.. And REALLY THEY ARE SPITTING IN THE FACES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!! I would say in 2 years time if that long this will be considered a 3rd world country.. Because you know if they don’t do what we want what is going to happen…

  15. travis Says:

    They need to send them all back.They commit a crime or kill someone all they do is go back to mexico were their own goverment protects thier vile, by not letting us extrodite them back to the united states.They are bringing down are lifstyle some of them think they own this country. Deport them all back!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ron Says:

    To Don’t Tread on Me- It is an economic fact that we would save billions upon billions of dollars long-term if we deported every illegal alien in America today. Which in my opinion is irrelevant. I could care less about the economic, social and other effects of restoring are sovereignty. Sovereignty, Americanism, rule of law, and the will of the people trump all those issues period.

  17. marleen Says:

    IMHO… i have been wracking my brains trying to see the bigger scheme of WHY we American citizens are being ‘’sold down the river'’ here are a few possible possibilities… bush is a born again christian..could this simply be a move to bring more christians into our mix? [i am a catholic] i thought maybe this is why the churches are helping and giving support to the illegals…another possibilitiy…all of these corporations that are engaging in hiring illegals and/or outsourcing our jobs,could it be that Bush is getting a kickback from them and in turn bush is using the money for war expences and homeland security? more police being hired ,more national guard needed and a shortage on military recruits[and then of course all those darn cameras everywhere. i know money does not grow on trees.plus we have a HUGE national debt. a shrinking middleclass, the threat of losing our social security.since september 11 so much has changed, there is a desperation for more money and more time.

  18. Repubs don't get it Says:

    Nearly the whole country is trying to move right towards the law and order party, Conservatives face being trounced in mid term elections and half of the of them are off in La-La land.
    We face a sedition threat like never before and need the calvary to ride in and rescue the nation and half of the rough riders are either too short sighted, intimidated or are in La-La land.
    Sovereignty, patriotism and rule of law passion is sweeping the country and some conservatives are pandering to ten percent of the voting population.
    And last but definitely not least is some politicians in America actually believe the southwest and perhaps even the whole chunk of land we live on rightfuly belongs to the Latinos and they will be taking it anyway so why not speed the proccess. Reprehensible but America needs statesmen patriots not politicians.
    Just a little newsflash for Conservatives the American majority is awake and is in storm mode headed for a tsunami wave that will sweep weak kneed pro alien politicians out to sea.
    Patriot heros can ride the wave to office if they will stand strong for right versus wrong and save America from those who would destroy her.

  19. marleen Says:

    ‘’America needs statesmen patriots not politicans'’ well said Repubs !

  20. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I second that, Marlene! RepubsDGI gets my vote as the best single post of the past month at least!

  21. Repubs don't get it Says:

    Thank you!

  22. IllegalsGoHome Says:

    What’s the most important thing you can do today?

    A. Wake somebody up to what is happening…

    Its like that old commercial used to say, “I told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on.”

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