SOS vs. Glendale Home Depot 1-7-06

The protest was a huge success. We shut down the day labor center, totally screwed up traffic, and I have to believe that the cash registers at Home Depot were not what they are on a typical Saturday.

I really thought the police would do a better job after our talk with the city council, but they again refused to separate protesters. The city of Glendale is breaking federal immigration laws and attempting to silence our opposition. They are clearly violating our 1st Amendment rights and this is a big no no.

Due to pending litigation I will not be posting any video showing the conduct of the Glendale Police Department. I believe this lawsuit will attract national attention and have a chilling affect on city funded day labor centers across the country. We are definitely not going anywhere, not after this. We have found the perfect storm in Glendale.

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    No one is illegal
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