CA Minutemen patrol a success. They will return in October.

I love the first hand reports from our Minutemen. It’s the only way you can find out what is really going on at the border. The following was posted on the SOS forum by a Minuteman named “Lardog.”

Aug 6 2005, 12:26 AM

I just left the Campo VFW this evening after the rib dinner. The MMP is locked up in the fenced yard behind the VFW post. They are expecting a large violent protest Sunday evening at 4pm. Cars have been removed from the parking lot and the Sheriffs say they have a bus that can accomodate 35 prisoners. The goons can’t trespass onto the VFW grounds without being arrested. Gang members have threatened to attack the MMP.

We broke down the border command post at tower 141 this am and no MMP are left on the line. We did an operation in Jacumba this afternoon until 4 pm. The smugglers sounded their horn alarm when they saw us enter the town and their warning lights switched to red on the hill house fortress.

New MMP recruits continue to arrive at the VFW but many veteran MMP have left for safety reasons. Chase posted signs saying “We won….left for Disneyland” on the border fence. Maybe we did win….but the anarchist, socialist goons are stupid enough to attack the remaining MMP. We declared an early victory today but we still have to survive Sunday’s attack. Operations have ceased. California Minutemen and women showed tremendous courage over the past 3 weeks.

I was proud to serve with them…..get ready for October when we do it over again….good luck to Andy Ramirez and the Friends of the Border Patrol, they need to revisit the weapons issue and I recommend they carry sidearms to keep the cowardly goons at bay. Private land might give them a chance for arrests but the numbers of knuckleheads will restrict their movements around the area.


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