Oberweis Fires Firm After Illegal Alien Flap

Suburban Chicago News

Republican gubernatorial candidate and local dairy owner Jim Oberweis has ended his company’s relationship with a suburban janitorial firm that entangled Oberweis in criticism earlier this month.

A team of Chicago-based immigrant-rights groups revealed Nov. 8 that two illegal Mexican immigrants were paid at less than the minimum wage to clean several suburban Oberweis dairy stores.

The situation appears to be one individual taking advantage of two undocumented workers without the knowledge of Oberweis Dairy or the janitorial firm, according to Oberweis.

The charges took on special significance because Oberweis made his opposition to illegal immigration the centerpiece of his ill-fated bid for the U.S. Senate a year ago.

But an internal investigation conducted earlier this week by employees of Oberweis Dairy concluded that the complaints were “totally baseless” and that the workers in question were never employees of the dairy.

Rather, they were paid out of pocket by an employee of Patmar Janitorial Services without the knowledge of that company or Oberweis.

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