Illegal Aliens Will March In Patriots Day Parade - Minutemen Denied

Laguna Beach has a yearly Patriot’s Day parade. This year it will be held on March 4 and the theme is America–Still United.

The Minuteman Project sent an entry form last night. They got a call from the coordinator saying the entry form is being denied.

The reason given was that Jim Gilchrist ran for congress and he may run for office in the future. She said their by-laws state no political or religious affiliations. The Minutemen explained to her that we were not affiliated with any political group and that we are merely concerned citizens from all races and backgrounds. They told her Jim did run for office, but has not announced any plans for the future. They have looked all over their website and can’t find anything about by-laws. There was nothing on the cover letter included with the entry form.

She said the MMP was too controversial and Jim was involved in protests against the day labor site. The MMP have never called for nor organized any protests in Laguna Beach. Jim and other MM have participated in protests, but they were called for by others.

They asked her what other groups were participating and she named off some including a radical anti-war group that holds protests each and every Saturday at Main Beach.

She said she may consider having them in if they change their name from the Minutemen and as long as no one knows that Gilchrist is involved.

While searching the parade website, the Minutemen found last year’s participants. One of the groups is La Playa Center, they run the Laguna Beach day labor center and they also offer free day care and English language classes. Funds for the La Playa program have come from the city, small grants, donations from local churches, and individual gifts.

For the past eight years, students at La Playa Center have marched in the Patriots Day Parade with their children.

    The Grand Marshall of the parade is Gordon Dillow, who is a well known and respected reporter for the Orange County Register. He is a huge supporter of the MMP and has written many positive columns praising the Minutemen.

    The Minutemen are asking all good people to please email him and ask him kindly to stand with the MMP and ask the city of Laguna Beach parade committee to reverse their decision and allow the MMP to march in this Patriots’ Day Parade. Remember, he is on their side.

    The following is contact info for the city of Laguna Beach:

    City of Laguna Beach
    505 Forest Avenue
    Laguna Beach, California 92651
    (949) 497-3311
    (949) 497-0771 fax

    Elizabeth Pearson-Schneider
    (949) 497-7128

- South Orange County Citizens for Immigration Reform-SOCCIR

5 Responses to “Illegal Aliens Will March In Patriots Day Parade - Minutemen Denied”

  1. contessa Says:

    Print the name and phone number of the coordinator who denied the permit so anyone who reads this can give her a call. Perhaps you may want to send a press release to your local paper regarding the arbitrary denial or at least a letter to the editor. Shameful. The illegals and their advocates get to march in a Patriot’s Day parade, they probably don’t even know what that word means. Disgusting.

  2. Slim Says:

    I was told that BB King once said that the bad people in Mississippi would have killed all the blacks had it not been for the many good white people. Perhaps slavery wouldn’t have ended when it did had it not been for the many good white people who gave their lives to help end it.

    The same formula exists with immigrants. If you guys keep pushing it, you’re going to awaken a sleeping giant. Try mass deportation. Enforce laws against employers to the extent that the millions of illegals can’t get jobs and feed their families. Overturn the anchor baby decision so that a child born in the US will be guilty of a felony before she even takes her first breath. Do it! Keep pushing it.

    I especially like the protests at the day labor sites. Reasonably well off middle class Americans who have been given education and more opportunities than 90% of people in history protesting a group of undereducated poor men who are merely looking for work. Keep doing things like that. And try and get some TV crews there so John Q. Public can see it on the evening news.

  3. Watchdog Says:

    So if we enforce our immigration laws your “good hard working folks” are going to start a civil war, is that it?

    You go ahead and keep talking. Show John Q. Public who YOU really are.

  4. contessa Says:

    Slim, the issue is the law. Legal immigrants are welcome. Illegals are not and American citizens, legal immigrants, legal residents are tired of illegal immigrants and their advocates who have an audacious and false sense of entitlement to benefits/privileges/rewards of citizenship at the expense of law-abiding citizens and legal immigrants. There are many Latin Americans themselves who came here legally who are adamantly opposed to the invasion of Mexico’s underclass and the accompanying lawlessness of that subculture. Get REAL, the rest of the Latin AMerican immigrants who came here legally don’t want to live in Mexican “colonias” in the United States. We expect everyone to play by the rules, if not, then suffer the consequences or go home. In case you haven’t heard, there are over 20,000 illegal immigrant gang members in MS-13 threatening our nation’s communties, yes they are hard-working men engaged in violence, drug trafficking, prostitiution rings, human smuggling. There are thousands of illegal aliens that are unemployed, that’s why they gather at these ridiculous day labor centers. They have no skills, no education, no English and are basically unemployable. They need to go home and protest Vicente Fox. He cunningly encouraged millions of Mexico’s illiterate, unskilled underclass to come here illegally so that he can have 16 billion dollars/year in remittances pumped into the Mexican economy. Fox didn’t have to spend any money on the health, education or welfare of this underclass, he just sent them over here for you and I to take care of. What a great neighbor, no wonder he doesn’t want a “fence”.

  5. Brad Says:

    I would say that if immigration laws are not enforced the civil war will be caused by the working class of Americans who are either unemployed or under employed.
    Sure Americans are better educated, but Slim you missed the point. If we are to be a country of laws and not of men, then the law has to apply to all people who are here. So many of you pro immigration people want the law to be enforced on Americans but want to exempt illegal aliens. Buy most estimates we have at least 10 million who have broken our immigration laws and the figure may go as high as 20 million.

    Sure these people have it tough in their home countries, but what incentive do they have to change their countries of origin, when they can come here. Sure everyone needs a job and the ability to support their families, but that does not excuse breaking the law to do so.

    If we had no immigration laws and everyone was allowed to come here, we would have millions of new residents each month. With increases of population comes increased physical needs for water, food, space & waste disposal. There is also the increased needs for social services like healthcare, education and welfare. The systems in this country can not even keep up with the current population, let alone millions of new people. Over 90% of the US population growth between the 1990 and 2000 census was due to immigrants and their children.

    While most of the American population is better educated than those who come here illegally, lets face facts. Not every American in this country has the ability to go to college. With just a highschool education and because of illegal immigration highschool grads are forced to compete with those who have no education from a foreign country. Now we have all heard the argument of “illegals do the jobs , American’s won’t do.” I have been in the construction industry my entire life. Construction jobs were once the second largest part of the middle-class behind manufacturing. In the 60s, 70s and 80s skilled trade workers earned enough to purchase a home, take vacations, put their children thru college and retire. Buy the same token, many jobs in the service sector paid enough to allow workers to be above the poverty line. These were not jobs Americans wouldn’t do, but jobs that Americans did and would continue to do if they paid a decent wage. Americans are not afraid to do hard nasty work, they just rightfully expect to be paid a decent wage, get workman’s comp and unemployment insurance. According to one US Ag department report (1990s) there are at any given time at least 250,000 more agricultural workers than there are agricultural jobs. I suspect that figure has grown. Each new wave of illegals displaces those who were here before them. Each new wave continues to depress the wages of the labor market they occupy.

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