Lunatic CA Senator Gil Cedillo never gives up.

By Steve Lawrence, Associated Press

An Assembly committee approved legislation Monday that would allow illegal immigrants to get California driver’s licenses, despite opposition from Schwarzenegger administration officials who said the bill was premature.

Representatives of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the state Office of Homeland Security said lawmakers should wait until the federal government issues regulations spelling out the details of requirements for the licenses.

Mike Dayton, deputy director of the Office of Homeland Security, went further, suggesting that terrorists could use the licenses to “carry out their evil deeds.”

The licenses would have to be of a different color or design than driver’s licenses held by other motorists and they could be used only for driving, not as widely recognized identification documents, he said.

Cedillo has been trying for seven years to enact legislation allowing the licenses, saying they would improve highway safety by getting more drivers tested and insured.

If you have entered the United States legally from Mexico you can drive your car on our roads with your Mexican drivers license.

Former Gov. Gray Davis signed one of his license bills in 2003, but lawmakers repealed that law after Davis was recalled by voters.

Cedillo said he thought he had an agreement with Schwarzenegger to sign a revised license measure last year, but the Republican governor vetoed it, contending it lacked security requirements.

But Republican lawmakers argued that bill would undercut efforts to prevent illegal immigration.

“The biggest problem I have with this bill is it’s making a mockery of the law of the land,” said Assemblyman Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar. “It sends mixed messages.”

Arnold will veto this bill once again. I am not worried.

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