On September 11th, the Minutemen kicked off a border watch with a BBQ. I had to work so I couldn’t make it for the cookout but there were about 90 Minutemen and women that showed up at the Campo VFW.
I arrived the next day to watch the infamous Jacumba drug corridor with the others. The goal was to watch and report any illegal activity to the Border Patrol and let them take care of the rest. The MM do not detain or arrest anyone. We simply watch and report. We are border watchers. That is all.

The reception we get from the locals in Campo is very friendly and I consider the VFW my home away from home. It’s completely different in Jacumba, this little town on the California border has been virtually bought out by the Mexican drug cartels and they do not want us messing up their action.

The drug smugglers use the abandoned buildings on the Mexican side of the border as staging areas.

The Border Patrol warned us to keep an eye on the Chapel. They have taken gunfire from this little building in the past.

During the border watch in July, shots were fired at us from the Mexican side (Read this post). This is a lookout house on the top of the hill where we believe the shots were fired. The shots pinged off the fence as the Minutemen were driving down the border road.

This house is on the American side but it is believed to be owned by the Mexican drug cartel.

I’m not sure if they were aiming for us or just trying to scare us away but it was clear that the Minutemen were not welcome. The MM retreated out of firing range but this time we were digging in. We were not going anywhere.

We filled sandbags and piled them up around some boulders for protection. I don’t own a gun but fortunately some of the Minutemen do. The MM carry arms to defend themselves if they are fired upon. The drug runners, coyotes, and Mexican federales are armed and dangerous. Migrants generally don’t have weapons.

The drug smugglers sat in their pickup and watched us dig our bunker. They didn’t say anything to us and we ignored them.

The border fence is only about four feet high at this point so it’s easy for them to hand packages to the runners on the American side. Here’s a close-up of the driver. There’s another guy in the back seat smoking a joint.

A Border Patrol Agent watched us from atop the hill. He was just a young guy in his mid twenties. The Minutewoman I was with seemed to know him well and they were on a first name basis. There is usually a Border Patrol Agent sitting in this spot until sundown, then it is too dangerous and they only occasionally drive down the border road.

The Mexicans will throw rocks over the fence and bust your windows when you are parked on this hill after sundown. Last week a Border Patrol Agent had had enough and fired 19 shots back at them through the fence. The holes are marked with circles. I’m not sure why they marked them. Maybe they are investigating the incident.

They dented up a few of the Minutemen’s cars with rocks the last time so at nightfall we lit up the Mexican side of the fence with floodlights to keep them back.

A Minuteman and a Minutewoman getting ready to bust out the night vision gear!

We had Minutemen posted in different areas along the border road. We keep in contact with each other using radios. Cell phones generally don’t work, especially if you use T-mobile like me.

We had a report of headlights approaching the border fence from the Mexican side. A few of us climbed into an SUV and tore down the border road.

They were gone by the time we arrived. We jumped out of the vehicle and searched the desert brush with 10 million candle power spot lights.

We drove down the road and met up with Sasha and her Minutemaster.

I’m not very comfortable around pit bulls but Sasha was actually very friendly and mild mannered like her owner. If you give her the chance she’ll lick your face and try to climb up in your lap. She thinks she’s a Chihuahua.

We went back to our post and shortly thereafter the ACLU legal observers arrived.

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They watch us. . . watch the border! They take pictures and videotape us. . . so we take pictures and videotape them!

They claim that the human rights of illegal aliens and drug traffickers will be violated by us. To them it’s only a matter of time before we commit some unlawful act. They would love to sue the pants off of us and ruin our lives. I asked them if they witness illegal border crossings or drug trafficking would they report it to the border patrol like we do and they said no. That’s not what they are there for.

If you want information on the ACLU and their agenda you should visit Discover The Network.

We had a little fun with them and put a few MMP stickers on their minivan. They peal off easy though, just a little joke.

After the legal observers left we had another visitor, our old friend Rafael of the Desert Angels.

We know Rafael because he protests us with other goons from Enrique Morone’s group of communists, socialists, anarchists, and open border thugs. They’re a violent nasty bunch of people that want a world without borders, no laws, no government, no police, etc.

Tonight Rafael was with his wife and daughter Liz. Rafael yelled at us through a bullhorn to announce his arrival and within minutes a Border Patrol Agent came along and told Rafael to get lost. No kidding, the Border Patrol Agent was really pissed.

Rafael explains to the Border Patrol that he didn’t do anything wrong.

The reason this particular Border Patrol Agent disliked Rafael so much is because he had arrested him for smuggling an illegal alien into the US not long ago. Rafael’s Desert Angeles claim to only help migrants that may need water or medical attention. Rafael claimed the man was walking for 5 days in the desert and he was nearly dying. Maybe, however when you get caught transporting an illegal alien it’s difficult to say what your true intentions are. The charges against Rafael were dropped.

The Border Patrol Agent let Rafael stay after we assured him that Rafael wasn’t causing us any problems.

Rafael didn’t yell at us anymore through a bullhorn and we actually talked to each other. Normally these protesters yell at us through bullhorns and we just sit there.

To be truthful, in the beginning it was more like an argument but after a while things calmed down. They began to see that we are not out there to harm migrants and that all we do is watch and report. The only time we ever have any contact whatsoever is if a person is in dire need of water or medical attention. One of our Minutemen is actually a Doctor.

That morning we had a situation where a migrant came walking up to the fence holding a baby in his arms. The baby appeared to be dead. I have videotape of the whole thing so we showed the footage to Rafael and his daughter Liz.

The situation was intense in the beginning and we called the Border Patrol right away. An Agent was on a nearby hill. We also had our Minuteman Doctor on the scene. It turned out that the baby was just sleeping really hard and he was a little dehydrated. It was a big scare for everyone and a big relief to see the baby and the man smiling once they had a little food and cold water.

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Just as the Border Patrol Agent was checking on the man and his baby a MM sighting of illegal aliens crossing the border came in. Since the man and baby seemed to be doing okay the BP Agent took off down the border road while one of our MM took his watch on the hill while other MM stayed with the man and baby.

When he returned he had two illegals in the back of his truck. He seemed pretty amazed at all the help the Minutemen were giving him.

He said “Is this the way it is with you guys all the time?”

“Pretty much,” we answered.

After Liz and Rafael saw the video footage of us with the man and baby the mood lightened up a great deal.

We talked with them for quite some time. It was friggen cold too, I don’t know how Rafael could stand it out there with just a long sleeve shirt. His wife was smart; she stayed in their minivan the whole time.

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Anyway, we really began to like them. They’re very spiritual warm hearted people that want to help others. They had just returned from New Orleans where they were helping anyone they could.

We started talking about the goons that we usually see Rafael with. We thought he was part of Enrique Morone’s Border Angeles. Apparently the Desert Angeles are a completely separate group. It seemed to us that Rafael didn’t really know who some of the protesters were that he had been with.

We showed him some information that we had gotten from an infiltrator of their No Border Encuentro meeting. Liz read part of it to her father and wanted to have a copy of it made for her. She seemed worried about her Dad.

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As we said goodbye to each other Liz said something that we were really glad to hear. She said that until tonight they really didn’t know who the Minutemen were or what we were all about. Now that she had met us she felt much better about what we are doing.

The feelings are mutual, we also have a better understanding of Rafael and the Desert Angels. They really are good people. We like them. We are in disagreement with them on many things but we still like them.

The Desert Angels are okay with us.