Bank of America Sells Out To Mexico

Bank of America Corp. has launched a free remittance service that it says eliminates transfer fees to Mexico for millions of Latino customers.

The new feature, called SafeSend, is available to anyone who has a personal checking account with the Charlotte-based bank (NYSE:BAC).

After introducing the product on a limited basis in Chicago this year, BofA is expanding it nationwide.

‘We are proud to help millions of Hispanics send money for free to loved ones in Mexico,’ says Liam McGee, president of Global Consumer and Small Business Banking. ‘Adding the free SafeSend feature to our checking accounts is our way of saying that we want to do much more — we want to be their bank of choice and help Hispanics develop rewarding, long-term financial relationships.’


3 Responses to “Bank of America Sells Out To Mexico”

  1. Max Wortington Says:

    Here’s how it works…in Mexico pay scale is 2.00 per hour…the alien sneaks in then steals american work painting houses for 100.00 a day and sends money to his family through (BANK OF AMERICA) so they can pay the coyote to bring them accross the border…an average of 1,500.00 per person. Then they tell two friends and they tell two friends…

  2. Ralph Says:

    This is fantastic!! Only a few years ago it cost 10% or even more to send money. Hopefully other banks will follow.

  3. Watchdog Says:

    Good to see you again Ralph.

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