Illegal Aliens Protest KFI AM640

Pro illegal immigrant advocacy groups brought 6 van loads of illegal day laborers to protest in front of KFI AM640 studios in Burbank, CA. (9/30/05)

Here is an excerpt of what Raymond from F.I.R.E. Coalition emailed several reporters about the event.

The rally for “day laborers” was a sham - a carefully orchastrated pro-illegal immigration rally that used the term “day laborer” since “illegal” has quite a bad connotation. Here’s what I wrote:

With respect to today’s rally, if you heard the speeches given by the anti-KFI, day labor supporters, you would have heard a lot of talk about legalization (i.e. amnesty) for illegal immigrants. That was the underlying impetus for today’s rally. It was not truly to support day laborers, as the protest organizers claimed, but to demand amnesty or other types of legalizations for those in the country illegally. I provided you a study, produced by a liberal UCLA think tank, that found that 94% of day laborers entered into the U.S. illegally.

FIRE Coalition members were there to point out that Illegal immigration allows unscrupulous employers to hire illegal immigrants at exploitation wages, instead of Americans at the respectable wages most Americans demand. So to speak of “jobs Americans will not do” is rather deceptive — Americans will work almost any jobs if paid a living wage. With the federal, state and local governments turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, American citizens and legal residents are finding it harder to find employment. When they are able to find employment, it is often at rates far less that the job is truly worth. The lower-skilled jobs that illegal immigrant day laborers take are the same ones that used to allow working class Americans get a foothold into the labor market and work their way up. Working class citizens and legal residents, often disproportionately African-American, legal Hispanics and young adults, suffer greatly because of illegal immigration and the day labor sites that facilitate employment of those here illegally.

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