Costa Mesa 3-21-06

I went to the Costa Mesa city council meeting last night to show support for the Mayor’s proposal to have local police enforce immigration laws. All they’re doing is starting the deportation process (paperwork) for criminal offenders who are in the country illegally. After they have gone through the criminal justices system, like all other criminals, they would be deported.

Unfortunately, things have gotten so far off track that now we cannot even deport rapists, and gangmembers without the ACLU and illegal alien advocates crying foul.

Here are a few clips from the evening.

Meet James Reade, he’s a regular at the council meetings, and completely out of his mind.

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This is Alma Ramirez. I thought she was James’ girlfriend or wife but she informed us that he’s gay and she just likes to use him as arm candy. If you think James is whacked wait until you watch Alma!

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“Race card” alert! It’s Richard Killar . I don’t know the whole story about the El Chinaco restaurant but the Minutemen protested them and I believe the owner and creator of the “Minuteman Taco” is a supporter of Nativo Lopez and his plan to boycott all Costa Mesa businesses that would not put a sign in their window’s denouncing the Mayor.

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At the last council meeting Alma refused to speak in English.

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Council member Linda Dixon is full of excuses.

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The local media outlets in Los Angeles make the Minutemen look like crackpots. After the KNBC 4 reporter finished his interview with an open border advocate I followed him through the parking lot to ask HIM a few questions.

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Here’s the little speech I gave to the city council.

Good evening, my name is Brook; I’m a resident of the San Fernando Valley. I’ve been following the Costa Mesa ICE proposal closely and I came here tonight to voice my support for this plan.

Council member Foley has tried to make a big deal about how much this plan would cost. Chief Hensley stated that the cost of the program would be around $200,000. But this is $200,000 out of a $35 million dollar budget so it’s really not that much. The San Bernardo Sheriff’s Department estimates that detaining illegal aliens costs the County about $11 million dollars a year. They’re seeking reimbursement from the federal government. The HR 4437 immigration bill that recently passed the house would establish federal grants for states and localities that assist in the enforcement of immigration laws. The house bill would also eliminate State Criminal Alien Assistance Program funding for any state or locality with a sanctuary policy. I think council members Foley and Dixon should look into how much Costa Mesa and Orange County could seek in reimbursement if they were to implement this ICE proposal.

Council member Dixon asked if the ICE proposal would ensure that criminals who were deported would not re-enter the United States. Of course she already knew the answer to this question. I guess this was her way of suggesting that there is no point in deporting anyone since they’ll just come back again anyway. Following this logic council member Dixon could argue that there’s no reason to fix the potholes in the street because they’re just going to come back too.

Council member Foley’s likes the excuse that this is the federal governments job and that local governments shouldn’t be involved. She wants to wait around for what she calls “meaningful immigration reform” to solve all our problems. Well, even if the federal government granted amnesty to all the illegal aliens here now, we would still have more pouring across our borders, and we would still have to enforce our immigration laws, now wouldn’t we. So what exactly is council member Foley waiting for?

In a few weeks the new South County Immigration Working Group will meet for the first time. This group is made up of Mayor’s and council members from Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Laguna Woods, City of Dana Point, and Laguna Beach. The Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Campbell and several state Assemblyman and women will serve as legislative aides. Among the stated priorities of this group will be to work with the federal government on ways local law enforcement can enforce federal immigration law and how cities can be reimbursed for the expense of enforcing federal law. Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona will be discussing the ICE proposal and cross deputization program at their first meeting.

We have state and local governments all over the country proceeding with their own plans to deal with illegal immigration. American’s want to see our borders secured, we want our immigration laws enforced and to accomplish this, it requires a bottom up approach with local, state and federal authorities all cooperating together and that is why I support this proposal.

Thank you.