It’s The Law Mr. President And Congress: Enforce It!

A little rant from Frosty Wooldridge.

If every law officer neglected his job like the president of the United States does today, America would be a land of anarchy. If every police officer failed his sworn duty like the majority of our senators and congressmen fail theirs, America would be no better than any other Third World country.

With 20 million illegal aliens now, imagine when your actions Mr. President and Congress cause 40 million more illegal aliens? At what point does the total displacement of American workers satisfy this president and Congress? Are you excited about civil war in our streets? Are you thrilled about Los Angels becoming another Mexico City? How do you feel about your part in the growing MS-13 crime wave and drug distribution to our kids? Do you have any moral or ethical responsibility to those of us who live our lives by adhering to our laws?

If you will not abide by your oath of office Mr. President and Congress, if you don’t abide by our immigration laws, if you fail in your duty as a U.S. citizen in elected office—we will vote candidates into office that will serve America. In the meantime, we will follow you and demand you to serve the U.S. Constitution. You are a servant of the people Mr. President and Congress. You work for us and we pay your paycheck. What is the highest office in America? It’s CITIZEN. We will not go quietly into the night.

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