Veteran Teacher — Canned for Letter — Plans to Sue Florida School District

It never fails, anytime someone is critical of illegal immigration they have to deal with a charge of racisim. Can we just look at the facts and ask people to obey the law without this crap? We cannot accept everyone who wants to live in the US forever. When will it be politically correct to say no more?

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A veteran Florida school teacher who was forced out of her job for writing a letter to lawmakers complaining about illegal immigration intends to sue her school district.

Orange County school officials have apologized repeatedly to outraged members of the Hispanic community for Jan Hall’s letter, which expressed concern that illegal immigration is draining tax dollars and hurting the public education system. The letter also stated that several Puerto Rican teachers in the district lacked proper educational qualifications.

After the Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Dia obtained and published the letter, Orange County school officials suspended the longtime teacher without pay and barred her from all school property in the district.

Now Hall has notified the district of her intent to file a $20-million lawsuit. A spokesman for Hall, local conservative talk-show host Doug Guetzloe, says the teacher was merely exercising her free-speech rights.

“[W]e have [had] registered sex offenders that have worked in the Orange County public schools that have been suspended with pay,” Guetzloe notes. In that light, he says, it makes no sense to have a “teacher with an unblemished record, someone who teaches students and teaches them well, [and] cares about her students, suspended without pay because of publication of a letter which was never intended to be [made] public.”

Guetzloe believes the district is unfairly portraying Hall as a racist. He takes issue strongly with that insinuation.

“Mrs. Hall is someone who has, out of her own pocket, purchased shoes for students who have shown up without shoes so that they would not be sent home. Does that sound to any reasonable person like a bigot?” he wonders. “The other thing is that when she chose to do her dissertation for her master’s degree, she chose to go to Mexico City. Now if you were a bigot, you certainly wouldn’t go to Mexico City.”

Guetzloe adds that Hall, who has 33 years of teaching experience, even conducts free after-school tutoring for Hispanic students who struggle academically.

Orange County school officials have six months to respond to Hall’s notice of intent to sue.

8 Responses to “Veteran Teacher — Canned for Letter — Plans to Sue Florida School District”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Actually, the letter wasn’t about illegal immigration at all. The majority of her criticism is aimed at Puerto Ricans. The letter starts out criticizing foreigners in general including false claims that foreigners use most of taxpayers’ money and that foreigners take all the jobs. How ignorant.

    Then she takes a jab at Puerto Ricans. “They are trashing Orlando daily.” She requested that laws be changed to keep these people in Puerto Rico. Then she makes another false claim that Puerto Ricans are holding back American children academically (FYI: Puerto Ricans are Americans). Another typical “blame the immigrants for our own failures” tactic.

    Then she moves on to criticizing Haitians and then Mexicans.

    Not once does she mention illegal immigration. Yet Immigration Watchdog reports that she is being disciplined for speaking out against illegal immigration. Yet another false report by a radical anti-immigration group.

  2. Watchdog Says:

    Ralph, All I know is what was written in this newspaper article. I realize that what’s printed in the press is not always the truth. Maybe you could post a link to the actual letter to clear things up. I would like to read it.

    I am not anti-immigration.

    I am anti-illegal immigration.

  3. Ralph Says:

    A google search and a few clicks of a mouse is all one needs to view the letter. Those too stupid or lazy to do so must rely on only the media. Their ignorance is no surprise.

  4. Watchdog Says:

    Here is a link to the letter and a discussion on another blog.

    You shouldn’t call people names Ralph, people might think you’re an asshole.

  5. kathy Says:

    ralph, you sound angry and bitter. Is it the size?

  6. roger Says:

    Ralph, can you show some facts that all Puerto Ricans, or Haitians are here legally ?

  7. Watchdog Says:

    Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. It’s practically the 51st state. As far as I know they can come and go in the United States as they please.

  8. Denemy Says:

    This does not seem like a very informed watch dog.

    FYI Puerto Ricans are American citizens. The US invaded PR in 1898 and holds the country as a colony more than a hundred years later.

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