Water supplies could run dry within the next 50 years.

We are experiencing massive population growth due to illegal immigration. Major cities such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as many farms rely on water drawn from the Colorado river.

Vegas heading for ‘dry future’
By Carmen Roberts
BBC News

Las Vegas is world-renowned as a city of fantasy, flaunting its reputation for excess. It appears a green oasis of refrigerated plenty, set in a blazing desert.

But environmentalists warn water supplies could run dry within the next 50 years; while urban sprawl is out of control and development is encroaching on protected areas.

“The hotel casinos use only 30% of their water allocation on outdoor use, while 70% is used indoors in rooms and kitchens and that water is reclaimed and used again,” says Jaime Cruz, energy manager with the MGM Mirage Corporation.

But when you look at the residential statistics, the figures are reversed.

Water authorities estimate around 70% of residential water is used outdoors, washing the car and irrigating the lawns, and only 30% is used indoors.

Although Nevada has been banking excess water from the Colorado River in Arizona, environmentalists fear this is a short-term solution.

Jeff van Ee, an environmental activist and a member of the Southern Nevada Planning Authority, fears that, “in 15-20 years from now, our current supplies will be overtaxed and we will need to find an alternate source of water.”

Mr Van Ee laments that the town he arrived in some 20 years ago is now the fastest growing urban area in the country.

“It seems there are too few of us that are willing to stand up and say we need to protect our environment.”

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