Mayor Allan Mansoor of Costa Mesa

I did an interview with the Mayor the morning of the City Council meeting. He’s a very intelligent, soft spoken, mild mannered person. He’s also a Deputy Sheriff so I would imagine he can get tough when it’s called for. I asked him if he had thoughts of running for a higher political office and he lit up like a Christmas tree but insisted that he was happy in his current position with the OC Sheriff and planned on running for City Council again. We’ll see. He’s a young guy and he’s definitely a leader unlike those you commonly find in local government. We need more men like Mayor Allan Mansoor.

The Mayor talks about Costa Mesa becoming the first city in the country to enforce immigration laws with it’s police force.

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The Mayor talks about the decision to shut down the city’s tax payer funded day labor center.

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The city council meeting that evening turned out to be pretty wild. A protester was arrested and the city hall was surrounded by illegal aliens.

There are lots of video clips on this page.

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