CA Minutemen

I spent a July 16th and 17th on the Mexican border in Campo, California videotaping the CA Minutemen. Many of the CA Minutemen are members of the original Minutemen from Arizona. The Minutemen are not vigilantes, they do not take the law into their own hands. They simply watch the border and report any illegal activity to the Border Patrol. They let the Border Patrol enforce the law. It was 114 degrees so the Minutemen did the majority of their watching at night when the drug runners and the illegal immigrants are the most active. The majority of the migrants do not carry guns but the “Coyote’s” that bring them across are heavily armed. A week prior to the Minutemen showing up in CA, drug smugglers ambushed Border Patrol Agents in Nogales, AZ. Some of the Minutemen are military veterans and ex-police officers so they do carry handguns in order to defend themselves. The Minutemen are truly putting their lives on the line to bring attention to our lack of border security.

“We welcome the eyes and ears of citizens who help us gain control of our borders, especially when they do so in a peaceful way. I applaud the fact that the organization of the Minutemen acted responsibly and didn’t take the law into their own hands.”

– Robert C. Bonner
Customs and Border Protection Commissioner

James Chase is the leader of the CA Minutemen.

Movie with James Chase.

The ACLU have what they call “legal observers” that watch the Minutemen. In this movie they watch the VFW while the Minutemen are having a rib dinner.

ACLU observer movie.

You can view the rest of my photo’s on Flickr!

The San Diego Union-Tribune ran a story about the protesters that clashed with the Minutemen on Saturday (7/16).

“People who have been protesting the presence of the armed border watchers scouting for undocumented immigrants released a video yesterday that shows a man, who appears to be a border-watch participant, directing a string of expletives at some heckling protesters and threatening to shoot them.”

The protesters are clearly trying to bait the Minutemen into something so they can use it against them. Many of these protesters are professionals. They’re actually paid to show up and incite violence in their opposition. They are Communists and Socialists from militant Hispanic organizations. They tie scarves around their faces and wear Palestinian headgear to hide their identities. They are very aggressive and they do everything they can to get their opposition to throw the first punch. They bang pots and pans in your face, they yell through bullhorns into your ear, they stand two inches away from you and scream until the spittle flies from their mouth. In this video you can see one of the protestors pushing a cameraman into a parked car. I spoke with that man and he was not associated with the Minutemen in any way. He was simply covering the event. These protesters will surround your car, bang on it and spit on your windows. They stand in your way and they won’t move. When you inch forward one of them will fall down and pretend that you ran him over. Then they take pictures of the faker and post it on their websites and make up some bullshit story. The Internet is a great tool for them to spread their lies.

“Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post here have also complained that not enough was done Saturday, the first day of the border-watch event, to keep protesters off VFW property, where Chase and his volunteers initially planned to base themselves.”

Campo is a small town so the VFW is one of the only places the locals can go to have a beer and play a game of pool. Unfortunately the protesters attacked them as well. They keyed a few of their cars and broke a sign while they chanted “Racist, Go Home.”

Violent protester movie.

I posted a comment on the protesters website about their behavior towards the owner of the VFW and this was the response I got.

“Just because he owned the building doesn’t mean he has the right to forbid people from trashing it, entering it, or trasspassing on it. They were there to defend rights, not the owner of the properties rights, nor the free speech rights of the minutemen, but the rights of illegals breaking the law. “

Here’s a movie that will really make you sick. This is Rigoberto or “Rigo,” he actually brought his 3 year old to their Campo protest.

Rigo movie.

The Border Angels were also at the protest on Saturday. They’re one of those organizations that maintain water stations in the desert for the migrants. I guess their ambulance was impounded after it was discovered that the driver had his license suspended.

So the protesters showed up and behaved like 5 year olds on crack. They created a big scene and assaulted everyone at the VFW for about 15 minutes. Some camped out over night but they left the next morning. There were only about 6 or 8 that stayed behind.

    Here’s a picture of the stragglers.

The Minutemen continue to watch the border. They will be there until August 7th.

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