Illegal Immigration Hurts Legal Immigrants

By Rick Murray
Jun 27, 2005, 13:35

I just wanted to to make a comment on the article by Tim Donnelly dated 26 Jun 05. I also wanted to make a small note about the editors comment.

My name is Rick Murray. I am a freelance writer and syndicator. Among my clients is the Tombstone Tumbleweed,, (a web based news forum for the trucking industry,) and several other places where immigration news is wanted by the readers. I covered the Minuteman Project in April extensively as I live down here along the border myself.

I too have many hispanic neighbors, friends and family members, all of whom are legal citizens of this country. I also have many friends below the border and am among the few journalists who can walk freely around the borders on both sides without worry, at least from the Mexican authorities who are not always very friendly to reporters, even from their own country.

Many of my articles were reprinted on the Minuteman website, though I was unaware at the time of publishing. (Of course as Chris Simcox is the owner and publisher of the Tumbleweed he has the right to reprint my work, just as I have the right to reprint anything that appears in his paper.)

In the very beggining of the project there were a very few who could be described as racist and were there to keep the, “Undesirables,” out of our country. They were quickly found out and removed from the project. Most racists cannot help themselves and it becomes impossible for them to try to hide their views. But how do these groups explain the large numbers of legal immigrants and those Americans of Hispanic decent that joined the Minutemen? For the most part they simply ignore the fact that these people exist.

In fact, according to most polls I have seen as well as my own polls, (I am qualified to design, implement and interpret polls and have conducted hundreds over the years,) most legal immigrants and citizens of hispanic decent are against illegal immigrants. There are many reasons for this. Among them are that because of the illegal immigration problem many have suffered an increased amount of discrimination, even from those of their own race. Imagine you are an American born citizen of hispanic decent. Even if you are educated, you try to apply for a job. The employer, (It does not really matter the race of the person doing the hiring,) automatically assumes you are an illegal. You are placed under a magnifying glass. You are forced to accept work at less than average wages. This is quite common and the legal citizens rightfully resent this.

Everywhere you go people think you are an illegal. When you are stopped by the authorities for any reason they automatically assume you are an illegal. I have seen tourists ask hispanics how they came into the country, assuming the person they are ignorantly asking the question of is an illegal. As many of my friends and associates are hispanic, sometimes it is automatically assumed that I am as well. (Rather funny as I am the blonde haired, blue eyed product of Sctoch/Irish ancestors!) I have been with my hispanic bretheren when they confront this ignorance. Most of it comes from those who stress that they are not racist, who take an open minded attitude towards people, the same one’s who accuse the Minutemen of being racist. My friends mostly take it in stride, but they confess to me that it becomes very hard not to return the hatred. Is it any wonder?

Those of a liberal persuasion want to fix the problem by making laws to show how wonderful they are because they simply want to allow as many want to come into the country free access. They push laws that prevent the so called, “Racial Profiling,” which actually makes the authorities job more difficult. It also generates more resentment from the legal immigrants who went through all the trouble and expence to become legal citizens. The legal citizens wonder why they went through the trouble when they could have simply walked through the fences. They would have faced the same racism and other troubles they face now from those same open minded people who accuse every one else of being racist.

The answer is not open borders nor is it in amnesty programs or even guest worker programs. The answer is in enforcing our current laws, fixing the laws that do not work and/or replacing visa laws that are ineffective. I find it amazing that we are told the country cannot afford to fix laws or remove the illegals, but we can seem to continue unchecked, payments for education, unlimited medical care, access to all social programs for not just the millions of illegals, but the millions that would be allowed to join them under any of the currant proposals in the Congress. (Please actually read all the proposals as I have. What we are told by those who have signed on to these proposals and what they actually say are two different things.)

The answer also lies in our current policies with the government of Mexico where the real problem lies. There needs to be some real pressure placed on the government to force the changes NAFTA was supposed to create. All the money we sent to Mexico and the people who were supposed to be helped are more impoverished than ever. Their lot in life has not gotten any better. Instead it has gotten worse. Where are all the bleeding hearts when it comes to the way Vincente Fox is treating his own people? Where are they when the racist Fox continues his programs to wipe out all the indiginous Indians from that country? They do not even have a clue what is happening down there. Much more, they do not even care. They would rather continue spreading hatred and fear of law abiding American citizens who are simply trying to do the job the government refuses to do.

I know you want comments from the other side to attempt to balance the reporting, but the fact is I have not seen or heard one single true report from the other side. In addition, as has been stated already, some 80% of the American public want some real immigration reform, not some feel good amnesty program.

Rick Murray
Huachuca City, Arizona

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