Aztlan Video

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    This video is also available on DVD for $5.99. The 3 minute length is perfect for city council meetings.

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About The Video

I shot all of video images at LA Gran Marcha (3-25-06).

Professor Armando Navarro is heard on the Aztlan video. He was the organizer of the 1995 UC Riverside Prop 187 forum where many of the voices were recorded. He was also the organizer for the recent San Bernardino forum on Jan. 12th, 2006. That is also where I recorded Herman Baca.

Fabian Nunez and numerous other Latino leaders spoke at the LA Gran Marcha but they only spoke Spanish. Antonio Villaraigosa spoke English and he said many seditious things, like always, but I did not get a good audio recording of him. Thatâ??s why I used the older clip. I havenâ??t had my Gran Marcha tapes translated.

The recording of Joe Baca is the only clip that I cannot place. However, it is his voice. I recorded him at the Jan 12th 2006 San Bernardino Latino Forum. Unfortunately he didnâ??t say anything very juicy.

The voices on The Nation of Aztlan video are as follows:

* Jose Angel Gutierrez - Jan., 1995 Prop. 187 Latino Conference, UC Riverside
* Antonio Villaraigosa - 1997 Southwest Voter Registration Project Annual Conference
* Fabian Nunez - Jan., 1995 Prop. 187 Latino Conference, UC Riverside
* Herman Baca - Jan. 12th, 2006 San Bernardino Latino Forum
* Art Torres - Jan., 1995 Prop. 187 Latino Conference, UC Riverside
* Armando Navarro - Jan. 12th, 2006 San Bernardino Latino Forum
* Joe Baca - ???
* Tom Tancredo - June 27th 2001 CSPAN

Some have suggested that Jose Angel Gutierrez is not a faculty member of the University of Texas, Arlington because they cannot find his name listed in their directory. He is in fact a tenured Professor of Political Science. Maybe they are embarrased to list him? You can reach the University at 817-272-2222 or you can call Jose directly at 817-272-3991

Here is the cover for one of Armando Navarro’s Chicano Studies textbooks.

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