More Bullshit With The ACLU

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Lima, OH — After the head of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio accused Sheriff Dan Beck of racial profiling Tuesday, he fired back saying she had no evidence of such actions.

“It’s interesting that a group of attorneys that are supposed to represent civil liberties make serious accusations without the first thread of truth. There’s no complaints. They’re on a witch hunt,” he said.

Chris Link, the executive director for the ACLU of Ohio, sent out a written statement Tuesday titled “ACLU calls for Beck to end race-based profiling.” When asked if she had proof of race-based profiling, Link said she did not but said she worries there is something to all the concerns about which she has heard and read.

Beck said she has nothing and cannot find anything to show his deputies have profiled any-one based on race. Beck said the bigger issue is that Link and her agency are trying to put pressure on police agencies that address the illegal immigration issue.

“She is trying to justify her existence and the existence of the American Civil liberties Un-ion,” he said.

Link, who has not spoken to Beck, also said the sheriff and his agency have no business get-ting involved in immigration law. She said there are plenty of federal agencies to do that work.

“The federal government has failed to put another man on the moon but I don’t consider it my responsibility to do that,” she said.

But Beck said federal agencies are not doing their job and are allowing the problem to grow. As sheriff he has a job to uphold the law, which also includes upholding laws pertaining to illegal immigrants, he said.

Link criticized Beck for concentrating too much on the illegal immigration issue while there are other issues she said he needs to address.

“By doing that, he is essentially turning his back on another criminal element just because they are white and that is poor police work,” she said.

Link also said she was concerned the climate in the country following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is fueling the fire and creating a larger audience for officials such as Beck. She said Muslims were unfairly profiled following the attacks.

“We are deeply concerned about these themes that are appearing. Do we have to be reminded that we are all immigrants,” she said.

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