It’s time for illegal immigration to be discussed.

Gwinnett County, Georgia - During the last primary campaign for the U.S. Senate, the three Republican candidates - Johnny Isakson, Herman Cain and Mac Collins - each visited the Daily Post to speak with reporters and editors. At each session, the candidate was asked the following: “What is the No. 1 issue on the minds of Georgia voters?” All three candidates gave the same answer: immigration.

A few weeks later, the candidates appeared at a debate at the Gwinnett Civic and Cultural Center. Topics discussed were wide-ranging: the war in Iraq, homeland security, abortion and transportation spending, among others. But what topic didn’t surface in the 90-minute debate? Immigration.

Immigration, it seems, has become a touchy subject in some quarters. Nothing else will have greater impact on the future of our nation. Yet when it comes time to have substantive discussion, many would rather not. Perhaps they fear not being “politically correct.” Perhaps they fear being labeled “racist.” Perhaps they don’t want to disturb an inexpensive labor force. Perhaps the politicians don’t want to alienate a voting bloc.

It seems we’re stymied for fear of being regarded as politically incorrect. At all levels of government, the issue of immigration needs to be outed. Leaders and citizens of our cities, counties, states and the nation should discuss problems and solutions. We need to face the problem head-on. Immigration is no place for kid gloves.

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