How To Post A Comment

How do I post a comment on this website?
In order to post a comment you have to first become a registered user. It’s just like becoming a member of a forum.

1.) Click the register tab in the upper right hand corner, and fill in the fields with a really cool user-name and a valid email address. Then click the “register” tab.

2.) A password will be mailed to you with a link back to the log-in screen.

3.) Check the remember me box when you log-in with your user-name and password. You can then change your password to something easier to remember.

4.) Click “View Site” in the upper left hand corner after you’ve changed your password.

Your password will be emailed to you automatically right after you register. If you don’t get it right away, then send me an email and I’ll give you one.

* You’re first comment will be moderated, but from that point on they should post to the site right away. That is, unless you’re on the watch list for some sort of bad behavior.

I know it’s a few hurdles to jump through in the beginning, but I think it will be much better than the way things have been so far. I have to have my blog software setup to moderate all first time posters in order to combat SPAM. Many of you are trusted posters but my SPAM software pulls your posts into moderation because it looks at your IP address to determine if you are a first time poster or not. Some Internet service providers give you a static IP address that never changes. Unfortunately, many Internet service providers give you a new IP address whenever you surf the web so it thinks that you’re a new poster even if you’re not.

With this new registration process, each username is unique, so no one can pretend to be you. We had a problem with that in the past and it was really irratating.

Did you know your comment spell checking feature doesn’t work?
Yeah, it doesn’t work with Internet Explorer but it does with Firefox, Opera, and Safari. You should browse happy.

Watchdog, why do you moderate my comments?

My blog software is set to moderate all first time posters. This is to combat SPAM.

It is also set to moderate certain bad words. It is also set to moderate specific individuals for different reasons. Most likely because they used certain bad words, over the top derogatory language, or made threats of violence. It is also set to moderate the opposition that I allow to post on this site.

If your comments are always being held in ‘moderation’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guilty of the above indiscretions.

I also use another piece of software to combat SPAM and it pulls a few of your comments into it by mistake. I don’t know why but a few trusted posters like Contessa and Stoney always end up in there. It’s a bummer.

Why were my comments deleted or edited?

Racist demeaning remarks about Hispanics or any ethnic group is not allowed. Making threats of violence towards illegal aliens or elected officials is not allowed either.

My comment disappeard as soon as I submitted it. What’s happened?
Sometimes my SPAM software filters out comments that it shouldn’t. I check to see what’s in the filter thoughout the day. I’ll retrieve you comment and make sure it gets posted.

Why are my comments held in moderation for so long?

I check the website throughout the day, but I have a full time job and other things going on so things get held up sometimes. GuardDog is now helping me with the website so hopefully your comments aren’t held up for too long.

The Blacklist

To combat SPAM, certain words are on a blacklist. If you use any of the following words, your entire comment will be nuked! It will be gone forever. It will not be held in moderation. I will not be alerted of your comment. It will just vanish!


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