Latino and African American Summit 6-3-06

Diane Watson - Race Baiting Political Whore

In this video, Luis Rodriquez, Special Council to the Public Defender, gets the ball rolling with The Race Card and others jump in. U.S Congressman Diane Watson is a race-baiting, political hack that whores herself out to special interest groups and radical left wing causes. She claims the Minutemen are the equivalent of the KKK. They claim that blacks and Latino’s are not united because of anti-illegal immigration groups like the Minutemen. Original Minuteman member, Marvin Stewart, calls her on her seditious betrayal of American citizens and feeble minded Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally retorts with a bizarre comment about pilgrims stealing Indian land.

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Mervyn Dymally - Feeble Minded Zealot

Assemblyman, Mervyn Dymally, is a a radical left wing socialist. He’s been in California politics forever and I wonder if his old age is catching up with is cognitive abilities. In this video he claims that obesity and autism is a more important issue to the black community than illegal immigration. He also claims that Latino’s take jobs that even blacks won’t do.

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Xiomara E. Corpeno - Brown Supremacist

Get your barf bags ready. This one is really bad.

Xiomara E. Corpeno is the Director of Organizing for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHRLA). She claims it’s a “human right” for members of her ethnicity to cross the border into the U.S. illegally because our immigration laws are unjust. She wants to eliminate the border between the U.S. and Mexico completely. Interestingly enough, she admits that illegal aliens are displacing American workers and driving down wages. I’d like to ask her how we would avoid becoming a third world country ourselves if we were to allow everyone from Latin America to live here. She also makes the false claim that anti-illegal immigration groups such as the Minutemen and FAIR do not oppose free-trade agreements such as NAFTA or CAFTA. We certainly do, and I personally made a concerted effort to stop CAFTA. Free trade-agreements exploit people in their home countries and increase the likelihood of them migrating here illegally. The only ones who benefit from free-trade agreements are multi-national corporations. Mexico and the Central American countries willfully agreed to these agreements to take advantage of their own people so I resent the blame it all on the U.S. mentality that she and all the other open border fanatics share.

Stop The FTAA

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