Illegal’s Jam ER’s

Denver Post

Today, health care is a leaky boat burdened by millions of uninsured Americans; illegal aliens are helping to sink it. Few know of the economic impact the undocumented have on our society and our health care system.

We pick up the tab in many ways for the undocumented - from burying their dead, to delivery of their babies, to emergency medical and surgical care. There are 300,000 babies born to undocumented mothers annually at a cost of $5,000 a baby.

In Colorado, Medicaid pays for 6,000 births for a total of $30 million annually. In 2002, California paid $79 million for births, Texas $74 million, Arizona $31 million and New Mexico $6 million.

Small hospitals can be overwhelmed. Copper Queen Hospital in Bisbee, Ariz., spent $200,000 out of its $300,000 operating budget on illegal immigrants.

Some hospitals and emergency rooms have closed because they have been overrun by the uninsured and the undocumented.

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  1. rog Says:

    The cost of baby deliveries does not end there. It costs $10,000 annually to school one (1) child or US born child of illigal alliens. There are about 1 millions of them in California alone.

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