Mexico is deporting illegal aliens in record numbers.

Why don’t Mexicans understand that these are just good honest hardworking people trying to make a better life for themselves. I firmly believe that Mexico should absorb all of Central and South America’s poverty stricken workers, Mara Salvatrucha gang members, and drug traffickers so we don’t have to. Besides, it will make them a stronger nation!

MEXICO CITY - For Mexico, the shoe is now on the other foot.
After decades as the main source of illegal immigrants in the United States, Mexico is struggling to stop a rising tide of illegal migration on its own soil, building detention centers, adding immigration agents and expelling record numbers of foreigners.

The wave of migrants from Central America, Ecuador, Brazil and other countries threatens to drive up Mexico’s border patrol costs by 30 percent this year as authorities repatriate an unprecedented 215,000 people, the head of the country’s National Migration Institute has warned Mexico’s Congress.

Officials are predicting a record 215,000 deportations this year. From January to the end of May, authorities expelled 107,349 people, an increase of 12.5 percent over 2004.

Since 2003, the Mexican government has remodeled 45 detention centers and built two more in Tijuana and Los Cabos to handle the influx of migrants.

Three more are under construction in Tapachula, along the Guatemalan border; in Acayucan, along a major highway in the state of Veracruz; and in Janos, 30 miles south of the New Mexico border in Chihuahua state.

“They are coming and taking jobs the Mexicans don’t want,”
said Rodolfo Casillas, a migration expert at the Latin American School of Social Sciences in Mexico City.

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