SOS vs. Burbank Home Depot 1-21-06

Over 100 anti-illegal immigration activists and Burbank residents rallied together in protest against the new Home Depot store in Burbank, CA. In order for Home Depot to build a new store, the Burbank City Council required them to build a day labor center in their parking lot. Of course it is a felony for any city government or organization to facilitate the hiring of illegal aliens and Home Depot could have easily refused this “requirement,” but they did not. Home Depot uses the day laborers as an incentive to shop at their store. They see themselves as a one stop shop for cheap labor and supplies. (FOX news video)

Home Depot has a history of partnering with local governments (to sheild them from lawsuits) and non-profit organizations to establish day labor centers. Home Depot has also formed a partnership with the Hispanic hate group, The National Council of La Raza (the Race). The NCLR opposes all immigration law enforcement efforts and they seek to open the U.S. border to all of Latin America.

The center is run by Catholic Charities, an advocate for illegal immigration and open borders. They employ well-paid lobbyists to knock on congressional doors and secure taxpayers’ funds for the “branch” of the church known as “Catholic Charities.” In 2002, over 60% of Catholic Charities funding came from government grants and contracts. Catholic Charities operates numerous day labor centers around the U.S.

Whenever good American’s get together and rally for the enforcement of immigration laws they are met by they crazies from the extreme left. Violent socialists, red and black flag waving anarchists, and the racist hate group Mexica-Movement as well as ANSWER LA. ANSWER LA organize to oppose racism and war, but judging by their Che Guevara clothing and flags, they appear to be a communist front group.

I put together a music video featuring these nutjobs.

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