SOS vs. Glendale Home Depot 12-10-05

This was the second SOS protest that I attended and I had a bad feeling about this one going in. Home Depot supports a day labor center across the street and that’s why SOS was there to protest them.

Here is the Associated Press report.

The goons are made up of several different groups. They mostly belong to communist/socialist organizations; others are anarchists that want a world without borders, laws, or government. A racist hate group called the Mexica Movement was there. I first became aware of them at the Minuteman vs. NBC protest. These groups are well versed in their tactics as they continuously protest for every far left cause under the sun. The Pamona day labor center even brought in van loads of illegal aliens and gave them signs to hold up! They did the same thing at a protest against KFI AM640.

SOS contacted the Glendale Police Department in advance and asked to be separated from counter-protesters (goons) but they declined. Groups were separated at the Laguna protest that I attended and everything went smoothly. The goons were also held back at the Carlsbad Town Hall Meeting that I attended. The goons were also separated from us at the MM vs. NBC protest. I personally asked the police to separate us after two altercations and they refused. One cop said it was against the law. Bullshit!

I would like to know who gave them their orders to handle the protest in the manner that they did. SOS is content to simply stand on the sidewalk with their signs and American flags. The goons hope to silence anti-illegal immigration protests by any means necessary, including violence. The police are well aware of this but they chose to do nothing.

I have great respect for law enforcement but the conduct of the Glendale Police Department at this protest was shocking. It is surprising that no one was seriously injured. Keep in mind when you watch this first clip that police officers are standing all around witnessing this.

Glendale Police Department
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After I talk with the police I step back up on the curb and here she come’s again…

Psycho Bitch
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She never gives up.

Phony Accusations
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This guy is really repulsive. It doesn’t show up on the video, but his body shakes a lot. I’m not sure if he has some kind of disorder of if he is so filled with rage and hatred that he can’t control himself.

The Pusher
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Here they are, the Mexica Movement goons. Check out the emails we recieved from them after the Minuteman vs. NBC protest where they call our black Minutemen coons and uncle Tom’s.

Mexica Potato-Head
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Nican Tlaca
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Carmen drove up from San Diego with her husband. I see them everywhere. They are involved in every open border pro-illegal outfit that I am aware of in the San Diego area. She’s came to fight for her people. Well, so did I. My people are Americans of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Carmen Valadez
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This is the best video of them all. Here I am having a polite conversation and watch what happeneds.

The Race Card
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This chick is against us but she admits that she has no idea who we are or why we oppose illegal immigration.

Like A Virgin
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During the cold war the NLG was considered a communist front group. Today they object to any form of security measure meant to deter terrorism on US soil in the wake of 9/11. The 2003 NLG convention featured guild member Lynne Stewart who was indicted for aiding the terrorist that bombed the World Trade Center in1993. Lynne Stewart toasted her heroes Lenin, Ho, and Mao in her keynote speech.

These legal observers defend the so-called rights of non-citizens and seek to destroy America. Encouraging illegal immigration and mass legal immigration of third world citizens that refuse to assimilate is another way for them to fracture the US. They seem to be present at all pro-illegal alien rallys.

The National Lawyers Guild
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