Save Our State vs. Laguna Beach 9-24-05

On Saturday (9/24) I videotaped and photographed the Save Our State protest of a Laguna Beach, California day labor center.

Save Our State is an anti-illegal immigration group. This was thier second protest at this particular hiring site. The founder, Joe Turner gave the following reasons for the protest.

1. Raise public awareness about the taxpayer funded illegal alien hiring center.
2. Discourage employers of illegal aliens from hiring.
3. Require Laguna Beach to expend resources on police personnel.
4. Increase traffic congestion/frustrate residents/compel them to demand the city shut down the center
5. Demonstrate to Laguna Beach PD that we wont be deterred by shoddy police enforcement and that in fact, will only encourage us to return to their community.

You’ll find many of the photo’s below but to view the whole set you should click here. Or you can view them as a slideshow.

The Good Guys!

good guys

good guys

good guys

good guys

good guys

Whenever good Americans voice their concern about the federal and local governments refusal to enforce immigration laws and secure our borders they face opposition from anarchists, communists, socialist hippies and radicals who want a world without borders, government, and laws.

The Bad Guys!

His real name is Bruce but I like to call him Tina the Terrible.

This is the Penis Pincher.
Penis Pincher

The Poison Dwarf.
The Poison Dwarf

Full O’ Luv.
Full O' Luv

The Fondler.
The Fondler.

The Asswipe.
The Asswipe.

Princess Cali.
Princess Cali


Elvis Costello wannabe.
Elvis Costello

Booger or Shorty. His real name is Naui Huitzilopochtli.


The Asshole. His real name is Duane Roberts. His shirt and hat are making the other guy sick.
Duane Roberts

Babs the Man Eater.
Babs the Man Eater.

Pimple Puss.
Pimple Puss

The Masked Avenger, always in tights!
The Masked Avenger

The day laborers.
The Day Laborers

And last but not least is an un-American asshole that cheats on his taxes, pays slave wages under the table, and makes the whole thing possible.